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Edward lead the way through the stunning house, which was hard to see with eyes cast down. After a few moments they reached the sitting room, full of, yet again, beautiful people.

They all stood and a tall blonde male came to greet Rosalie with a brief hug whilst I hovered behind her.

I sneaked a glance directly at his face, trying to drink in his beautiful features.

"Rosalie, your pet is looking up." He spoke with a smooth, rich voice.

Rosalie shot me a glare as I bowed my head to the floor again.

"Everyone, this is Isabella. She is my newest slut and is untrained. To much of an attitude for my liking, but soon she will know her place. Isabella, say hello." Rosalie spoke to the crowd before her.

I muttered a small greeting, keeping my eyes cast down.

A beautiful female with caramel coloured hair pushed past Rosalie to inspect me. Her icy hands trailed along my jaw line, tilting my head upwards, forcing me to look into her golden eyes.

"She is beautiful Rosalie, worth every penny I see. Shame about the attitude." And with that I jerked my hand free of her grasp.

"Isabella! You are on your last warning." Rosalie hissed at the disobedient pet.

The female moved, standing with her arm wrapped around the Males waist whilst Edward peppered her neck in light kisses.

Another tall gentleman approached Rosalie with golden curls framing his smirking face. "What's this Rosie?" The smirk was evident in his southern drawl "A slut not obeying within a few hours? I hope your not loosing your touch. You know, Id always train her for you." A wink was the icing on the cake, Rosalie snarled a 'Fuck off' at the stranger.

A giggle came from behind him and a small pixie like female seemed to bounce from no where, circling me.

"She's very pretty Rosalie. I only wish you'd let me dress her like I dress Edward!" at that Rosalie snorted in sarcasm.

"Whilst she wears my collar, she will wear what I want, or nothing at all."

The tall male spoke directly to me this time "Isabella. My name is Dr. Carlisle Cullen, but you will call me sir. I will examine you shortly just to check your healthy and strong enough to cope with everything." Rosalie handed the lead attached to the collar to Carlisle.

I pulled away and started to kick at anyone and anything, trying to get freedom from who ever. I don't know what made me lash out, I guess I saw an opportunity.

Before I could think, Rosalie had a firm grip on my arm and was dragging me from the room.

"Carlisle I will be in your office." Rosalie barked from over her shoulder as she lead me up the marble stair case.

Rosalie pushed me into office, closing the door behind us.


Deafening silence fell throughout the room again; Bella gulped.

"Take off your clothes." Rosalie ordered. She did not say nothing else and there was a deafening silence filling the room. She could see Bella debating whether or not she was going to follow her command.

"I don't want to." Bella mumbled beneath her breath.

More silence.

"I won't." Bella wavered.

More silence.

"I..." Bella began before she was cut off.

"That wasn't a question and it doesn't require a response." Rosalie stated firmly, checking her flawless nails.

There was more silence, and then Bella bowed her head in submission. Trying to stall, she slowly took off four inch heels. Reaching down she picked them up and walked to the nearest wall, and lined them neatly up against the wall. She returned to the spot where she first started undressing before her 'Mistress' and reached behind her and unzips her dress. She caught the dress, improvising a mini strip tease, she let it fall to the floor slowly. Seductively working it over her hips. Again she reached down and picked up the fallen dress and neatly folded it. Her nipples instantly perked up as the coolness of the room greets them. They tightened into almost painful pebbles.

Bella could see the pulse in Rosalie's neck picking up speed. She smiles because she knows that she is getting excited. Standing naked in front her 'Mistress' Bella shifted awkwardly, waiting for her next instruction as Rosalie studied her body.

"Turn around." She commanded.

Bella opened her mouth to try and protest but a simple look from Rosalie made her completely forget what she was going to say. She resolutely lowered her head in defeat and turned around.

Rosalie admired her handiwork from earlier, a smile crossing her face to see Bella's ass was still discoloured and sore looking courtesy of the spanking Mistress had given her just over four hours ago.

Reaching down into a drawer in her desk Mistress pulled out a pair of handcuffs. She walked around her so close that she could smell her minty breath.

Standing behind her Rosalie ordered, "Hands behind your back."

Again Bella opened her mouth to protest, but before the words could escape her lips, Rosalie grabbed Bella's hair and pulled her head forcefully back and to the side. Rosalie whispered in her ear. "You're making this harder on yourself." Afterwards she took her pets ear lobe in her mouth and bit down hard causing her to gasp.

