A/N: The idea for this story just popped into my head, and I seriously just couldn't get rid of it, so I have to write it or it'll kick my Impossible Ultimatums plot line right out of my head... Heh... Heres the chapter anyway, and know this will be a lot shorter than Subtle Indifferences.


I never, ever thought it would end this way. They told me it was dangerous, yes, but did I listen? No. And that's the price I have to pay. Branches scuff at my hands, ripping the thin skin and sending my blood spurring all over my hands and onto the ground. I suddenly wished that I had left some form of note to Demyx to allow him to realize I was in the mountains, perhaps then he would come looking for me and find me before I die. But it seems that it was not to be.

My secret is one I hate to hide from Demyx, who is completely clueless as to why I work odd hours, why I seem jumpy at certain things. I can only hope that Axel or Roxas tells him... They knew. They know I would want him to know. And hopefully, should God love me in some way, he'll let Demyx know he's the last thing on my mind as my life fades away at excruciatingly slow speed.

Demyx... I'm sorry.


His face, never ever coloured with a blush or from the cold, was as flawless as it had been earlier in the morning. In fact, I could almost swear that the man in front of me had make up on. Eyes that were once a sparkling midnight blue shone bitter gray through wide eyes as the tortured expression on his face ripped me apart inside.

Had this been any normal circumstances, I would have naturally said that in this almost flawless state, he was one of those cliché vampires in those weird books he always read. But this was not normal circumstances.

I instinctively reached out to touch his cold hand with my own warm one, his skin still soft, despite the bloodstains that were covering the pale skin. His slate hair was matted and cottered with sweat and blood, rain and snow and ice from the accident that claimed his life. My lover was dead, that I now came to accept.

A car accident, they said. That was what took my Zexion away from me, which killed his clutch on life and dragged him through the abyss to the other side, to either heaven or hell. Probably to hell, I think, since he must have been so bad that he had to be taken away from me. As for the ice and rain that had soaked his hair, that was because he had taken a drive through the mountains, and his car had lost control. No one will listen to me though, when I say he had no reason to be driving through those mountains at one in the morning, when he should have been at work.

My vision clouds when Axel places his hand on my shoulder, steering me away from the body that lies in the hospital morgue, confirming to the doctor that it is indeed Zexion Numara lying lifeless on the white stone slab that acts as a holder for the bodies.


The funeral is bad for Demyx, that is something even an idiot can tell. His own music plays quietly through the church room as the priest says his words, but not one person is really listening. A lot of mine and Zexion's friends from work are in the rows behind us, offering small comforts through a whisper to Demyx, but he doesn't hear it. All I think he can hear is the song he wrote for his own funeral being played at Zexion's. And that is what is killing him.

He's not crying, much to Roxas' and my surprise, but instead is letting loose a few sniffles every few minutes in sadness.

Roxas cast's me a knowing look, and I know that he too knows why Demyx isn't crying properly... He has no tears left to cry. The past three days all he has done is sit in his apartment and cry. Hell, he probably even cries when he takes a piss, the way he's been going on. But at the same time, I can't really say I blame him.

Chapter 1

"You still moping Dem? Come on, it's been three months!"

"Well Axel, you can't really blame me! What would you be like if Roxas were to die in a horrific car crash?" Demyx hissed into the phone, twirling the cord around his finger as he sat on the window sill. It was raining, as it always did in Hollow Bastion, but the quickly falling raindrops soothed him somewhat. But the following clap of lightning followed quickly with the boom of thunder caused him to jump a mile in the air, and his mood quickly changed from miserable but soothed to miserable and scared shitless.

"Hmm, you have a point. Is it a storm over there?" Axel took Demyx's squeak as a yes, and continued. "Well it had better clear up; I don't want that gummi ship being diverted to somewhere like Atlantica. That damned pilot has the shittiest magic. Remember when he turned us into birds when we visited the pride lands?" Demyx giggled nervously at this, remembering it all too well.

"Yeah, I do."

"Well anyway, me and Roxas will be boarding the gummi soon, so don't worry. We'll be back in eight hours. Got it memorized?"

"Yeah Axel, I do." Demyx heard the phone being ripped from Axel's hand, a short scuffle and then a triumphant laugh as Roxas took the phone from Axel.

"It's actually seven hours Demyx. And don't worry, try and hold out until the storm calms. See you soon." The phone clicked as Roxas turned it off, and Demyx smiled to himself in fondness until another flash of lightening knocked him out of it.

Instinctively he turned his head, expecting to see someone who was no longer there with a mug of coffee in his hand and a blanket draped over his arm, normally comforting him in storms like this. But Zexion was there no more, and neither was the coffee or the blanket. It was Demyx's first thunderstorm since the accident too.

"Oh Zexy, why did you have to leave me so soon?" He sobbed, leaning his head against the glass window and allowing tears to fall down his face. He looked at his reflection in the mirror, ignoring the blinking street lamp outside and shaking his head at his reflection.

Damnit Demyx, you need to snap out of this state. Just get over him and move on with your life.

But Demyx, despite his somewhat logical mind, couldn't forget it, because Zexion was everywhere in the apartment. Even when Demyx had left the apartment one night to sleep at a motel, in order to stay away from the place, Zexion managed to be in the Motel. It was like his ghost was following Demyx, watching him and never allowing him to get over him.

Perhaps Zexion was just sadistic like that.

But even as Demyx, after hours of shaking on the window sill in fear, slunk his way through the apartment and collapsed onto the bed, Zexion still managed to find a way into his dreams. Dreams of things too shocking to actually be able to relate to the dead silverette.