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He couldn't believe he was doing this. He really, really couldn't believe it. This whole entire mission had been going on for far too long for it to end the way it was going to end, and as Axel followed Demyx through the park, he pondered on how quickly it would happen. A bit too quickly for his liking, but the job would be done nonetheless. Roxas had no idea what the final outcome would be, and neither did Larxene. Oh but Zexion did. And that was precisely why he was protecting the blonde.

Finally, after an hour of following Demyx, the blonde finally stopped at a bench, sitting down on it and sobbing madly. Demyx was unaware about the two cars that were behind the trees behind him, but Axel kept his eye on them both as he approached the bench. Demyx didn't look up, merely hiccupped before speaking.

"Why are you here?" His voice was cracking and breaking, and Axel would have felt sorry for him had his pay check not had the extra four or five zero's added to the end of it.

"I came to the building to see Zexion, and I saw you running out. You can run pretty fast Dem." Axel commented, sitting next to him and facing the blonde. Demyx hiccupped again, looking up at him. Axel seemed to have faked enough sincerity on his face, for Demyx relaxed a few seconds later and sighed.

"It's just everything is so fucked up. I feel so betrayed, having had so many secrets kept from me. People who are supposed to be dead really aren't, and people who are supposed to be alive are actually fakes. And in times like these I would cry worse because all I would want would be my mother or Zexion, but as both aren't even dead yet, I get angry and hate them both. I'd expect this from Larxene, all the treachery and secrets, but never from Zexion or my mother. And Zexion couldn't even let me know my mother was alive! He knew, and he didn't let me know." Demyx let a sob escape his lips, and Axel hesitantly put his arm around the blonde.

"Sometimes people make mistakes, a lot of them. But had your mother never faked her own death, you would have never met Zexion. Had Zexion not faked his death, you would have never known Larxene was alive, nor known about your mother. Sometimes bad things have to happen for good things to shine through." Axel smiled, his mind hissing at him for saying something so Disney-ish.

"I suppose you're right there. But it still doesn't squash this feeling of dread I've been having lately. It's like Zexion's keeping something else from me. When I look at him when he doesn't think I'm watching, he seems so guilty."

"Maybe it's because he's regretting keeping everything from you. Men like him eventually crack from guilt and so he most likely lets it out when he thinks you are not looking." Axel squeezed Demyx's shoulder, cringing when Demyx nodded.

"Right again, Axel. You're a great friend. I'm so glad I was wrong earlier when I thought I couldn't trust you." Demyx smiled, wiping away his own tear tracks, not noticing Axel's grimace.

"Why thankyou. Now come back with me, I need to show you something."


It was all going exactly as planned. It was all building up to a spectacular dénouement, the pawns being placed where they should be and the true masters being revealed as the pawns separated to allow them passage. Sure, it involved quite a lot of terror and chasing on his part, but it would work out fine in the end.

Zexion was now racing through the hallways of Ansem & co's underground passageways, having gone long past the testing room and towards the rooms where they kept hostages. Larxene was right behind him, her gun cocked and at the ready to shoot anyone who went past them. Their disguises had been dumped earlier into an incinerator, along with a few dozen bombs being placed for good measure. Best to leave with a bang, after all. A walkie-talkie beeped in his pocket, and he pulled it out, ignoring Larxene's looks of confusion.

"Have you done it yet?" The voice was husky but high, the person was obviously annoyed and impatient for something.

"In a few moments it'll be done. We're outside the room where they're holding Demyx."

"Good. We'll be there in a few minutes." Zexion nodded to no one when the voice answered back, and he placed the walkie-talkie back in his pocket before facing Larxene.

"Was that our boss?" Larxene asked, clearly confused as she regarded the silverette. Zexion nodded.

"Of a sort. But that's not the point, the point is-" He trailed off, staring into the darkness behind her as if trying to see what was there. Larxene spun around in confusion, squinting to see what was there.

"What are you-?"

"Terribly sorry about this Larxene..." Zexion muttered into her ear, before clipping her up the back of the head with his gun and knocking her unconscious. He caught her body before she hit the floor, and instead layed her gently on the concrete before turning to the door and picking the lock.

