'You have one hour.'

Sookie massaged her ankle which was sort of sore from the shackle. "One hour," she thought. Hmph..."Who the hell do he think he is, my keeper?" She questioned herself aloud.

Sookie stood up and stretched. Her eyes wandered off to the the medium sized white box that sat ominously on the foot of the bed.

"I wonder what'd he do if I don't get ready..." Sookie giggled as she thought of Eric and how surprised he would be because of her rebelling against him. But there was, of course, many ways that scenario could lead to.

She finally dismissed the thought and decided it was better not to wait around and find out.

She timidly walked over to the box and began to open it. Inside laid a silk white spaghetti strapped dress and white heels that somewhat sparkled in the light. There also was a mini, literally, mini make-up kit. How cute, she thought to herself.

Sookie found herself smiling as she examined the heels. It kind of reminds me of Cinderella... She suddenly noticed how tall the heels were. "God, what does he want me to do? Break my neck?"Sookie laid the dress and shoes on the bed. She glanced in the box to see what was left. There was a letter from Eric. 'Wear your hair down' was written is a fancy old time cursive and signed "E".

Ooh... first he chains me to a bed post, and now he's telling how to dress and how to wear my hair. The nerve of him...

One hour later

The was a deafening knock at the door which was quickly followed by, "Hope you're ready because I'm opening the door."

Sookie paused. That didn't sound like, Eric. She quickly noted. The red corridors opened. Sookie was right. It didn't sound like Eric because it wasn't. In fact, it was Pam. She strolled in wearing a tight leather dress, all black. She gave Sookie the once over. "Well ," She paused and looked over her once more. "don't you look delicious."

Sookie gave a nervous laugh. "Ummm, thank you?"

Pam gestured Sookie to walk out the door. Pam began to lead the way down the hall.

It was a silent walk there and it seemed like they were walking forever. "This place is huge. I'm going to nearly lose five pounds just walking down the stairs." Sookie stated.

Pam smiled. "You don't need to lose anymore weight. Trust me."

"I beg your pardon?"

Pam laughed and it was beautiful. "Sookie, you are just something else aren't you?"

Sookie's first reaction was to take that question literally but decided that she may have been overreacting about such an innocent question. Although she couldn't see Pam's face, she felt her smiling. Wait a second... Sookie said to herself. "You remembered my name...?"

Pam stopped at the end of the hall. Sookie could have sworn she heard music, but it was severely faint.

Pam turned to Sookie with a gleam in her eye. "Like I've already told you before... I never forget a pretty face." She quickly turned around and resumed walking and they both soon turned a corner.

There she seen Eric sitting at a small table in the middle of the huge room. Pam looked at Sookie. "Come." She said.

Pam and Sookie both walked until they made it to Eric, who was sitting on a red colored chair at the lone table that sat in the middle of the floor. And the faint music that Sookie heard began to flood her ears with its soft meoldy. Sookie quietly gasped to herself as she took him in.

Even though she didn't want to admit it aloud. Eric did prove to look quite dashing.

Pam was so marvelous, though. Sookie thought to herself. She and Eric didn't really have to say much to one another.

It was almost as if they could read each others mind. At that, Sookie found herself kind of impressed.



Sookie just watched the two, really wanting to laugh at their formalities. She found it amusing to watch.

Eric glanced at Sookie then back to Pam and said something in a language that she couldn't understand. "många tack för leveransen," Eric said coolly.

"Oh var det ettnöje..." Pam glanced at Sookie and then back to Eric. She smirked. "Bon Appetit." And with that she was off.

Sookie took the moment to look around. Gorgeous chandeliers decorated the ceiling, and burgundy red drapes covered the pale skin of the pure white naked walls. Her feet began to follow her eyes, moving wherever she would dare to look- Unfortunately she was unaware of the fact that she gave Eric the perfect chance to look her over.

Sookie glanced down at the floor. whoa. "Glass tiles?" God, now I feel like I really am Cinderella. She looked up at Eric who was staring at her intently. His eyes screamed with satisfaction.

"Do you like it?" He asked confidently.

The smug bastard...

Sookie didn't know what to say. She thought about lying but she knew it would not, at all, be believable. "You've... outdone yourself once again, Eric." Sookie found herself admiring the room once again.

Eric slowly stood up from the table and quietly walked over to Sookie, only being feet away. "You look... mouthwatering."

OK, that's it.

"I have absolutely had enough of vampires and their comparing me to food!"

Eric smirked. "On the contrary... in my eyes, and along with various insignificant others, you are exactly that- food."

"Bite me." Sookie suddenly said. She made a sound that was almost very similar to a growl.

Sookie didn't know what happened. One minute Eric was standing right in front of her, and then the next he was in no sight to be seen. Sookie continued to backtrack until she bumped into something hard.

Sookie froze in her place, for she immediately recognized it. And she did not like it one bit.

"Come again...? Eric asked, his composure solid as stone.

Sookie slowly turned around to meet Eric's gaze. "Bite me." She repeated once again, but only more harshly. She soon regretted her sudden action.

Eric laughed, but Sookie did not register any humor. "Careful..." He slowly said as he gripped Sookie's wrist. Now Sookie kind of wished she was back in shackles.

