A/N: Dedicated to tooliepanna for her Nameday :)

Well, we were to sit together like a nice couple should sit, watch a movie or eat something. Probably that's what people usually do. But, I'm certain of that, they do not date my personal strawberry. So, we decided on a movie he'd wanted to see since he remembered. We sat on the floor in front of the TV; he pulled his knees up under his chin and leaned on me, nesting his cheek on my shoulder. I was sitting cross-legged and tried to focus on what I saw on the screen but I didn't really care. I cared for the person next to me, his marvelous brown eyes fixed on what was going on in the movie, hot body cuddled to me and... Well, I couldn't resist. I'm not the one who denies oneself pleasure and also I was sure I can give him more satisfaction than that stupid movie would do. So I embraced his neck and started stroking his hair and cheek. His skin was soft, softer than it should be, really, so I touched his lips. They were wet and soft as well so I leaned and kissed him, forcing his head to face me. It was passionate and he had no choice but to yield. He wanted to say something, I sensed that and decided not to give him the opportunity. My hand found its way under his shirt and I lied down on him with all my weight, not letting him move. Even if he wanted to protest, he quickly changed his mind and tangled his fingers into my hair.

"Not wanting to see more of the film, Shinigami?" I smirked.

"Can you only talk, Espada?" he answered with a sly grin.

So I showed him I could do more than talking and his every moan, scream and whisper was like a reward. I saw the millions of stars, the darkness was as soft as his skin and I'm not sure but I could have screamed as well when the whole universe exploded somewhere beneath me. I came to my senses when we were lying so close to each other, his hip under my hand, and his cheek on my chest. His breath was deep if a bit irregular and once again I forced his head to meet my gaze, holding his cheeks in my hands.

"It's no use trying to watch films with me, Strawberry," I said with a chuckle.

"Well, next time I would just find a better film," he muttered, leaning down to kiss me.

November 25, 2009

A/N: It's lamost funny how this little drabble, written just to make my dear friend smile got so many 'favourites' - thank you for that! I was planning on deleting it but it seems the story proved its right to be here (which surprises me!). So it stays :)