It had been almost an entire month since Kable had escaped the horrible game. He knew he hadn't done it alone. The rebel's leader had helped, along with his crew, and that one news reporter, but the biggest help had come from the boy. Simon. The one who had controlled him on all those "missions", the one who had helped him drive the knife into Ken Castle's stomach, the one who had given him free reign of his body on the day he's escaped.

But for all the things Simon had done, Kable still hadn't met the boy. He wanted to, but he didn't know how. But that would all change today. Trace, the only surviving member of Humanz, had managed to get a hold of Simon, and the boy was just as thrilled to meet Kable as Kable was to meet Simon. The meeting was set in an old library that hardly anyone came to anymore.

Kable paced up and down the aisle, wondering if he'd gotten the wrong time or the wrong place, when he turned around, to pace back up, and saw a young boy standing at the beginning of the aisle. He was tall, pale, with blue eyes and black hair, wearing converse, blue jeans, a white tee-shirt and a red windbreaker.

"Kable?" The boy asked, stepping forward.

"Simon?" Kable asked, stepping forward as well. The boy smiled and nodded.

"It's good to finally meet you face to face." Simon said, sticking his hand out. But that wouldn't be enough for Kable. He wrapped his arms around the boy, who was actually almost as tall as him. Simon went stiff for a minute, but then he relaxed and hugged Kable back.

"Thank you Simon."

"No problem John." And a great and powerful friendship was born.