"You wouldn't want to say anything that you may later regret." Eric added.

Sookie snatched her hands away. Even though it was obvious that he, in fact, was the one who let her go, she still felt good for pulling away.

Sookie's stomach growled. Or more like screamed. She stood frozen hoping to God that he didn't notice.

Eric arched an eyebrow. And Sookie was petrified.



"Come, Sookie." Eric said as he walked away and back to the table.

Sookie sighed and followed him. If this was a nightmare she hoped to God that he would stop messing around and wake her up because she sure isn't finding it funny.

At the table there was mashed potatoes and Salisbury steak. Now that was mouthwatering. She started to wander how it all got there, but she just shrugged it off. She was starving.

Eric walked around to Sookie's side of the table and pulled out her chair so that she could be seated. Once she was, he sat down and watched her as she ate. Sookie normally would

not be at ease with him staring at her, but now, as hungry as she was, she just didn't give a damn.

"Forgive me," Eric said suddenly, "It's not my intention to starve you."

Sookie looked up and at Eric.

"Sure, fooled me." She said. Sookie beamed inside when she caught two seconds of Eric's discomfort. Nice, Way to stick it to him, attagirl!

"So, you believe you are here because I wish to torture you?"

Sookie put her spoon to rest for a split second and snorted. Is he serious? "That's the gist of it.." She said.

Eric looked uneasy. Sookie smiled to herself. Hmph. Serves him right.She picked the spoon up and finished off the last of her potatos.

Sookie rested her hands on the table, one hand on top of the other. Eric reached across the table to rest his hand on hers. Sookie was surprised and, more than anything, uncomfortable.


"What is it, Eric?" Sookie snapped.

Eric looked Sookie in the eyes. "I don't mean to put you distress, understand that."

Hah, if that's the case.... epic fail...

"It's your story," Sookie stated. You can tell it the way you want." Sookie was beginning to get angry with him again. Eric basically just reminded her that, yeah, she isn't here on the behalf of her own free will. This is all of his doing.

Eric studied Sookie's expression while she sat in deep thought. "You doubt me." Eric noted.

Damn straight. "And the hell shouldn't I doubt you?"

Eric smirked. "You could have been solely a sex slave." His thumb idly ran across Sookie's hands. Eric smiled. "There's always been that," he continued, "But I've never even considered that an option."


"I respect you," Eric quickly stated.

Sookie quickly pushed her chair back and stood up. There was only so much of this that she could take sitting down. "Are you serious?" She shouted, "Respect?" Sookie shook her head, in doubt.

"You don't respect me, and if you for one second think this is respect, then you ought to reread the damn definition!" She huffed.

Eric began to chuckle. "But I do, Sookie."

Sookie folded her arms.

"You have so much courage for a human..." Eric stated. "And I deeply admire you."

Well that was unexpected. Sookie was at a loss for words.

What in the world can I say to that...? Sookie was quiet for a moment. She glanced up and Eric's eyes were fixated on her so she looked away from him, averting his intent gaze.

"Eric... I-"

Eric was at Sookie's side at once. "Shush." He said quietly, "I know what you wanted to say, and you have never been any more wrong than you are right now."

But how did he-

"Bill will not return. And on that, I give you my word."

"No, you're wrong." Sookie said avoided his gaze. She could feel herself tearing up and tried her earnest to keep the tears from falling.

"No... I am not wrong," He said, "but you are very misguided... if you believe that he is anywhere near different from I."


"He once has betrayed you. He lied. You have been trapped for a long while and you have been nothing but neglectful to that fact."

It's not true...

"I am here simply to pick up the pieces, even if you haven't realised that they've already fallen." Eric continued on. He looked a little bit more than depressed.

Sookie felt it even though she wished that she couldn't.

Sookie's voice shook as she spoke, "You're lying."

"I know what you feel for me," Eric calmly accused. "Do not continue to deny it. You're only doing harm onto yourself." He caressed her face. Sookie didn't even bother to move.

"Eric," Sookie said as tears escaped her eyes. "Why are you doing this...?"

Using his hand, Eric wiped Sookie's tears away only to await the new to fall. "I'm stealing you away for a little while," He said lightly, "just until you love me..."

Sookie noticed the pain displayed on Eric's face. She suddenly felt like the lowest thing on earth, rejected, jealous with severe envy. Why am I feeling this way? I don't understand...

Eric removed his hands and grabbed Sookie by one of hers instead. It felt nice. But Sookie didn't understand why she didn't want to push him away.

It was as if her body was almost... resisting.

"Pam...?" Eric called.

Pam was in eye sight within seconds. "You rang?"

"Please escort miss Stackhouse to her room."

Eric rose the hand that held Sookie's and gently kissed it. "You've had a rough night. So I'll let you rest." He released her to Pam.

"Still want the shackles?" She asked.

"Yes, but this time you can give her more slack."

Pam smiled. "Of course." She replied. They began to walk back to Sookie's room.

"Sookie," Eric called. Sookie and Pam stopped walking but Sookie didn't want to turn his way. "I'll see you tomorrow night."

"Lets go, princess." Pam motioned to Sookie to follow her. And she did, feeling lousier than ever before.

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