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Journey through the Decade

By Ten-Faced Paladin

Chapter 1: 10 Champions

Ranma Saotome yawned as he relaxed in the backyard of the Tendo Dojo. It was one of those odd days of peace. The Kunos were doing what crazy people did, Ryoga was lost, and Mousse was out making deliveries. The fiancées were all out dealing with their own business, which suited Ranma just fine since it didn't involve him for a change. The fathers were out drinking themselves stupid, which was arguably impossible since they couldn't possibly get any dumber. Kasumi was doing housework again and Nabiki…

"Saotome, we need to talk," the middle Tendo frowned.

She was in a bad mood. That never really boded well for the pigtailed martial artist. Still, he put on a brave face as he turned to gaze at the irate Tendo, "About what Nabiki?"

"Like what you did to my camera, that's what," Nabiki frowned as she tossed several photos at him.

Ranma caught the photos and looked them over. They were all photos from the failed wedding, but they were warped and strange. It was hard to tell what was what in some places and there were faint images of people in weird outfits. Some had large blue eyes, large yellow eyes, red eyes, and one even had red lines traveling over its body.

"I have a lot of people who wanted to pay good money for wedding shots," Nabiki frowned. "Now undo what you did to my camera so I can earn that money."

"Hate to break it to you, but I didn't do anything," Ranma frowned as he threw the photos onto the table. "I don't know anything about cameras. You know that. I don't know how your pictures got all wonky."

Nabiki frowned as she took back the photos. Ranma really didn't know anything about photography but if you wanted to ruin a photo, you didn't need to know much. However, this wasn't solely limited to just photos of the wedding. Every picture Nabiki had tried to get of Ranma recently turned out like this. They were all blurry and had weird figures in the background. How was she supposed to make money off Ranma's girl side when all the shots turned out horrible like this?

"Then who else would ruin shots taken of you?" Nabiki asked sternly.

"I don't know," Ranma shrugged. "There's a long list of people who don't like you. Maybe one of them decided to mess with your camera since you sell more pictures of me than anyone else."

"Hrmm," Nabiki frowned. That much was true. There were lots of people who didn't like her and only a few had the martial arts skills needed to be able to pull it off without her knowing. Of course, Ranma was at the top of that list. "If I find out you were messing with my stuff…"

"I'm in deep enough debt as it is," Ranma frowned. "I'm not looking for more."

"Good," Nabiki nodded. "Remember that then."

Kasumi inwardly sighed as she watched the exchange. Her younger sister was putting business and money ahead of everything else again. Despite the fact that money she made went to the house and finances, Nabiki had made enemies of many people and no one in school much less the district trusted her or even liked her. She had no friends, only business associates. Kasumi could remember at the wedding. Nabiki had sold invitations to the fiancées on the date of the wedding. When the guests arrived, she didn't say hello or greeted them. She just demanded the money that the guests brought which was supposed to be for the bride and groom. Sometimes Kasumi feared that Nabiki would sell them all out if the price was right. She didn't voice that concern though. It would just make things complicated for everyone.

Normally Kasumi wouldn't have had thoughts about such bad things, but she hadn't been sleeping well lately. She had been subject to very violent dreams, and they just felt too real to be regular dreams.


Kasumi was standing in the middle of a deserted area. Looking around, she tried to see if there was anyone around. However, as she was looking, a sudden explosion caused her to scream in fear. Looking around, she gasped when she saw people approaching. They were all donned in various suits of armor with various themes. Some were on motorcycles and others were on foot. Looking up, she even saw that some were flying through the air. Two flying trains went through the air with a green Minotaur on top of one. Chinese dragons blasted fire through the air at a common target. There was even a dragon which looked like it was part castle.

Explosions ripped through the air and several of the armored people were shot down. The flying trains were shot down and the castle dragon met the same fate. Armored men who were on the flying machines leaped from the flight path and started running on the ground. Loud noises caught Kasumi's attention and she spotted a giant stone gorilla with a man in dark armor on top

Suddenly, explosions ripped through the area, making Kasumi scream again. She had to shield her eyes from the glare of the explosions. Rubbing her eyes, she looked up and gasped. All of the armored men and the various implements of battle were strewn across the ground. They were wounded or hopefully unconscious. Gasping, Kasumi ran to the closest one, a man in blue armor with stag-beetle like horns and red eyes with stag beetle scythes on his shoulders. The eldest Tendo reached him quickly as she checked on him, trying to determine his injuries.

"Oh my!" she gasped. "Are you all right? Please tell me! Can you speak?"

"Uhhhh," the man groaned. He gazed up at Kasumi through his visor. "How…did you get here? You have to run. Decade…is coming."

"I will not!" Kasumi insisted.

Gently laying the man on his back, she checked for any wounds which had gotten through his metallic armor. Seeing none, she just assumed that he had taken a bad beating and needed time to recover. So, she dragged the man out of the middle of the ground and placed him on a soft patch of grass

"You lay here and rest!" Kasumi insisted. "You're no good against this…Decade, if you can't even stand."

The blue armored man groaned, but didn't argue. Kasumi returned to the battlefield and checked on the other armored men. She kept checking to see if they were okay. None of them were dead, but they had taken severe beatings. She brought them all over to shady or hidden places. All of her medical treatment experience was put to the test as she tried to help all the armored men. There were just so many of them. Who were they fighting?

As she set a man in mantis themed armor with a heart visor against a canyon wall, she heard footsteps. Looking up, another armored figure was walking towards her. He was donned in full armor which was red, black, and white. An 'X' was on his chest and left shoulder and his eyes were green. A silver buckle was on his waist with a silver case on the side. He walked lazily along the canyon floor, the armored men who Kasumi tried to make more comfortable and the ones she had yet to treat tried to get to their feet, but their wounds were too much. Kasumi felt her breath quicken as the armored man walked closer.

"Decade," she gasped.

"Matte!" Kasumi heard and looked to see a man in crimson armor with a gold collar and black bodysuit with a black helmet crowned by gold horns and sporting red eyes. He charged at Decade and hurled punches at him. Decade blocked the blows and drove the red-armored man back with a kick. The red-armored warrior growled as black energy enveloped him as lightning struck him, turning his armor black with gold-trim and sporting spikes on the legs, elbows and shoulders with black eyes.

