In the Stars

(A/N: So, I finally decided to do a Merlin fic. This idea popped into my head a few weeks ago and Ive been trying to work it into a decent fic ever since.)

Ch. 1

(Camelot, Forest)

A woman barely in her twenties walked at a leisurely pace along the well traveled road that led to Camelot. She walked with a staff that served not only helped her travel rough terrain, but for self-defense, if needed. The woman had long brown hair that she wore in a long braid. Her deep green eyes were as green as the greenest of trees.

She wore the simplest of clothes: white undergarments with dyed purple dress. The clothes looked like they were a few sizes too big. She looked like she hadnt had a decent meal in a week or two.

The woman stopped walking. She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, listening to the sounds around her. There were birds a few feet away from her, chirping joyfully in one of the taller trees. It must be time for lunch, she thought.

When the woman opened her eyes she began to cough loudly. She sat down on the nearest boulder that sat on the side of the road. The coughing did not subside. She grabbed a rag from her travel bag and coughed into it. When she stopped, the woman sat for a while, trying to breath at a more steadily pace. She gazed up and over between the trees. The castle could be seen, shimmering in the late summer sun.

(Camelot, Royal Physician)

When the brown haired woman entered the spiral staircase that led to the royal physicians quarters. She took in a deep breath, closed her eyes and smiled. The woman opened her eyes and casually ascended the familiar stairs that she had traveled so frequently when she was younger.

She was about to open the door, letting herself in, when she thought that she had better knock, in case Gias was indisposed at the present time. So she knocked instead.

There was a muffled, "Come in."

The woman opened the door. When she entered, she could smell the familiar smells of various potions that he was in the middle of concocting.

"Hello," she greeted the only person in the room, a tall man as young as she, with black hair and blue eyes.

"Hello," he greeted in return. "Can I help you?"

"Yes, thank you," she said. "A cup of tea would be great."

She sat down at the wooden table as he put the kettle full of water over the fire. He sat down too, across from her.

"You must be Gias new assistant," she commented.

"Sort of," he told her.

"Ah, me too," the woman said, grinning. "My name is Celeste."

"Merlin, when youre done restocking, I need you to . . ."

But what Gias needed Merlin to do next, wasnt said. Gias had stopped mid-sentence at the site of Celeste.

"My dear," he greeted happily, with open arms.

Celeste got up from the table and gave him a hug.

"I've missed you," she told him.

"And I you, my dear," he said in return.

The kettle on the fire began to whistle. Merlin hastily retrieved it and finished making the tea.

"I wish that I have returned under better circumstances, Gias," she told him, tiredly.

"Yes, you do look run down," he told her, guiding her over to the table.

Celeste began to have one of her coughing fits. She swiftly got out her rag and coughed into it.

"That doesn't sound good," Merlin commented, passing out cups of tea.

When she stopped, she put the rag away and sipped some tea.

"How long have you had this?" Gias asked, concerned.

"For about six months, give or take," she replied, putting her head in her hand.

"You have not found a cure from your travels?" he asked.

She shook her head and rubbed her face with her hands.

"I have found nothing, magical or no," Celeste told him.

She then looked over at Merlin.

"Wait," she started.

"It's all right," Gias assured her.

Merlin sat down across from her and Gias.

"I have magic," Celesta told Merlin. "But that is the problem."

"What, do you mean the King?" Merlin asked.

"Not just Uther," Celesta told him. "She glanced over at Gias and said, I met Oshiba while I was traveling East."

Gias looked uneasy. Merlin glanced between the two of them, not understanding the uneasy look on either of their faces.

"While I was under Gias tutu-ledge in both magic and medicine, there was a Sorcerer that caused trouble to Camelot. After several encounters and attempts on my life, I finally weakened him to the point to where I drove him out," Celesta informed him. "While I was on my way to the Far East I met up with him once more. He placed a very powerful curse upon me."

Celesta began coughing up blood in her rag once more. She drank some more of her tea slowly. When she was sure that her latest coughing spell was over, she continued:

"He placed a curse upon me to where I contracted a sickness that could not be cured by normal or magical means," she went on. "And if I used magic of any kind I would accelerate the sickness and die shortly after," she stopped and took in a deep breathe. "I have come to Camelot so that I may live out the short time I have left. This is the place where I have truly ever felt like home."

To be continued . . .

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