A/N: I haven't done a collection of NCIS drabbles/one-shots yet, so I thought it was high time I should.

The title is based on ncisdrabble100's challenge "numbers" while the individual drabbles are based on other challenges.

This drabble is based on the challenge "the first time".

"You're kidding! Right?" Tony's voice carried straight across the bullpen and hit McGee full in the face as he exited the elevator. He headed over to where Ziva and Tony were having a heated discussion.

"What is Ziva kidding or not kidding about?" McGee questioned Tony, warily standing between the two who almost looked like they were having a staring contest.

"Miss Zee-vah has never watched James Bond!" Tony exploded, and McGee chuckled as he dropped his bag by his desk and lounged back in his chair.

"You know, Tony, I really don't blame her," he answered, ignoring Tony's icy glare as he logged on to his computer.

The day passed in a tedious blur of cold cases and reports: not one of the most exciting days in the history of Team Gibbs. Said team leader decided to let his flagging underlings leave early; McGee shot off like a bullet from Ziva's Berretta in a firing range. Tony and Ziva took a more leisurely pace.

By the time they arrived at Tony's apartment, it was nearing six o'clock, and the sky was already dark with the eerie feel of winter. Ziva shivered as Tony opened her door and the cool air rushed in to replace the heated air inside the car. Together, they made their way across the damp, slippery tarmac to the front door. Tony unlocked the door; he pushed it open and they hurried into the welcoming warm, heated feel of 'home'.

Ziva unwrapped her scarf from her neck, and unzipped her thick, black, ankle-length jacket; she left her shoes in their usual place by the door. Tony, meanwhile, had poured two glasses of red wine and had grabbed five DVDs.

He displayed them proudly to her.

"James Bond?" she laughed.

"You can call me Bond, James Bond."

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