Turkey Day

I finish pulling the Turkey out of the oven with the help of Jen. We set it on the counter to get it ready. It's Thanksgiving and thanks to me and my big mouth I have the job on preparing a meal for our whole family and friends.

Which is. Jen, Inutaisho, Izayoi, Inuyasha, Kikyou, Sango,Miroku,Kiade, Shippo,Rin, Inuyasha's son Tony, Sango's daughter Ziva and Sesshoumaru.

Luckily I have the help of Sango,Jen, Izayoi and Kikyou to help me get the meal ready., or else I never could of did it.

We make and huge stuffed Turkey with Stuffing's inside, Stuffing's in the crock pot, Mashed Potatoes, Coll slaw,Noddles ,corn and my Grandma's famous Pumpkin Pie.

30 Minutes Later

After a half hour we have all of the food siting at our huge oak table and we are all setting filling our plates to the bring with all the very Delicious looking food we all start to eat.

Not even 2 minutes after words Inutaisho, Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha start stuffing their faces with their food and acting like they have never aite before.

Jen, Izayoi and I look at each other and then back at the boys. Secretly it is kinda funny watching them do 10 minutes of watching them they finally figure out that all eyes are on them and they stop says.

"What is it"

"Well you guys are truthfully acting like Pigs" Kagome says.

"Well what's wrong with it"

"It's Thanksgiving and yall should act polite and not act like that"

"Well Turkey Day comes but once a year."

"Your right"

"Plus the old saying is Gobble Till You Drop"

"Good one Yasha"


We all start eating and the boys finally eat with their manors. It might turn out to be a good Turkey Day after all.


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