The warrior known as Decade was largely unconcerned with the black-clad warrior as he turned to face him. The black warrior growled dangerously as he clenched his fist tightly. Fiery energy enveloped his right fist as he stared down the red-clad warrior with green eyes. Decade matched his foe, gathering a red pixelating power in his own fist which shone brightly. With a roar, the black warrior and Decade both charged at one another with their fists extending for an impact.

Kasumi screamed as en explosion erupted from the impact of both their fists meeting.


Kasumi shivered at remembrance of the dream. The Decade figure was quite intimidating. She also couldn't help but send her heart out to all the armored men who were fighting against him. She didn't know why they were fighting in the first place, but she didn't like how they were all getting so badly hurt. It hardly seemed to be a fair fight with all of them against Decade. Still, she was curious as to why they were all fighting in the first place.

"Kasumi?" Ranma asked, snapping the eldest Tendo out of her thoughts. "You okay? You look like you're thinking about something."

"Oh, just pondering to myself," Kasumi smiled. "It's nothing. I still need to go to the market today to get some things."

"Oh. Okay then," Ranma nodded. "Want some company? I'm getting kind of bored and need something to do."

"That would be nice," Kasumi smiled.

Grabbing her purse and shopping bags, Kasumi set out to the market. Ranma walked close behind as they headed for the marketplace. Ranma didn't really try talking since Kasumi liked the peace and quiet. He had been shopping with her before. It was one of the few times that some regularity and peacefulness was in her life. Her home sure didn't have it since he and his father showed up. Between the suitors, fiancées, Happosai, Akane throwing fits now and then, the Tendo home was anything but peaceful.

People waved and said their hellos to Kasumi. She was a popular figure in the marketplace. Lots of the single stand owners seemed to really appreciate her business. Of course it was pretty much impossible to not like Kasumi. There was nothing about her that was unlikable. The only time that she came rather close to being unlikable when she was possessed by that oni. That wasn't a pleasant experience for anyone involved.

"Ranma," Kasumi finally spoke up. "I was wondering something."

"Um…what would that be?" asked the pigtailed martial artist.

"Do you love Akane?" the eldest Tendo asked plainly. "Do you really want to marry her?"

Ranma blinked at the question for a moment before he sighed, "You know. If you asked me that before the failed wedding, I would have said yes. Now that it happened, things are just getting worse instead of better. I mean, it was fine right after. I guess the fiancées felt bad about how they were acting, but that changed. Now they're downright desperate to make me marry them and the rivals are starting to team up to try and beat me. The fathers are no help since all they do is whine and moan about joining the schools. Akane…she's been rather violent lately. She's blowing her stack way quicker now and she's always hitting me for some reason."

Kasumi had to admit that was happening. Akane's temper was getting shorter and she would always take it out on Ranma, claiming him to be a pervert at the top of her lungs. Once Kasumi asked why Akane was accusing Ranma of being a pervert and she replied that Ukyo and Shampoo kept telling her all the things they would do with him when she wasn't around. Now Kasumi knew that the two fiancées were tricking Akane and using her temper against her. However, Akane was more than willing to believe a girl who has been known to trick her or fight against her than the boy she was engaged to and risked his life for her. It seemed that Akane preferred to believe fellow girls rather than a boy, proving that despite all they had been through together, Akane had absolutely no faith or trust in Ranma.

"I'm sure she'll come around," Kasumi reassured him.

"For a few days," Ranma grumbled. "Then she'll just get angry at something else and hit me for it even if I have nothing to do with it."

Kasumi almost frowned at that. It seemed that Ranma's relationship with Akane was dying and neither of them was going to do anything about it. If someone didn't do something about Shampoo and Ukyo soon, then Ranma and Akane weren't going to last as the couple everyone saw them as.

Ranma rubbed the back of his neck as he and Kasumi fell into comfortable silence again. He spoke the truth about his relationship with Akane. For some reason, she would lose her temper, shriek that he was a pervert, and pound him. He didn't recall doing anything which would make her so mad, but Akane wasn't exactly the most logical person on the planet. She would jump to conclusions that were continents apart. Never mind the fact that she was usually always wrong about them, if a girl was involved, it was Ranma's fault, even if that girl was the cause of the problem.

"Just have a little faith," Kasumi reassured the young man. "I'm sure that it will all work out in the end."

"I've been trying," Ranma sighed. "But Akane just doesn't seem to want to take any steps. I mean, I barely know what steps to take half the time and Pop doesn't help, thinking that I should just know since he and your dad seem to think me and Akane are the perfect couple."

Kasumi almost frowned at that. Again, Ranma had made a good point. It wasn't enough to just say they were engaged and expect them to be a couple. They had to take steps to get to know each other, learn about each other, and other things. However, Ranma's upbringing denied him a lot of knowledge in that department since Genma saw it as a distraction. He didn't know what to do with an engagement or dates half the time. Of course Akane had little to no patience for him and snapped whenever he did something wrong and usually hit him. The fathers were no help since they figured all the fighting was a good thing for some reason. Kasumi had the most memories about her mother and she knew her parents didn't fight nearly as much as Akane and Ranma did. Why did her father think all the fighting was a good thing? Even in the odd moments where Ranma and Akane were making progress, someone usually interrupted or the fathers took it as signs from above and tried to force the two into marriage. She remembered the 'Love Knot' incident where Genma and Soun actually strong-armed their children to write their names on paper and attach them on bamboo in hopes that the supposed magic would make them fall in love with each other. Not that the incident didn't work out, but Kasumi was sure at least Ranma was convinced for a while. Of course, the next day things went right back to normal. It just went to show that Genma and Soun knew as much about love as they did about quantum physics; nothing.

Ranma sighed as he looked up at the sky and suddenly froze. It wasn't the partly cloudy space it used to be. Instead, it was a mass of silver that looked like it was actually made of liquid.

"Kasumi," Ranma spoke as he directed her gaze up into the sky. "I think we had better head back home now."

"I…oh my…I think we should," the eldest Tendo gasped.

Grasping Kasumi's hand, Ranma pulled her through the gaping masses of people who were just staring at the silver mess in the sky. Ranma knew from experience that weird things were never good and this was probably going to be one of his worse days.