Bella moved her hands behind her back as she was told at which point she felt cold restraining metal against her right wrist and heard a clicking sound. In shock she started to turn to Rosalie

"Stay where you are!" Rosalie barked.

Bella turned back and kept her hands behind her back as Rosalie attached the other cuff to her left wrist, trapping Bella's hands behind her back.

"Perfect." Rosalie said. She walked back to her desk and retrieved something else, "Now turn around."

Bella did as she was told and then whimpered when she saw the ball gag 'Mistress' was holding in her hand.

"Open your mouth." Rosalie commanded.

Bella shook her head.

"You know the rules. I don't like much noise and if you behaved earlier I wouldn't have to gag you. So you only have yourself to blame." Rosalie pointed out, "Now, open your mouth."

Bella stared helplessly at the gag, her mind racing for a way out of this situation but finding none.

Rosalie slapped her across the face. "I grow tired of your games. I hate repeating myself. Do not make me ask you again." Mistress threatened.

Knowing that she wanted this Bella submitted to Mistress's will and opened her mouth. Wasting no time Rosalie pushed the gag into Bella's mouth and then tightened the straps around the back of her head before stepping back to admire her handiwork.

"Very nice." Rosalie said smiling, "Now, bend over the desk."

Bella whimpered and shook her head, her eyes pleading with Mistress for sympathy. She would get none. Whimpering again Bella slowly did as she was told, sluggishly bending over onto the desk.

Smiling at the sight before her Rosalie placed her hand on Bella's ass cheeks, taking great satisfaction in the surge of power she felt when she saw Bella flinch. Mistress gently ran her hand over the soft flesh dipping lower to see if she was just as ready.

"You know, I really hate when you make me wait and several times today, you made me do just that and I walked behind that, so I'm definitely going to have to punish you for it, and since spanking you with paddle seems more of a turn-on than punishment, we're going to try a different instrument. Do you understand? Nod or shake your head." Rosalie demanded, delivering a vicious slap to Bella's ass, causing Bella to immediately nod her head, "Good, now as I was saying, you made me wait so that's 20 spanks, plus another 10... no, let's make it another 20 spanks for hesitating so much before doing what you were told, and an additional 20 because you were stubborn enough to try and stand up to me twice. Tsk. Tsk. 70... you know what, let's round it up to 80 lick simply because I feel like it. Sound fair? Good, now let's begin shall we?"

Not waiting for a reply Rosalie picked up the only other object on the desk beside Bella, a small riding crop. She brought it down hard upon the soft flesh of Bella's butt cheeks, causing the young submissive to cry out into the ball gag.

"I think you will really like the riding crop. Spread your legs. I want to be able to reach everything below the waist." Rosalie set about warming up Bella's ass. She alternated hitting each check. She started at the top curve and gradually worked her way down to the middle of her thighs. "Don't want to leave too many marks." She explained. When she had finished with the 20 warm-up strokes, she hit Bella between the legs on the fleshy outer lips of her pussy. She was greeted by a resounding 'splat'. "Turned on already?"

"Now we begin," and Mistress commenced to beat Bella's ass over and over again with her crop.

Despite being gagged Bella's muffled screams echoed throughout the room as blow after stinging blow struck her ass, shooting painfully delightful sensations through her body. Rosalie took great pride in the fact that she had Bella screaming but she was also annoyed that she was making such a fuss. Couldn't her little pet at least try and show a little restraint?

"Listen, we're barely at 30 and you're already leaking on my carpet. I guess it's too much to expect anything more from you, but for Pete's sakes try and be at least a little quiet so we don't have an audience watching you get your ass beat. Even if a few voyeurs showed up, I wouldn't stop, because you need to be taught a lesson. I own you. You are mine to use the way I see fit."

As she brought her crop down on her ass for the 80th time Mistress revelled at the obstinate nature of her new slave. Her mind was already racing with all the humiliating and degrading things she could do to her new little pet for her own amusement, but she quickly reminded herself that she needed to finish properly training Bella before she could do any of that fun stuff, which Rosalie had no problem with. After all, creating a willing slut was, in many ways, the best part.

Done with her crop Rosalie placed it back on the table and waited to see what Bella would do next.

Bella sobbed pitifully, but did not move, which was intriguing, especially after her earlier protests.

Rosalie was sure that she would have realized that the whipping was over and try move from this humiliating position.

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