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Ziva had to have a sixth sense. She had to. There was no way that Mossad could have taught her everything, from knowing what you ate for breakfast to what you were going to do before you did it. Surely Mossad wasn't that amazing?

She had to have been born with a sixth sense.

She must have.

"I bet she has a sixth sense," Tony whispered to McGee as he leaned on the former team Probie's desk and looked over at Ziva.

"Probably, she can always tell if we're lying," McGee narrowed his eyes.

Ziva couldn't have been trained to be a human lie detector, she was too good! She was so instinctive; that type of instinct couldn't be taught!

"I do not have a sixth sense," Ziva spoke up and both McGee and Tony looked up like deer caught in the headlights of Ziva's oncoming car. Much more dangerous that a normal person's headlights. They didn't drive double the speed limit.

"See?" Tony hissed to McGee, as if Ziva had perfectly proved his point.

Maybe she's born with it.

Maybe it's Mossad training.

"I can still hear you," Ziva added in a sing-song voice and both Tony and McGee winced as they were simultaneously head-slapped by Gibbs.

"Work," Gibbs ordered and Tony dashed back to his desk before turning to McGee.

"Him too," he said, just as a well aimed paper ball from Ziva hit his directly between the eyes.

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