As they reached the end of the market street, the sky began to fall, quite literally. A wall of the silver substance fell to the ground, blocking off any escape route. Ranma kept Kasumi behind him so to better protect her, but the wall started moving again. Before even Ranma could react, the wall had passed over them.

Opening his eyes, Ranma blinked when he saw that the scenery had changed. Instead of the marketplace, there was a large fountain with modernist sculptures acting as fountains. The sky was dark and a full moon hung in the sky. There were no people around save for Kasumi and Ranma.

"Oh my," the eldest Tendo gasped. "Where…where are we?"

"My domain," a new voice answered.

Ranma whiled into a new stance with Kasumi kept protectively behind him. Staring down the one who spoke, Ranma was slightly surprised to see who he was looking at. It was a young man who seemed to be in his twenties and had reddish-brown hair. He was wearing a black vest with red pants and had a scarf around his neck. Next to him was a flying metal bat with large red eyes and was mainly gold and black.

"And who are you?" Ranma frowned.

"Wataru Kurenai," the man answered as he stepped closer, walking along the edge of the fountain. "We've met before, Ranma Saotome. Or, at least we will."

"Huh?" Ranma blinked.

"Now's not the time to talk though," Wataru shrugged, "but the time to act. Time is short and there is still so much that needs to be done."

"Lemme guess, you need my help to do it?" Ranma asked with a frown.

"Who else?" asked the metal bat.

Before Ranma could ask more questions or Wataru could explain more, heavy breathing could be heard. Ranma was instantly at alert while Wataru clenched his fists. Stepping out of the shadows was a host of monsters Ranma hadn't seen before. They were all black-skinned, but also looked like they had stained glass growing out of said skin. All of them appeared to be a fusion between human and animal as well.

"Ahhh!" Kasumi cried, clutching onto Ranma.

"What the-?!" Ranma gasped at the approaching monsters. "What are these things?!"

"Fangires," Wataru answered. "Enemies you will face along the way. Kivat."

"Yosh!" the metal bat cried as it dove down to Wataru's and opened its mouth. "Bite!"

The bat bit down on Wataru's hand, making his veins pulse out. Stained glass markings appeared on the young man's face as he grabbed the bat and raised him up. Chains encircled his waist before fusing together to create a blood red belt with what looked like whistles on the sides.

"Henshin," Wataru spoke as he attached the bat to his belt, hanging upside down.

A ringing sound burst through the air as Wataru's body turned silver. His entire body then shifted before the silver layer shattered off, revealing his new form. He was in a black bodysuit with silver torso armor and red chest plating. His shoulders looked like silver bat wings which were chained up and his hands were covered in red plating. His right leg was covered in silver armor which was chained up while the other boot remained bare. His head was covered in a red helmet that had large yellow eyes

Kasumi gasped as she saw the armored figure. She recognized him from her dream!


Kasumi dashed to the castle dragon which had been shot down in the battle. She hoped that no one was crushed, but logic told her it might have happened. The mighty beast was still breathing, but obviously hurt. A human groan captured Kasumi's attention and she turned to see that someone was sitting against the dragon's snout, obviously hurt. He was donned in gothic armor with large yellow eyes.

"Oh my! Please hold on!" Kasumi hasped as she ran to the down armored man. She gently placed his head back to see if he was bleeding anywhere. The helmet looked intact, but he could still be suffering from bruising. Everything seemed to be fine, but she couldn't be sure unless she got the armor off of him and she didn't know how. Still, there was no sign that he had broken bones or was bleeding.

"Unnnn," the armored man groaned. "Who…who are you?"

"Just a friend," Kasumi smiled. "Now just keep breathing and try to stay conscious."

"Okay," the armored man nodded. "But…what's your name?"

"Kasumi. Kasumi Tendo," the eldest daughter of Soun answered as she gently pressed his arms and legs, checking for broken bones.

"My name is Kiva," the armored man replied.


"Kiva?" Kasumi uttered.

"Huh?" Ranma responded.

As Kiva got ready to fight the Fangires he said to Ranma, "The end of your world is nearing. You must find the power to save it or else it is doomed."

"What are you talking about?" demanded Ranma, but Kiva already leaped at the charging Fangires with a battle cry of his own. Ranma tried to follow to lend a hand, but he and Kasumi were suddenly surrounded by the silver energies again. Everything around them faded away. They stayed in that limbo for only a short time before they emerged somewhere new. This time they were outside a café called The Milk Dipper.

Ranma tried to make sense of what was going on, but it was all over his head. Kasumi was just as confused if not more so. This was beyond anything they had experienced before. As they tried to get their heads back on straight, the door to the Milk Dipper opened and a young man walked out.

He looked to be around the same age as Wataru and had messy black hair. He had a white sweater and jeans on with a red and black checkered scarf rapped around his neck. He took in the sight of Kasumi and Ranma and blinked.

"You're early," he sighed. "Still that means progress is being made faster than expected."

"Who are you?" asked Ranma. "Are you with that Wataru guy?"

"We've met," the young man nodded. "I am Ryoutarou Nogami. We've met as well Ranma, but not in this timeline."

"Timeline?" asked Ranma with confusion.

"Someone will have to explain it to you later," Ryotarou sighed. "Right now I don't have enough time to go over details. The point is that you are going to play an important role in things to come."

"I am?" wondered Ranma.

Suddenly, the sound of flowing sand echoed and the three youths turned to see a creature rising up from a pile of sand. It looked like a blue bat monster of some kind. Behind it, more such creatures were rising up from growing piles of sand. None of them looked friendly as they started stalking towards the trio.

"Things are already getting out of hand," Ryotarou frowned as he drew out a machine-like belt that had a clack-like face on the front and four colored buttons. He quickly wrapped it around his waist. "You have to find your cards if you want a chance to stop it."

"My cards?" Ranma asked.

"Yes," Ryoutaro nodded. He pressed a red button on his belt, turning the centre red while a song seemed to echo from it. He then produced a black train pass and swiped it over the front. "Henshin!"

"Sword Form!"

Shard of red covered Ryotarou, putting him in a black bodysuit which had black and silver chest armor. His boots and gantlets were white. His helmet was also white with black eyes. However, that didn't stay long as red chest armor appeared and attached to his front with red shoulder plates. Yellow and black sections attached to his back in a similar fashion. A light flashed on his helmet before a red peach slid down his face, locking onto the eyes and splitting open to turn into a new visor.

