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The vicious winds whipped around the thin frame of Isabella Swan as she pulled her coat tightly around her. The street lamp flickered above her, casting ghastly shadows into the forest ahead.

"Mike?" Bella called timidly into the forest. "Mike." again she called but with more confidence than she had. A rustling sounded out behind the young girl but spinning around quickly showed that there was nothing there. Letting out a breath that she didn't even know she was holding, Bella spun on her heel but the sigh got caught in her throat.

There standing infront of Bella was a broad, olive toned man. His deep brown eyes bored into hers, freezing her in place.

"Well you are a pretty one!" His large hand pushed back some of her hair that had fallen out of place. "Whats your name sweetheart?"

"Isabella Swan" she choked out before she realised what she was doing.

The strangers grin only grew "Your going to make me a lot of money darlin' "

Before there was time for what he had said to sink in he had already clamped a chloroform soaked rag up to Bella's face. 20 seconds later and Bella was as weak as a newborn.

The sounds of crying girls woke Bella from a deep slumber. Lots of crying girls.


The young girl awoke from the drug induced unconsciousness, shielding her eyes from the artificial lights above. It took a few minuets for it to sink in that Bella had been taken from her almost perfect life. Just a few more months till graduation and till Mike proposed. But now, that's all gone. Bella made a silent promise to herself, to stay strong, not to give in.

The cries of what seemed like hundreds of girls filled the small space. Bella turned her head to the left to be greeted with the sight of a girl, roughly her age, being kicked in the stomach over and over. Bella's trailed her eyes up the leg, to the body, to the face of the attacker. She cringed internally at the sight of her kidnappers face again. The olive toned man caught her looking at his vicious eyes.

"Well hello sleeping beauty! You've been out of it for hours. Not that it was a bad thing. I had fun dressing you." Bella snapped her head downwards and took in the horror. She was dressed in a deep blue corset, black lace creating intricate patterns over the waist and chest. It dipped low enough to regain some modesty. She wore a black lace thong, that barely counted as underwear. Her long, shapely legs covered in black opaque stockings.

Bella's blood ran cold at the thought of this monster seeing her at her weakest. "Seth. Get over here. Take this filthy slut to Carlisle. He can drain her, on the house." The abductor sneered at the young girl he had been kicking was dragged from the room by her hair.

"Isabella, I believe? You do look beautiful in that corset, too bad I wont be the one ripping it off of you. You, my sweet, are going to make me a rich man." He brushed her thin arm with his grimy fingers, covered in blood and dirt. "Come, it is your turn to go to auction."

Bella was dragged, only to be thrown to the floor in a new room. Unsure of her new surrounding she kept motionless, her head on the floor, eyes closed.

"Lott 24. Isabella Swan. 17 years of age and untouched. Shall we start the bidding at £40,000?" The announcement soon had Bella awake. She scrambled off of the floor, teetering in the ridiculously high heels.

The room was large and lit by hundreds of candles. Before her, a line of some of the most beautiful people she had ever seen, but Isabella's eye was drawn to the stunning blonde.

Her posture cried out authority, Her body cried out woman and Her eyes cried out lust. The blonde's legs never seemed to end. Her breasts were emphasised by her tiny waist, the red dress she wore was a stark contrast to her deathly white skin. Her light hair came down in crashing waves, caressing her face. Her eyes were large and an odd colour, gold with flecks of red in them. They were framed with Thick black lashes. Her lips were the exact shade of her dress.

"£250 000. She is mine, do you understand?" The beauty spoke with such violence it shook Bella, she stared around at the others but their expressions remained blank. "Good. Isabella, come to me."

Anger fizzed inside of her, she had never belonged to anyone, and she didnt plan on now. "No. I will not obey you. Who the FUCK do you think you are?" Confidence showed, unknown even to Bella.

The stunning blonde and her peers let out a small laughter at her foolishness. She was digging her perfect nails into Bella's cheeks before she was aware of what was happening. She had appeared to have moved faster than light, startling Bella but the rest of the people seemed unaffected, bored almost.

"You stupid girl. You are mine, and will be till I get bored of you. Do you hear me? Your unaware of the damage I could cause to you." She pulled away one of her hands from her cheek and trailed it along Bella's elegant neck, coming to a stop over her throbbing pulse. "You see this? Your steady heart beat? I can make this disappear instantly. You are very tempting, but your body is also very tempting. I intend to get my moneys worth."

She kept her gaze with Bella as she barked out an order to no one in particular. "Get me a collar and a leech." Bella tried to twist her head under the firm grasp as the collar was being placed around her thin neck.

"Welcome to the family. I'm Rosalie Cullen, but to you, I'm Mistress."

Oh god, what did you think?