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'words like this' is Naruto's thoughts.

'i love you' takes seconds to say, hours to explain, and a lifetime to prove it.

As the blonde walked home, it seemed to be the most hardest thing to do. His eyes began to water, but he refused to let them fall. 'Not this time... No more crying for him, over him... because of him....' It took every ounce of his will power to not give in right then and there. It hurt, god did it hurt. 'What should I do?'

Naruto opened his front door to a dark quiet home. 'It feels so empty.....' The blonde flipped on his living room lights and plopped down onto the couch. He slowly slid the ashtray that was on his little coffee stand closer to him. Blonde locks rested softly on the back of the couch as tanned hands lit a cigarette.

Blue eyes stared up, contemplating what to do, hell, what to think! As he took a drag, his eyes drifted shut. His mind raced, his heart ached. 'I don't want to feel like this. I want to have someone... Him? I can except anyone else.... I want to let go... But why still have hope? Will he change for me? God.... Why is this so fucking complicatied?'

The blonde woke up startled, not even aware he fell asleep, to a knock at his door. "FUCK!" He fell asleep with a lit cigarette. Now there is a hole in the cushion. The person knocked again. "Hold the fuck on, damn!" He didn't know what he could do, so he just brushed the ashes away and put the remains in the tray.

Another knock. "Im coming! Jesus christ!" He hurried to the door and as soon as he opened it, he slammed it. 'Sasuke? What the hell?' Naruto had his back against the door, clueless of what to do. Out side, stood a very confused Sasuke. "Uh Naruto? Can you at least open the door- Please?" Sasuke asked in a low voice.

"He he... Sorry about that, I had a uh... Twitch or something." The blonde said nervously as he scratched the back of his head. The raven quirked and eye brow at this, but calmly asked "Can I come in?" Naruto's arm dropped and returned to his side. His eye's showing confusion, and thinking.

"Sure, I guess. What for?" The blonde stepped to the side and raised his arm up in a motion for the Uchiha to come in. The raven looked at him for a second and strode through, walking towards the couch. He sat down and looked at Naruto, hoping he would get the point to sit beside him.

"I wanted to talk to you, in person. If that's okay with you?" Sasuke started. The blonde looked at him, curiosity and doubt went through him. In yet, he replied "Yeah that's fine." Their eyes never left each other's, afraid they might miss something, a sign, a clue, a hint, anything.

"You said to prove to you that I love you, that I want you back. I thought about it, over and over again. As you can see, words are only letters put together, buying you something would be meaningless. So, the only thing I could come up with, was to show you with my actions." Sasuke's eyes were locked on slowly widening blue ones.

'What does he think he can prove by doing something? What does he have planned?' Naruto just stared. He anticipated the raven's every move. The other's voice was serious unlike anything tone he had used before. "Please, Naruto. Let me show you, and if you still don't believe me, I'll leave, gone, forever, just- Trust me."

Pleading onyx eyes waited, hoping for the other to say yes, begging for the other to say yes. 'Should I? What does he want to do so badly? I have never seen him act like this. Maybe he's serious this time. I could let him have this one chance.... Just one chance.'

"Please Naruto, just say yes." The younger one couldn't seem to find his voice. He forced his self to mutter one word. "Okay." A silence fell upon the two. But the Uchiha finally broke it. He leaned forward and pressed a soft and sweet kiss to the lips he missed so much.

Ocean eyes were wide, in panic and pure disbelief. His mind wasn't working, and his body was in shock. Sasuke pulled away and slowly opened his eyes. What the other saw was something beyond his wildest hopes and dreams. They were filled with pure love, not just lust.

Naruto's eyes softened and tilted his head up as a clue to continue. Sasuke wasted no time and quickly lean forward to capture the other's lips once more. The raven pressed a little harder, filling the kiss with such emotion, it made the other's head spin. The blonde pressed back, shyly at first, but the tenseness slowly ebbed away.

'He... Is just so... Desperate to make me feel what he wants. This is.... How it should be... I ... I just...want to believe it's real..' Sasuke's tongue slowly licked the Naruto's bottom lip as a silent plead for entrance, which, with hesitation, was granted.

Pale hands slid to grip tan hips. With the small space seeming to be too far for him, he pulled the other closer. Naruto's arms slid to rest on the raven's shoulders, and pulled him even closer. With the position that they were in, Sasuke was loosing his balance and fell on the other softly. Naruto's back touched the arm of the couch, and to make it comfortable, Naruto slid his legs up.

For the raven to adjust, he leaned his lower body back to let tan legs settle, one on each side of his body, their kiss never breaking, he leaned back down. Their tongue's clashed together, each trying to dominate the other. The blonde's mind went crazed, every thought, in a daze, any protest, doubts, fading away.

Naruto's arms wound tighter around Sasuke's neck as his hands wondered up his shirt to slowly caress the warm skin that the shirt hid. The blonde's breath hitched as the hands went across sensitive flesh. His natural reaction was to get more, more of this, more of him. He ground his hips up.

Sasuke gasped in the other's mouth, and pulled away. As he ground back down, creating a slow, teasing pace, he kissed the other's neck with wet open mouth kisses. Naruto's breaths became ragged. The sound echoed through Sasuke's ears. He never could get enough of the other's wondrous noises. He wanted, no, needed more. He wanted to hear so much more from the boy, the need was almost unbearable.