"Ore sanjou!" the armored man called as he struck a pose.

Kasumi blinked. Yet again another figure from her dreams had appeared. "Den-O?"

"Do you know this guy Kasumi?" Ranma asked, overhearing Kasumi's words.

"Umm…maybe," was all Kasumi could say. She had only seen this man in a dream before. She didn't know he was real until now.

"Hmph," Den-O snorted as he assembled four black items together and a red blade extended from the tip. "Find the cards. Save us all. Ikuze, ikuze, ikuze!"

The crimson fighter dashed at the assembling monsters, slashing wildly with his weapons. As the first strike was made, everything vanished in silver. Ranma quickly grabbed into Kasumi's hand, making sure not to lose her. It didn't take long before the silver vanished again, but this time they were standing on an observation deck of Tokyo Tower.

"Holy cow," Ranma gaped at the sight of the city.

"Oh my," Kasumi gasped.

"Nice, isn't it?"

Kasumi and Ranma turned to see a man walking towards them. He was wearing traditional clothes with sandals and his hands in his pockets. His hair was messy and black and massive confidence was in his eyes.

"And who might you be?" asked Ranma, guessing this guy wanted to say something too.

"I am the man who walks the path of heaven and will one day rule over everything," the man introduced. "Souji…Tendou."

"Uhh," Ranma blinked. He then turned to Kasumi. "Is this guy related to you?"

"I don't think so," Kasumi answered with a shake of her head.

"I am of no relation to the girl," Tendou answered. He then turned his gaze to Ranma. "But you and I have worked together on several occasions."

"We have?" Ranma blinked.

"You'll see," was all Tendou said. "Still, it seems you are lacking something you'll need before you can fully undertake the task which needs to be done."

"And that would be what?" asked Ranma irritably. "My cards?"

Tendou nodded. Suddenly a smashing noise echoed from the back. Tendou reacted quickly as he turned to face the source. It turned out to be a doorway being smashed down by several green cocoon-like monsters with skeletal faces and long claws. Kasumi shrieked, never liking insects and hid behind Ranma.

"You know what you have to do," Tendou frowned as he revealed a silver belt around his waist.


A buzzing noise echoed through the room and a robotic rhino beetle flew into the room and landed in Tendou's hand. He held the device up before locking it into his belt with a cry of, "Henshin!"


A hexagonal field rose up from the belt, covering him in armor. It was mainly silver and red and looked very thick. His helmet was silver with a short horn ornament on the forehead with a large blue visor. His arms were covered with segmented armor and his neck wasn't visible since the armor was so thick.

"Kabuto!" Kasumi gasped in shock. Were all these armored men real?

"Go, Find the cards. Find the power," Kabuto spoke as he dashed at the approaching monsters. He then vanished in the silver haze again with Ranma and Kasumi being the only people there. The silver faded to reveal a thick forest with large trees surrounding everything.

"What now?" asked Ranma, hoping not to find more monsters.

"Now you find part of what you need."

Ranma and Kasumi turned to see another man, this one maybe in his late twenties to early thirties and wearing camping gear. A friendly smile was on his face and he had short black hair.

"Do you mean those cards that the other men were talking about?" asked Kasumi.

"Well, not yet," the man shrugged. He then pointed to a large tree that was hollowed out in the middle. "It is something that you must use with the cards if you plan on succeeding in this task."

"Right," Ranma frowned. Gently letting go of Kasumi, he reassured her. "Just stay here. I'll get what's in there and be back before you know it."

"Don't be long," Kasumi spoke softly.

Nodding, Ranma turned and headed over to the tree. He kept an eye on the man who was sitting on a rock. The man didn't move an inch as Ranma walked. The pigtailed martial artist stepped inside the hollow and found something almost immediately. It was covered in moss, but still visible. Picking it up, it looked like a belt buckle of some kind. It was mainly silver with a clear red centre and nine symbols wrapped around the core. The edges looked like they were supposed to be gripped and pulled. Shrugging, Ranma emerged from the tree with the device in his hands.

"Ah you got it. Good," the man smiled. "You always were a good student."

"I've learned under you?" Ranma asked. "I sure don't remember."

"Well, it was you, but it also wasn't you," the man shrugged. He then looked out at the forest, where noises of movements were heard. "It looks like were about to have company."

Sure enough, several humanoid figures emerged from the brush. However, they were all humanoid animals of some kind. All of them were either male or female with a colored scarf. They all looked especially violent with snarls echoing from their mouths.

"Joy," Ranma growled as he dashed to Kasumi's side and took a battle stance.

"Better get moving," the man frowned as he removed his pack and produced a small turning fork with a gold demon face on it. Taking it, he tapped it on a nearby tree before holding it to his head. A gold demon face then emerged on his forehead before he ignited in purple flames.

"Oh my!" Kasumi gasped.

A low vocal tone echoed through the air as Ranma could faintly see the man's body change. Finally, he waved his arm and the flames went out. He was donned in purple/blue armor which looked like a second skin. A silver belt was across his waist with a drum-like centre. Silver metal chest armor was on his torso while his feet and hands were covered in red armor. His face was the same color as his body with red markings and horns and the gold demon face on the forehead. Attached to the back of his belt were two drumsticks which were red and had two demon heads on the tips. They looked like they were made of crystal.

"Hibiki," Kasumi breathed, recalling the face.

"You two had better get going," Hibiki spoke as he drew his weapons. "Things aren't going to be this peaceful for long."

With that, he charged at the monsters, the world turning silver as he went. Ranma and Kasumi could only watch as the man vanished. Before too long, they emerged from the silver limbo near a three story European house. It seemed a little cramped, but otherwise very nice.

The front door opened and a man came out. He had chin length black hair and seemed to be in his twenties. He had blue riding gloves on and a helmet under his arm. Looking at Ranma and Kasumi, a look of relief came over his face.

"About time you got to me," he smiled. "My name's Kazuma Kenzaki. Nice to meet you two. It's good to see you too Ranma, my successor."

"…you lost me," Ranma blinked.

"Ah, you'll find out later," Kenzaki grinned, playfully punching his shoulder. "You got the Decadriver I notice. So far so good. Now you just need to get the cards."

