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"First thing tomorrow, Scotty and Lil, you'll go check out Dex Sampson." Stillman ordered from the middle of the bullpen. The partners nodded, showing that they heard their boss, before turning back to the files that were on their desks. Stillman stood there for a moment before clearing his throat. "Just so you know, that was a subtle dismissal." He then turned on his heel and made his way back into his office.

About a minute later, Scotty stood up.

"I think I'm callin' it a night." He said, stifling a yawn. He gathered his things and put on his jacket.

"Night, Scotty." Jefferies said from his desk and Vera and Kat said their farewells as well.

"See ya later, Scotty." Lilly called, not looking up from her desk.

"Night!" He replied over his shoulder.


Scotty pulled up outside of the apartment, gathered his things and made his way up the walk. It was dark when he got inside. Lonely. He didn't like lonely. He sighed and dumped his stuff down by the door. He'd make a quick dinner and then crash in bed.


Not long after Scotty, Vera packed up and left, closely followed by Kat. About fifteen minutes later Jefferies followed. Finally, Stillman came out of his office.

"Rush, I ordered you about a half hour ago to go home."

"I didn't know it was directed at me, Boss." Lilly said, her eyes twinkling. Stillman gave her a hard stare and she sighed. "I'll leave as soon as I'm done going over this file."

"Is that Rebecca's file, still?"

Lilly nodded. "I just want to make sure I didn't miss anything."

Stillman sighed. "Alright. But as soon as you're done, I want you gone. The earlier you interview Sampson, the quicker we can close this case."

"I know." Lilly replied. "Night, Boss!" She called after him.


She soon reached the back cover of the manila file and rubbed her temples warily. She hadn't learned anything and it was late. She hated going home without finding anything new to report to the team the next day. To her, it was the worst feeling in the world. Closing the file with more force than needed, Lilly stood up. Gathering her things, she was in the elevator before the minute hand on the clock had made its way around again.


Once she was home, she set her stuff by the door and made her way into the kitchen. Lilly opened the fridge and surveyed it for something to eat. Finally, her eyes fell on leftover pasta. Grabbing it, she spooned a serving size on a plate and stuck it in the microwave. While waiting for it to warm up, Lilly pulled her hair tie out as she made her way into her bedroom and got into a pair of sleep pants and a tank top. She ate fast, anxious to fall asleep so tomorrow would come. Maybe then, just maybe, they could find who killed Rebecca.


It was a snowy night in early January of 2010. Lilly had just fallen asleep when she got the call that their suspect was fleeing. She rushed to the airport, meeting Scotty as she pulled in. They ran to the top of the parking structure and approached the car, guns drawn.

"C'mon, Phillips. Ya can't honestly think you're gonna get outta here." Scotty yelled and the figure who was standing, while digging in the trunk, jumped.

"Detectives!" Phillips shouted, obviously flustered.

"We know you killed her, Andrew," Lilly began, "credit card records just came in. They show you bought the gun that killed Molly."

"You mean this gun?" Phillips asked with a threatening tone.

Scotty tightened the hold he had on his weapon and cast a side look at his partner. "Put it down, Andrew."

"I can't do that. You know I can't do that." Phillips said, suddenly sounding twenty years older. "I'm a senator. Do you know how bad it would look if I got sent to jail? For murder, nonetheless? I won't let it happen."

It all happened fast. Phillips raised the gun and fired a shot and the bullet made contact with Scotty's stomach. Lilly squeezed the trigger three times, each time hitting her target in the chest. She dropped to her knees and placed pressure on her partner's flowing wound.

"Come on, Scotty! Don't do this to me!"

The amount of blood surrounding her partner on the white ground was too much. She felt tears prickling at the back of her eye and couldn't stop one or two from flowing freely down her face.


"No!" Lilly screamed, sitting up straight in bed. There was a grunt and movement from beside her and the next thing she knew, two strong arms were around her.

"No!" She whispered, tears beginning to form in her eyes.

"Lil?" A voice, now wide awake, asked.

She turned around and looked at the dark figure besides her, wiping at her eyes.

"Nightmare again?"


"The same one?"

She nodded. "Yeah." She took a few deep breaths, quickly noticing that she was shaking.

"Aw, Lil." The voice said again, pulling her tight against his body.

"I wish they'd stop." She said, already beginning to fall back asleep.

"Me too." He replied, gently settling back against the pillows.

Lilly settled closer to her bedmate's body before managing to whisper, "I'm glad you're here, Scotty."

Scotty pressed a kiss to the back of her head. "So am I, Lil, so am I."


It began on Valentine's day. Scotty had orders from his doctor to keep it easy, but the thick headed detective had, naturally, ignored them. He banged on her door, and the moment Lilly opened it, she could smell the alcohol on his breath.

"Scotty?" She asked, clearly shocked. Of all the people to show up on her doorstep on Valentine's night, Scotty Valens was the last one she expected.

"Hey, Lil." He replied, slurring his words slightly, but a big grin was on his face.

"What are you doing here?"

Scotty shrugged. "I was in da neighborhood."

Lilly raised an eyebrow.

"Can I come in?" He was beginning to sway and Lilly, thinking he was going to lose his balance any minute, nodded. "Thank you." He pushed passed her and, even in his drunk state, noticed the almost empty bottle of wine on her living room table. "I'm not da only one who's drinkin' alone, am I?"

Lilly blushed slightly and shook her head.

"I hate Valentine's day." Scotty said suddenly and Lilly raised an eyebrow. "It's just another day of da year, but it's not. It's a day where couples have fun, but da single people are left ta be alone. Ta sulk."

Lilly nodded slightly, completely agreeing with his drunken observation. "It sucks."

Scotty chuckled at her bluntness. "It does."

They stayed in silence for a few more long seconds before Lilly spoke.

"You should lie down. I'll fix some coffee. Boss'll have a fit if we both come in hung-over tomorrow."

Scotty nodded and wobbled over to the couch. Lilly made her way into the kitchen and put a pot of coffee on before making her way back out to the living room. She quickly saw that Scotty was sitting on the couch, eyeing the bottle of wine.

"I think you've had more than enough." Lilly said, moving to take move the bottle.

"Thought you didn't drink." He said, breaking his silence.

"I keep a bottle here and there. Just in case."

He nodded in understanding. But as she moved to collect her glass, he grabbed her wrist. "I've never thanked ya, have I?"


"For savin' my life."

"Not a problem. It's my job." Scotty smirked. "And besides, you saved me once. We're even now."

Scotty used his other hand to wave it off. "We're partners. It happens."

Lilly laughed. "But let's try not to get shot anymore."

Scotty nodded, chuckling. "That makes," he paused for a moment, "four outta the six of us who've taken a bullet."

Lilly nodded. "Four out of six to many."

There was a silence between the two before Scotty laughed softly.


"Nothin'. It's jus, I jus realized somethin'."

"What?" She asked with curiousity.

He hesitated before finally murmuring, "Nothin'."

"No," she set the bottle and glass back down on the table, "what?"

Scotty leaned forward slightly. "I jus realized that you," he gently pushed a piece of hair out of her face, "are incredibly beautiful."

She didn't realize what she had done until her blouse was on the floor. By then, it was too late to turn back.


Both partners slept through the rest of the night in each other's arms, and when Lilly woke the next day, she wondered bitterly why she couldn't have that dream every night.


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