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Look at him. She thought. So full of himself with his fancy clothes and his hair all slicked back. Does he actually think he's going to win me over like this?

Sookie sat in the well furnished room and sighed as she tried moving her arm. Which was very difficult considering the shackles Eric had all but very kindly helped her into.

"God, I cant believe that I actually gave him a second chance." Sookie quietly thought aloud. It's been two days since that night.

Ugh... two long... long days, and Eric has proved to be quite the gentleman- or so she thought. What a phony. Even a blind man could see that he had loads of tricks up his sleeve. But she had been blind to that herself. Could it have been that she actually thought he had been serious?

"Sookie..." Eric said calmly.

Sookie held her breath before answering. "Yes, Eric?" Ugh....

"Is there something wrong? You haven't eaten a bite ever since we've sat down."

"No, there's nothing wrong."

Eric looked skeptical, as if he didn't believe her. Which was very smart of him because she was lying like there was no tomorrow. Eric reached across the table and gently put his hand over Sookie's hand. "You know... I could feed you if you're having trouble cooperating."

Uh oh....

Sookie forced a smile. "No need for that. I've suddenly become so hungry." Sookie lifted the fork, taking a small bite out of one of the raviolis.

"Mmm. See?"

Eric beamed. "Good girl."

Sookie tugged on the shackle attached to her wrist. "But I should bring this to your attention.. these shackles are awfully tight." She batted her eye lashes. "Don't you think it should be loosened up just a little bit?"

Eric shook his head. "Now now... we've already been over this." He tightened his grip on her hand. "You're a very clever... clever woman. I don't want you to get any ideas and running off anywhere," He paused and chuckled. "And it's not that I would have trouble..." He paused again and then laughed, "Oh no, don't doubt that for even one second. I just don't want to go through that hassle of making myself angry." He locked eyes with Sookie. "You wouldn't like me when i'm angry. I promise."

Sookie gulped. Oh, I believe you. Like I actually needed you to tell me that...

Sookie watched him looking at her from across the small table set just for two, as if she were his midnight snack. Eric noticed her lingering gaze. "Oh, please continue. I love watching you put things in your mouth..." He licked his lips.

She sighed and took another bite. If Sookie could turn any color in the world, right now she'd be inferno red.

The pig...

-Flash black-

After a hard night shift at Merlottes, Sookie quickly grabbed her things and walked for the door. "Alright, Sam. I'm heading out for the night!" She shouted. And with that she quickly walked out the door making her way down the dark road towards her yellow car. "What I need more than anything is a hot bath. I'm beat..."

"Is that so?"

Sookie jumped, swiftly glancing behind to find that Eric, with his tall exterior was peering over her shoulder.

"Eric? What the hell are you doing here?" Eric just watched her with that poker face of his. "I do not believe that it is at all appropriate to yell at me when all that I was doing was merely checking up on you." He smiled. And not at all genuine.

Sookie sneered. "Checking up on me?" Sookie frowned as she continued to walk towards her car. "Well, first of all I ought to inform you that my whereabouts are none of your business, Eric, and I don't appreciate you sneaking up on me like a Goddamn creep in the night.."

Eric Chuckled. "I must say... that is a brilliant choice of words." He paused. "It sounds just like me, don't you think so?"

"Whatever." Sookie decided that it would be best if she picked up the pace. So she walked faster. Or more like sprinted to her car. She didn't like this, being alone with Eric one bit. No matter how much she used that tough girl routine. Sure it may have had him fooled, but not her, no, not for a second. She was afraid of him. He's nothing like Bill, who seems way more at ease, and gentle... No, Eric is quite the opposite. And anyone would be quite the fool to not notice that fact.

And since Bill was summoned to visit the queen out of nowhere, that alone made her very nervous. Who knows how long he'd be gone?

Alright... almost there... you can sooo make it...


Sookie was ahead of Eric and had her keys ready to open the door. That's when she noticed something blocking her way.

In the blink of an eye Eric had managed to get in front of her.

Eric made a shy smile. "You know... we have got to stop meeting like this."

Sookie stomped her right foot. "Eric, I am not playing around!"

He smirked. "Who's playing?"

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