"Yeah, and where are those?" asked Ranma. He eyed the buckle he found and noticed that it looked brand new now. "These guys keep telling me about them but not where to actually get them!"

"Well, they aren't here," Kenzaki shrugged. "Maybe in the next world."

"Next world?" asked Kasumi.

Before Kenzaki could explain further, growls were heard coming from nearby. Turning to the source, Kanzaki frowned to see monsters walking towards them as a group. They all had various black or studded clothing on and looked to be hybrids of certain kinds of animals or plants. Strangely, they all had a single round belt on which had some rather mean-looking carvings on them. In all, they were a very terrifying group.

"Oh my," Kasumi whimpered.

"Tsk! They're getting faster," Kenzaki frowned. He drew a gray box with a clear centre and slid a card inside that depicted a rhino beetle with a spade on its back. Holding it to his waist, a red belt extended from it and wrapped around his waist. He then grabbed a handle on the side of the buckle and pulled with a cry of "Henshin!"

"Turn Up!"

A blue rectangular field depicted the image on the card flew from the belt and Kenzaki ran through it. He emerged on the other side wearing a blue bodysuit with silver armor and spades depicted on the shoulders and chest. His helmet was blue save for the silver face and the single horn rising from it. The eyes were two red orbs in which he could see through.

"That's Blade!" Kasumi gasped.

"Well, whoever he is, he needs help!" Ranma frowned as he prepared to leap into the battle alongside the armored man.

Ranma wanted to help the charging armored figure, but that didn't come to be. Instead, the world turned silver again, cutting him off from assisting the man in the battle against the monsters. Growling to himself, Ranma and Kasumi emerged in front of a large corporate building. A nearby sign called it Smart Brain, which Ranma thought was a dumb name.

"About time you two got here," a voice sighed. "I'm freezing out here and I hate the cold."

The owner of the voice was a man who was wearing a black coat and a pair of dark pants. He had long reddish brown hair that reached his shoulders. He kept his hands in his pockets as he walked over to the pair.

"And who are you?" asked Ranma. "Another guy who can turn into a suit of armor and fights monsters?"

"You got it," the man nodded. "Takumi Inui. You can't stay long though. They're getting wise. All I can say is that you're getting closer to the source of your powers. You don't have much farther to go."

Reaching into his coat, Takumi pulled out a silver belt that had a telescope and a camera attached to it. He wrapped the device around his waist and pulled out a cellphone. He then began punching numbers into it.

"You two had better get moving," he sighed. "Things are about to get ugly."

"FAIZ!!" a bestial voice roared out.

The voice belonged to one of many monsters that were racing up a set of stairs. All of them looked like ornate creatures that were either gray or white. They all looked rather angry too.


"Standing By."

"Henshin!" Takumi cried as he inserted the phone into his belt and locked it in place.


Red lines rose from the belt and he flashed red. When the light died down, he was covered in a black bodysuit and silver chest armor that had the red lines running down his arms and legs. His head was covered in a black helmet that had large yellow eyes and a small mouth piece.

"Get going," Faiz muttered as he flicked his wrist. "Just a little further and you'll know what to do."

Ranma and Kasumi reluctantly obeyed since they knew whatever was sending them to these places was not going to let the martial artist help. As they backed away from Faiz, who was still staring down the approaching monsters, everything was covered in silver again. Kasumi and Ranma then emerged inside of a building. There were only three terminals and a desk. It looked to be an office for a magazine of some kind.

At one computer was a young man with red hair that was shoulder length. He had a white t-shirt on and jeans. On his chair was a blue jacket. The man didn't seem to notice the pair until he glanced up.

"Hey," he smiled. "Good to see you Ranma. My name's Shinji Kido, your predecessor."

"How can I succeed you?" asked Ranma while crossing his arms. "I've never met you before in my life!"

"Not this one," Shinji shrugged. "You're making good time. You're very close to the cards. A little further and you'll have them. Just keep a close eye on them or else you'll fail."

A ringing sound was heard, however only Shinji heard it. Ranma and Kasumi remained clueless. "They're here." Shinji got up and took out a rectangular case with a golden dragon's head stamped on the front. He held it out in front of him, facing the computer screen, a metal belt wrapped around his waist, with a slot in the front which the case would fit in.

"Henshin!" Shinji called as he threw his other arm across his chest before sliding the case into the belt's slot. He crossed his arms and then pulled them to his sides, fists clenched as black and white images overlapped his body to form a suit of armor. He was clad in a red bodysuit with black and silver armor. His helmet had red eyes concealed by a grilled visor. On his left arm was a gauntlet which depicted a dragon's head. On several sections of the armor like the shoulders and sides of his belt were round holes which looked like something could attach to.

"Ryuki," uttered Kasumi.

"Only you can save the worlds now, Ranma," said Ryuki before diving through the computer screens.

"Hey, wait!" Ranma called but then the silvery energy took him and Kasumi elsewhere. "Now what?" He was starting to get annoyed, even if it was cool to see these men in armor. The silver quickly faded away to reveal an abandoned construction site in the middle of the night.

"Now you find what you are looking for," another voice spoke up. Both Kasumi and Ranma turned, already expecting someone new. This man was wearing a pullover sweater and dark pants. His hair was brown and reached to his shoulder and he seemed to look like a perfectly normal man.

"Sorry for it being so late, but as you can probably guess, it can't wait," the man sighed. "Forgive my manners. My name is Shoichi Tsugami. I have something you'll want."

Reaching into his jacket, Shoichi pulled out a metal case which had the same colors as the Decadriver. Somewhat hesitant, Ranma took it into his hands, trying to examine it.

"That's the Ride Booker," Shoichi explained. "It has your cards in it. Keep it safe Ranma. You're going to need them. If you don't have them, you'll be powerless."

Ranma desperately wanted to ask questions, but that was halted when the sounds of clattering pipes captured his attention. Emerging from the darkness around them were animal men donned in robes or ceremonial dressing. All of them looked intimidating as they stared down the trio.

"Agito…" several of them growled, staring at Shoichi.

"And my time has run out," Shoichi frowned, summoning up his power. A swirl of white light appeared on his waist before it solidified into a belt. He raised his hands up briefly before bringing them back down on the buttons on the sides. "Henshin!"