Demyx was inside, strapped to a chair, bound and gagged. His eyes flew open as the door opened, the fear in his eyes changing to relief when he realized it was Zexion. Zexion dropped to his knees in front of Demyx and started to untie the ropes that held him, muttering words of calming to him as he did so. Eventually, when Zexion had removed the gag from Demyx's mouth, kissed him and then pulled him up from the chair, he supported Demyx's limping body towards the door.

"Zexion, I'm fine... Let me walk by myself, I should be able to hold my own." Demyx sighed at the look of fear in Zexion's eyes, smiling fondly when Zexion unwillingly let go of him and allowed him to support himself.

"Are you sure you're going to be okay?" He waited for the nod from Demyx before continuing. "Okay... Come on." They walked quickly through the long and winding corridors of the underground headquarters, more often than not running into random scientists and animals. After walking around for roughly half an hour, they both turned a corner quickly to be greeted by five men, a woman and six clicking's of guns.

Demyx was a little bit in front of Zexion, and hadn't stiffened when greeted with the guns. It was only when a seventh gun clicked, and the shock of a cold, round metal barrel of another gun was placed to the back of his head did his body stiffen. Zexion nodded to the other men, who lowered their guns and waited for action. The silverette moved to the side of Demyx, the gun barrel being placed onto the blonde's temple as he looked at the fear in his aqua orbs.

"Z-Zexion?" Demyx was clearly shocked, eyes wide and fear being reflected on his face. Zexion laughed bitterly.

"Move it, now." He hissed, pushing the blonde forwards towards the other men. They immediately handcuffed Demyx, and said man looked up at Zexion with pleading in his eyes. Zexion shook his head, still laughing.

"Let me guess: You're thinking 'This cannot be right. Perhaps this is part of a plan. Maybe Zexion means for me to be captured so that he can pull some amazing move and save me.' But you couldn't be more wrong, Demyx. You're never seeing the light of another day again. Or any day, for that matter." He looked over at the other men, nodding.

"Take him to room 47. She wants to see him."


It hurt. Every single part of his body hurt as he lay bound by ropes on the floor. He had been beaten, tortured, kidnapped, tied up twice and then betrayed by the last person he would have ever expected to do so. Said person was stood opposite him, leaning against the wall and watching him with cold, steely midnight blue eyes. Not one flicker of emotion passed on Zexion's face; it remained as impassive as a rock.

"How could you do this to me? I loved you-"

"Shut up."

"-I trusted you with everything I had. Every part of me loved you more than I had ever loved a person, and you betrayed me! I-"

"I said shut up!" Zexion hissed, clenching his fists as he moved forwards, refraining from smacking the blonde upside the head. Demyx watched as he pinched the bridge of his nose, tears streaming down his own face as he regarded the man he would have trusted with his life. If he could've, he would have gladly turned back the clock and screamed at the younger Demyx to stay away from the lone boy who watched him with sharp eyes.

"I wish I'd never, ever met you Zexion. You double crossed the double crosser. I take it you weren't really working for my mother?" At his question, Zexion let loose a very pointed, very bitter laugh. His eyes glinted maliciously as he stared down at Demyx, his laugh ringing in the blonde's ears.

"Oh I never double crossed your mother. In fact, I'm still working for her. We all are." Demyx gasped, eyebrows narrowing as he glared up at the silverette.

"You're lying."

"Am I? Why don't you ask her yourself then?" Zexion smirked, looking towards the door as it opened, two men and two women walking in. Demyx didn't realize that one of them women was Larxene, and she was being held by the two men as she struggled against them. He only realized who she was when the second woman's voice entered the atmosphere.

"Stop struggling girl. Hold her tightly in the corner." The woman glared at Larxene, and under her glare Larxene stopped struggling and glared back with equal hatred. The woman turned to Demyx, her bright blonde hair and blue eyes piercing through him and causing him to almost vomit in shock. His mother stood opposite him, arms crossed tightly over her chest as she watched him shudder at the sight of her.