The Uchiha ground his hips down harder and rougher, earning a low moan from the boy underneath. Naruto couldn't take it anymore. He was being drove mad. 'Only him... Only he can make me act like this... Make me want- so much...' "Sas-uke." His voice was strained, but held with so much need.

The pale boy pulled back, took his shirt off, and through it down, out of the way. He then leaned over and did the same to the blonde. Naruto hissed as the col air of his apartment hit his hot skin. The problem was taken care of as soon as Sasuke leaned back down, bare skin against bare skin. The friction was delicious and addictive.

Their lips collided again, trying to get more of each other. Hips frantically ground against the other's, skin rubbed together, and teeth clinked. The Uchiha was far from being done. He broke apart once more, and kissed his way from Naruto's neck, stopping at a perk nipple. He kissed it and flicked his tongue, immediately making it hard. He did the same for the other one, then headed further down. He dipped his tongue into it causing the younger boy to buck, and give out another low moan.

Sasuke decided he had enough doing that, and continued down, dragging his tongue across a thin blonde happy trail. He stopped once his lips hit the top of the other's jeans. Black eyes darted up, and met blue hazed ones. Taking that as an okay, he unbuttoned said jeans and pulled them down. The raven was face to face with a not so little bulge in the blonde's boxers.

A pale hand slowly rubbed circles on the other's hardened member. "Ahn..." A moan broke through plump pink lips. The sound went straight to Sasuke's already swollen cock. Emotions swirled in onyx eyes. He slid the offending clothing down and stared at the sight before him.

He leaned down and gave a quick lick. Tan hands wound their way into inky black hair and gently tugged as an encouragement to continue. Sasuke started to take more and more of the thick member till he stopped when he felt it hit the back of his throat. ' He never takes this much time, he never does this for me....' He bobbed his head, his mouth going up and down on the member, sucking all the way.

He felt Naruto tense, and that when he backed away. He didn't want this to end. One blue eyes peaked through closed eye lids, chest heaving, wondering what was next. "Lets go to your room?" It was a question this time, not a demand. Naruto slowly nodded, not having the breath to actually say anything. When he sat up, he was picked up and carried to his room.

Once to their destination, Sasuke gently dropped Naruto onto the bed. He stood up to take off the remainder of his clothes. He crawled across till he was hovering over the boy, and captured his lips in another soul scorching kiss. Tan hands wound around a pale torso to pull the boy closer. Their kiss was soon broken.

"Do you have any lube?" The question received another nod. Naruto leaned over to pull it out of his night stand, and handed it to Sasuke. He quickly flipped the cap and poured a generous amount onto his fingers. Naruto let his eyes close again, but opened them once more when he heard a moan. Sasuke was preparing his self.

'He never bottoms.... He always has to top, always..... He must really want me to believe him...' Sasuke added another finger, scissoring the tight ring. He looked into blue eyes. He was met with a look of confusion and shock. He gave a small smile before he added another finger, and let out yet another moan. Once he deemed his self prepared, he took them out, and slathered the excess lube onto Naruto's cock.

He then positioned himself and slowly slid down. He hissed, a burning sensation creeping up through his back side. Once Naruto was fully sheathed inside, he stopped, letting out a breath he never knew was held. He looked down, and what he saw was pure bliss.

"Na- Naruto, look at me." Naruto looked up, and what he saw, nearly made his heart wrench. Sasuke had tear filled eyes, a faint blush across his cheeks, and a thin sweat sheen to his pale, porcelain like skin. But most of all, love shone through mid night eyes as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

"Naruto, I- I love you. I love you, so much. Please- Say you love me too?" Sasuke fought back the tears. His heart sped up even more, with the fear of rejection crossing through his mind. He was panting, from holding back tears and from the pleasure that leaked through his body.

'He means it... He really does love me.' Naruto smiled, a true happy smile that glistened in his eyes. "I love you too Sasuke." Sasuke couldn't take it anymore. He let the tears roll down and slowly began to bounce up and down.

Naruto grabbed Sasuke by the shoulders and pulled him down so that they could have more contact with each other. "Ah.... Naruto..." Sasuke let a moan out that he couldn't hold in anymore. Naruto kissed his neck and bit and sucked, creating a hickie that would be sure to last a while.

Moans filled the room, along with the soft creak of a bed and panting. The end of their passion was coming to and end, as the tight coil in both of their lower abdomen was beginning to unravel. "Naruto... I'm... about to come." Sasuke said between clenched teeth. "Ahn.... Me too..." Naruto bucked up, creating a faster pace, "Naruto!" Sasuke came onto both of their stomachs. Hearing his name be called in a heat of pure ecstasy, Naruto came shouting "Sasuke!"

Naruto pulled out and Sasuke rolled off to the side and leaned over the bed to pull out a pack of cigarettes he bought before he came over here. He grabbed two and plucked up his lighter. He lit both of the cigs and leaned to grab an ashtray before taking his place beside the blonde. They both laid there, enjoying the afterglow of their passion while filling their lungs with calming smoke.

Sasuke flipped the ash and turned to Naruto. He tilted his head over and quickly kissed his lips, and grinned as he pulled back. Naruto then broke the smile and said "Sasuke, I love you. Don't leave, stay with me." Sasuke let a small smile play across his features and said "I love you, and I want to stay with you." The love in his eyes seemed to intensify, never faltering, only growing stronger.

'All this time it seemed I was only holding onto a dream, but this time, it's a reality and it won't ever leave.'

If you believe the love is real, hold on and don't let go. If it's real, they will come back, after all, love always finds a way.

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