Shoichi's body seemed to become enveloped in a shining light as it rippled before he emerged from it completely changed. Now he was donned in a black bodysuit which had mostly black armor. Still, the main section of the chest was gold along with the spikes rising from the shoulders. The horns were gold as well, with red eyes being the final part.

"Agito," Kasumi breathed.

"There's still one more!" Agito said to Ranma before he charged at the monsters. "Find him!"

Ranma gaped at the brave man before everything was covered in silver again. It was beginning to annoy him, but he knew he couldn't do anything about it. All he could really do was go with the flow. With nothing much else, he waited for the silver to clear. When it did, Kasumi and Ranma found themselves at some old ruins.

"This is the last place?" asked Kasumi.

"It is," a male voice replied. A man stepped out of the ruins. He was dressed in a tan coat with jeans. He had black hair and looked to be the kind of guy that people could easily get along with. "My name is Yuusuke Godai. Kamen Rider Kuuga."

"Oh! I saw you in my dreams!" Kasumi gasped.

"What you saw is a possible future," Yuusuke explained. "The Rider War."

"The Rider War?" asked Ranma.

"In our universe, there are nine Rider worlds which exist," Yuusuke explained. "They never meet and remained separate from each other. However, the nine worlds are being drawn together. If this continues, they would be overlapping and eventually destroy one another."

"The Rider War being the cause," Kasumi gasped.

"Can we stop it?" asked Ranma. This was pretty serious. The fate of the world itself was at stake in all this craziness?

"You can stop it," Yuusuke replied. "You who can travel to the nine worlds and prevent the destruction. It will be up to you to find what plagues that world and stop it before the problem becomes too severe and allows the world to fuse with the others."

"But why me? Why was I chosen?" Ranma asked.

"There is literally no one else," Yuusuke answered. "No one can be trusted with this task but you and only you."

Groans echoed from within the ruins and animalistic people began emerging from them. They all had gold buckles on their waists and wearing clothes which looked like they had come from an ancient tribe of people.

"Its up to you Ranma," Yuusuke frowned as he summoned a metal belt with a red core. "We can only hold it back so long. It will be up to you to stop it!"

Putting his arms through a motion, Yuusuke cried out "Henshin!" There was a beeping noise before Yuusuke was engulfed in a suit of armor. It was a black bodysuit with red chest armor and shoulders. Gold wrist bands and ankle bands were near his hands and feet. His helmet was black with red eyes and golden horns.

"Time is running out Ranma," Kuuga spoke as he took a battle stance. "You must stop what is occurring!"

Then he was gone.

The world had become engulfed with silver again. Kasumi was clutching onto Ranma for security while the world shifted. Finally, the silver faded away to reveal the familiar street and the Tendo Dojo that they both called home.

"Oh…my," Kasumi gasped. "Oh my, oh my, oh my. Ranma, I need to sit down now."

"Yeah," Ranma agreed. "I think I need to as well."

Stumbling towards the dojo, Ranma and Kasumi both tried to figure out what it was that they had been subjected to. Obviously it was something big, way bigger than they had ever conceived. They had proof of it too since Ranma was still in possession of the Ride Booker and the Decadriver. That was their evidence that what they had seen had really happened. Of course, the question was what they were going to do about it.

"Do…do you really think what those men said is true?" Kasumi asked timidly as the pair sat at the table. No one was home and Nabiki left a note saying she would be at the camera shop.

"Not sure," Ranma sighed as he looked at the two items he had claimed. "But after what I saw, I'm willing to believe them."

"Me too," Kasumi nodded.

Ranma studied the Ride Booker and Decadriver. Placing the buckle down, he opened up the book-like device. In it were cards. If Ranma was going to prepare for the upcoming danger, he would need to study his new equipment. It would mean the life of death of his and 9 other worlds.

"Looks like a tough job," said Ranma, "But I think I'll be able to do it." He then asked, "By the way, can you tell me more about these dreams you've been having? You keep saying you know who those guys were even if you only saw them in dreams."

"They're all the same really," Kasumi sighed. "I'm standing in the middle of a deserted canyon and suddenly it erupts in war. All these men in suits appear but get beaten by something. I try to help them, but then the one they were fighting appears. A man in a suit called Decade. He was wearing the belt and book that you have right now."

"Wow. He sounds pretty tough," Ranma grimaced. "Do you think he might come looking for this stuff?"

"I hope not," Kasumi frowned. "He was scary."


Kasumi had a very stressful day and she really needed to relax. So, she went out on the town and went to try and get some bath supplies for herself. She just loved a soothing soak in the furo. After today, she really needed it. She had seen too much for even her calm spirit to take.

"Whew," Kasumi sighed as she found the store. "I need this."

Stepping closer to the door, Kasumi froze in rising terror. The store in front of her was being engulfed in silver like the world had been earlier. Gasping in fear, she tried to get away. However, the silver veil easily overtook her and left her standing in a plaza of some kind.

"H-hello?" Kasumi stuttered out.

Shuffling noises caused her to cry out in terror. Turning, her scream grew louder as she saw several of the green cocoon monsters which Kabuto fought. She couldn't forget the image of those monsters. The insect-like monsters were all snarling at her. Even though there were four of them, she still felt like there was a mob of them after her.

"Someone help!" Kasumi cried as she ran from the attacking monsters.

Ranma blinked as he looked into the sky. His eyes widened when he saw the signs of a silver veil hanging in the air.

"Oh no," he gasped. "Kasumi!"

Dashing outside, Ranma discovered something out there waiting for him. From the looks of it, it was a motorcycle. It was decorated red, white, and black with grooves in it. Even though he was used to roof hopping, Ranma instead got on the bike and hit the ignition. The machine roared to life and he began tearing down the streets. Even though he had no clue how to drive, he somehow instinctively knew how to use the machine.

Tearing around corners, he finally came to a stop in front of the veil in question. It was hard to see through, but Ranma could tell that it led to a kind of plaza. Dashing up to the veil, he tried to pass through it, but was met with solid resistance. Trying to peer through it, he gasped when he saw Kasumi running towards him on the other side.

"Oi, Kasumi! Kasumi!" Ranma shouted as he pounded against the silvery barrier separating him and Kasumi.

"Ranma, help me!" Kasumi pleaded.

