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Major Edward Elric- The FullMetal Alchemist

Mission Profile:

Mission Objectives:

Befriend Hitachin twins- see pages 3 and 4

Join host club

Attempt to recruit them for the Amestrian Military

Look around for other students who could present an interest to the Amestrian Military

Mission Cover story:

Col. Roy Mustang and L.t Riza Hawkeye will be Major. Elric's acting parents *that's a joke right?!*

Col. Mustang is acting father and a police officer who just transferred

L.t Hawkeye is acting mother and former police officer turned homemaker when Edward was born, she is the daughter of a man famous for his money and influential presence in Germany

They met in the field 1 ½ years prior to Edwards Birth married when Edward was about 3 months old *that's so not funny*

Family name: Mustang *please be a joke..*

Edward got into Ouran High School Academy because of his fathers position and his grandfathers money

They live in a large house in an up-and-coming neighborhood

Edward is and A+ student with attitude issues

This isn't a joke is it?

"WHAT THE HELL?!" three people yelled as one, Col. Mustang, L.t Hawkeye and Major Elric had just been given the profile for the mission.

Roy's POV

Why the hell am I the one who has to play daddy to FullMetal, I don't look that old- do I?

Riza's POV

Why am I the one that has to play the Col.'s wife and 'mother' of his 'child'? Oh well there's always takeout and frozen dinners.

Ed's POV

What the hell

What the Hell




"Does the family name have to be Mustang? Why can't it be something awesome like, Elric?" Ed complained *of all the things to complain about* Roy thought bitterly, he still wasn't happy being considered old enough to be Edwards father. They were in President King Bradley's office.

"Obviously, u didn't read past page one did you Elric? I would've thought that you would complain about the school uniforms on a page two. Or-"Bradley was cut off by none other then Ed.


"Purple Edward, the jacket is purple" Riza commented calmly.

"Ya Ed, don't worry the jackets purple not blue, you still wont look like a military man." Roy said his voice practically dripping with sarcasm.

"Well 'it's a school for the rich and fabulous' to quote many of the students, to answer your question Elric." Bradley said laughing

"So anymore questions?" The President asked after he had stopped laughing.

"Ya, can Al come with us?" Riza questioned with a cautious glance to Edward.

"Alphonse is still a suit of armor so no, he wouldn't be able to go school there anyway he will be better off here where he can go back to Risembool, for the time being." Roy was about to protest-he knew from experience that Al was the only one that could control Ed, but Ed being Ed cut him off.

"Actually I would be more concerned about what would happen if he went through the portal I mean he is only a suit of armor with a soul attached to it by a blood seal, over all who knows what could happen to him. I wish he could come but it is better off if he stays here, he's wanted to visit granny Pinako and Winry for a while anyway." Ed finished softly, almost in a voice that made him sound like the kid he is.

"Wait what Al isn't coming but, but, but he's the only one who can control Ed!" Roy panicked.

"Smooth could you be more insensitive?" Riza replied giving her boss a jab in the ribs as they walked out behind Ed.

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