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October 4, 2004

(Wake Me Up When September Ends-Green Day)

It was a sunny fall day. It wasn't warm enough to hang outside all day, but it was warmer than it had been in a while.

Currently, a silver CR-V was making its way through the Philadelphia streets. Two people sat in the car, one was a woman, who was in her thirties. She was rambling on and on about something, and the passenger had long since stopped listening to her. The passenger, a girl who bore a striking resemblance to the driver, was staring contentedly out the window, watching as the buildings passed by

"If you have any problems, let me or your father know." The driver said, addressing the passenger.

Silence came from the girl, so the driver tried again.


Rebecca jumped, and slowly turned to face the driver.

"Yeah, Mom?"

The older woman rolled her eyes. "Oh, what am I going to do with you?"

"Me?" Rebecca raised an eyebrow. "What about you?"


"You've been going over everything we talked about last night, Mom!"

Leah Hershalg sighed. If Rebecca wasn't worried, why should she be?

"I guess you're right, love."

"Guess? I am right!"

Leah mumbled, "As big headed as your father."

Rebecca smirked, and mother and daughter rode in silence for several more minutes. Finally, a large building came into view.

"Well, here we are." Leah sighed, almost dreadfully.

Rebecca chuckled. "I'll be fine, Mom, you'll see." She ran a hand over the top of her head, smoothing her brown hair down.

Leah smiled sadly. "I know you will be."

Rebecca smiled and lent over to kiss her mother on the cheek, before unbuckling herself and stepping out into the warm autumn air.

"Have fun and good luck!"


2 months later

Out in the parking lot, Rebecca, wearing a pretty sparkly blue dress, a silver Star of David around her neck, lay on her side on the black asphalt. Her eyes open, but empty.

There was never a calm day at the Philadelphia police department. Papers were rustling, computer keys were clacking and people were talking. It was a while before anyone noticed the man that was standing in the entrance of the bullpen.

Finally feeling eyes on her, Lilly Rush looked up.

"Can I help you?" She asked as she stood up.

Scotty's head shot up and turned towards the stations 'guest'.

The older man nodded and hesitantly stepped towards the partners. "I'm Tom Campbell." He put his hand out and Lilly took it.

"What can I help you with, Mr. Campbell?"

Campbell took a deep breath; I'd like to request a case to be re-examined."

Over at his desk, Scotty raised an eyebrow.

"Whose case?" Lilly asked, her arms now folded across her chest.

"A former students'." Campbell replied. "I'm the principal at Philadelphia High, and I'm retiring next month. It would mean a lot to me if Rebecca Hershlag's killer was brought to justice."

Lilly pursed her lips together for a moment before finally speaking. "I suppose it wouldn't hurt to take a look at her case file."

Campbell smiled. "Thank you, detective."


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