"I'm trying!" Ranma then looked behind Kasumi and saw…Kasumi?

Kasumi followed her gaze and turned to see her look-alike grinning at her maliciously before it morphed into one of the same creature Kabuto had fought. It then shed its skin to reveal a new form resembling a red humanoid mosquito in a cloak. Kasumi screamed as it came at her along with several other insect-like creatures. They had a hungry gaze trained on Kasumi as the stepped closer to her, raising their insect-like arms.

Ranma froze. This wasn't happening. He couldn't fail…and then he remembered the items he'd found. Was he supposed to use them?

He took them out of his pockets and then looked at the veil. Kasumi was fortunate that her good luck was protecting her as she avoided attacks from those creatures. Ranma narrowed his eyes and placed the Decadriver on his waist. A silver belt strap wrapped around and fastened the device onto his waist. He then pulled the handles, causing the buckle to twist up. He quickly opened up the Ride Booker and by an unknown instinct took out the card depicting the red, black and white armored Decade.

Without hesitation, he called out, "Henshin!" and slipped the card into the belt buckle before pushing the handles to reset it.

"Kamen Ride: Decade!"

The same symbols that were on the belt surrounded Ranma as ghostly figures formed and then overlapped his body, donning him in a black and white suit of armor. Red panels shot out of the belt and then set themselves onto his helmet, filling in some of the parts of his suit with red as his eyes flashed green. Instantly, the veil shattered and shards of it hit the Worms attacking Kasumi. When Kasumi looked towards Ranma, she gasped.

Decade and Ranma…were one and the same!

"Get away from Kasumi!" Decade growled as he ran at the recovering Worms.

Suddenly, the four monsters vanished in blurs of speed. Grimacing, Ranma looked in the direction they ran, "Worms. Always running." He reached to his belt and pulled out one of the cards depicting a man in a suit. "Henshin!" He then threw the card into his belt.

"Kamen Ride: Caucasus!"

Decade was covered in a hexagonal field. It left him wearing a black bodysuit with gold chest armor which looked like a beetle's abdomen. One shoulder was rounded while the other looked like the horns of the Caucasus beetle. The head was covered with a gold helmet that had three horns on it. The middle horn bisected the green visor, turning it into two large eyes. The belt remained the same however.

"And for my next trick," Decade-Caucasus spoke as he drew another card and threw it in his belt.

"Attack Ride: Clock Up!"

He blurred out of sight but was in truth moving at the same speed as the Worms. He drew his Ride Booker which converted into Sword Mode before he rushed through the horde of Worms, slashing at them with his weapon. The Worms attempted to fight back, but Decade-Caucasus fought like he had faced the monsters before and dodged their swipes while retaliating just as fast. All around them the world was still as they fought at high speeds. D-Caucasus ran his sword through the gut of a Worm before slashing another one through the abdomen. Dodging a blow from a third, he cut it down the middle before slashing the last one across the chest.

When the Clock Up ended, D-Caucasus hefted his weapon upon his shoulder as the Worms exploded in green flames, destroyed by their wounds.

"Decade…?" said Kasumi, stunned by Ranma's transformation.

"That's what the belt said," D-Caucasus answered. Walking towards her, the Decadriver turned up and spat out the Kamen Rider card. The Kamen Rider was covered in a red pixilated haze before emerging as regular Decade. The image on the card then vanished in a haze of blue fire.

"Woah," Decade frowned. He then replaced the card in the Ride Booker before he turned to Kasumi. "Let's go home."

"I'd like that," Kasumi nodded.

Gently helping Kasumi onto the Machine Decader, Decade then mounted the bike and began drove down away from the plaza. The streets of Nerima were gone, meaning that they were completely through the veil now. The trick was finding one which would take them home.

Driving through the streets, a veil suddenly rose up. Decade couldn't turn away in time before he already passed through. Both he and Kasumi emerged from the veil, driving through what seemed to be a moonlit dockyard. Decade halted for a moment before he looked around and got his bearings.

"FOOD!" a voice cried out.

Decade turned as saw several Fangires emerging from the woodwork and running at the pair.

"Get behind me!" Decade ordered Kasumi as he dismounted and walked towards the monsters. He drew a card from the Ride Booker and prepared himself. "Henshin!"

"Kamen Ride: Kiva!"

Decade's armor turned into silver before it shifted and shattered. In its place was the armor which she recognized as Kiva's. D-Kiva clenched his fists and charged at the assembling Fangires with no fear. Like the previous suit, the Decariver remained the same.

He leaped through the air and kicked a Shark Fangire in the head, knocking it over. Recovering, Decade-Kiva roundhouse kicked a Moth Fangire in the side of the head before punching a Sheep Fangire in the neck, making it choke. He dodged a strike from a Warthog Fangire before getting himself some space. Pulling out a card, he threw it into his belt.

"Form Ride: Kiva Garuru!"

Chains wrapped around D-Kiva's chest and left arm, covering them in cobalt blue armor. The chest had silver marks on the sides while the arm appeared to be more animal-like. It reminded Kasumi of a wolf when she saw it for herself. The yellow eyes then turned bright blue to match the new armor. A red light emerged from the Decadriver before it formed into a kris-like sword with a wolf head hilt and a gold blade.

"Hyraaaa!" D-Kiva roared as he lunged at the four Fangires. He slashed wildly at the four of them, making them cry out in pain. However, they all got back up and charged at the armored fighter again. This time, D-Kiva thrust forward and pierced the chest of the Sheep Fangire. The blade went straight through piercing the Moth and Shark before digging into the head of the Warthog. All four monsters crystallized in rainbow light before their bodies shattered like glass.

As the stained glass shards hit the ground, Decade-Kiva pixilated before returning to his regular form. The Kiva card popped out of his belt and the image vanished in blue flames. Sighing, Decade replaced the card in the Ride Booker before he saw something in the Fangire remains. Leaning down, he brushed the shards away to find something familiar.

"The Nanban Mirror?" Decade blinked. Didn't Cologne have it? Then again, since the world kept changing, she probably had lost it in the chaos and one of the Fangires must have picked it up. However, the broken glass was missing. The only thing left was the frame and all the shards of mirror glass were missing. "Oh man."