"Demyx... My sweet, sweet, vulnerable, stupid Demyx. You're probably wondering 'why is she doing this? Does she not feel maternal instincts and wish to protect me?' Well I have no maternal instinct for you, because you weren't even supposed to be." Demyx blinked up at his mother, eyes wide as he processed the information.

"W-what?" His mother rolled her eyes, moving over to Larxene and trailing a finger under her jaw.

"Take a look at your sister, for example. Perfect in every way. She is beautiful, quick, speedy, intelligent, lithe and lethal. The perfect killing machine." Their mother lifted Larxene's face up, smiling sweetly at the glare in her eyes. Her smile went sour however, when Larxene spat right in her face, and she lashed out to slap the girl across her cheek. She then turned back to Demyx, face red with fury.

"All those things were charged into her DNA when she was conceived. At the time we had no idea that twins were coming along, or we would have charged both eggs. It's a shame really, because you really could be quite lethal. You have a certain air around you that would draw in both males and females. Indeed, it managed to draw in poor little Zexion over here. Gave him this scar, too." She pulled back Zexion's fringe, showing the long white scar that ran in a diagonal line above and below his eye. Zexion didn't move or flinch, merely stared straight ahead at the wall in front of him.

"I was...irresponsible." Zexion answered the question that neither Larxene nor Demyx had asked.

"Yes, you were... We had to beat all that silly emotion out of you young one, didn't we?" The moment Demyx's mother had turned away from him, Zexion started to shake, his eyes blinking rapidly. It was the proof Demyx needed that Zexion had never stopped loving him.

"So you're going to kill me? Just because I was an accident?" His mother nodded, her eyes cold as she smiled sadistically at him.

"Yes my dear Demyx, yes. I should have killed you when I had the chance all those years ago. But it is not I who is going to do the deed."

"But why?" Demyx had started to sob again, his aqua eyes filling up as he looked over at Larxene. She too looked on the edge of tears as she watched her mother and brother, helpless to step in.

"You found out way too much. But of course, that's the reason why we're killing you now. Your stepmother never commissioned a contract against you... I did. At fourteen years old you had lost both your mother and sister, and you would have done some digging. I sent Zexion to do the job, but he couldn't... Love got in his way... Of course, he no longer loves anymore, do you?" She looked over at Zexion, and although he kept his eyes on the wall ahead, he spoke with no emotion in his voice despite his shaking.

"Love is reckless and stupid... It- it makes people do stupid things..."

"Very good. After Zexion could not kill you, I sent Axel and Roxas to do the job, not telling them that Zexion was already there, and so they thought that Zexion was trying to protect you, when in reality he was trying to open the path for them. They just decided to walk around it. And they still thought he was against them, even when they were commissioned by your father to kill him. I warned them, but they did not listen. Everything fucked up from there on in, because you got in the way. But it ends now. All this mess of contracts and double-crossing and stupidity, it ends." She pulled out a revolver, and as she loaded it with bullets Zexion looked away towards the door, his hands over his ears. Larxene hissed something akin to 'no!' as his mother cocked the gun.

Silence stretched through the room, everyone waiting for the gunshot that would kill him. But Demyx's mother was smart. She was going to teach both Zexion and Demyx a lesson. Demyx should have never interfered, and Zexion should have never fallen for him. She was aware of the silverettes extreme affections for her son, and she would use that to her advantage. She knew, without even looking up, that Zexion was trying to get out the room. Still not turning her head, she shot behind her towards the door handle, making Zexion jump as the bullet missed his hand.

"Not so fast, young one. I said that my son would be killed, and I also said that I would not do the deed. Zexion Numara, you are going to finish it." She handed the gun to Zexion, pushed him towards the middle of the room.

He looked down at Demyx, regret in his midnight eyes as he watched Demyx wince. Just as quickly his eyes then changed to cold, empty orbs as he aimed the gun. He knelt down towards Demyx, pressing his lips softly to the blonde's temple before replacing his warm lips with the cold barrel of the gun. Demyx sobbed; fear gripping him like a cocoon as the gun clicked, and the gunshot echoed around the room. His vision went black, his heart slowed its beats until a few seconds later it stopped beating, and his body was still.

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