Sighing, Decade stuck the frame of the Nanban Mirror onto his belt and walked back to the Machine Decader. Kasumi was crouched behind the machine, quivering slightly. This was quickly becoming too much to her. She was usually never involved in the chaos that followed Ranma around.

"Are you okay?" Decade asked gently.

"I want to go home…" Kasumi whimpered.

"Okay. Okay. We'll go home," Decade nodded, gently resting Kasumi back onto the Machine Decader. Revving the machine, Decade roared off down the streets again. The pair didn't get too far before another veil jumped them. Phasing through, the pair ended up on the street in front of the Tendo Dojo again.

"Wow. That was fast," Decade admired. "Hey Kasumi, we're back."

"Thank goodness," Kasumi sighed, resting her head on the Kamen Rider's back.

"Raaahhhhhhh!" a new voice cried as a gray beast lunged at the driving pair.

"Woah!" Decade cried as he swerved to avoid the attack. Kasumi shrieked and held Decade's back, hoping that whatever attacked them would just go away.

Spinning out in the street, Decade turned his machine around to face what attacked them. This monster was a deep gray and looked like an ox-man. It had a snarling face and large horns. It was hunched over with a wide body. Its arms seemed to be a little spindly, but its fists were huge with chains attached to the arms and hands as if the fists might have fallen off.

"Orphenochs," Decade hissed. Leaping off the Machine Decader, Decade drew another card while converting his Ride Booker into its gun form.

"Attack Ride: Blast!"

The Ride Booker was a flurry of movement as the Ox Orphenoch got shot by the weapon. Red bullets fired with unnerving accuracy and strength, making sparks fly from the Ox Orphenoch at every impact. Snarling with rage, the beast charged forward and tried to punch him with its enlarged fists. Decade sidestepped he attack and used an elbow drop on the Orphenoch's head. The beast was stunned for a moment, which Decade capitalized on. He planted several more punches and kicks to the monster's face and torso. With the monster suitably stunned for the time being, Decade pushed the monster away with a final kick between the eyes, making it stumble.

"I'm getting tired of you guys attacking me and Kasumi," Decade frowned as he drew another card. This one was gold and had the Decade symbol on the front. "This will be the last!" he tossed the card into the Decadriver and activated it.

"Final Attack Ride: De-De-De-Decade!"

Nine golden cards appeared in the air between the Orphenoch and Decade. The Kamen Rider then leaped into the air, the cards making a path as he leaped into the air. Gravity quickly took back its grip as Decade moved into a kicking position. He reached the first of the nine cards and phased through it, appearing out of the next card. A golden barcode circled around him as he phased through each card. Finally, he passed through the final card and his kick collided with the Orphenoch. The beast gave a cry of pain as it was sent sprawling backwards. Blue flames erupted along its body as it cried out in pain. Finally, it collapsed onto the ground and exploded with those blue flames. Then, its body crumbled into dust, leaving a vague shape behind as the blue flames died out.

"I could definitely get used to this," said Decade, referring to the power he'd gotten. The rush was incredible and he nearly forgotten that he had a huge responsibility. As he was about to head back to where Kasumi was sitting, he noticed something about the pile of dust which used to be an Orphenoch. It was pretty faint, but he could see something glinting in the sunlight underneath the pile of gray dust. "Huh?"

Brushing aside the dust which had been an Orphenoch a minute ago, Decade picked up what seemed to be a shard of mirror glass. As he did, the Decade card was spit out of the Decadriver, undoing the transformation and leaving the armored fighter as regular Ranma Saotome.

"Woah," Ranma breathed, feeling the adrenaline still push him on. Turning back, he saw Kasumi still safe and sound with the Machine Decader. Sighing, he waved to the frightened Tendo. "It's gone! You don't have to worry."

"Whew," Kasumi sighed, standing up. She was still trembling slightly, indicating her fear. "Today just isn't my day."

"I don't think this is anyone's day," Ranma replied. He was still looking at the shard of reflective glass that was found in the Orphenoch remains. "Although it is looking up."

"Maybe," Kasumi nodded. "But what did you find?"

"I think it's a piece of the Nanban Mirror," Ranma replied as he revealed the shard and the glass-less mirror. "It's weird enough to be it."

Blinking, Kasumi looked down into the reflection she cast on the shard and stared. Her own reflection was on it indeed, but the scenery wasn't the same. Instead, it looked like a parking lot with her in it. "Oh my!"

"Yeah," Ranma nodded. "But my reflection is weird though. Take a look."

Ranma repositioned himself so Kasumi could see his reflection and gasped. While her own reflection remained unchanged, Ranma's was drastically different. He was donned in a new suit of armor. This one had a silver chest, red lines on the body, and a helmet which had large yellow eyes.

"But that's Faiz," Kasumi gasped.

"I know," Ranma nodded. "It's weird." He added, "And I think this is only the beginning."

As Ranma tried to examine the shard of the magical mirror more closely, he also brought the rest of the Nanban Mirror close to it out of trying to hold both objects at once. When the two pieces were close enough, the shard jumped out of Ranma's hand and connected with the rest of the mirror. The shard slipped into the casing and came to rest like in a puzzle. The empty space of the mirror then lit up as if it were complete, revealing the helmeted face of Fiaz staring back at them. Suddenly, the entire mirror flashed with a bright silver light which blinded Ranma and Kasumi.

The light died down and the two had to rub their eyes for a moment to get the spots out of them. Ranma glared at the mirror which was still reflecting Faiz in the single shard. Of course, Kasumi was looking elsewhere. She quickly realized that they weren't on their home street anymore. They weren't at the Tendo Dojo either. They were in fact in the middle of a parking lot with the Machine Decader parked in one of the places.

"Ahhh….Ranma?" Kasumi gasped.

"Huh?" Ranma blinked as he looked up. His eyes widened when he saw that they weren't at the dojo anymore. "Oh man. The stupid mirror sent us somewhere again!"

"But…where did it send us?" asked Kasumi.

Ranma looked down on the mirror which only had a single shard in it, "I think I might have a good idea as to where."

"What do we do now?" Kasumi asked fearfully.

"Simple," Ranma shrugged as he brought Kasumi over to the Machine Decader. Both of them mounted it before Ranma hit the ignition. "We drive, we find a place to stay, and we try to figure out what we're supposed to do here. You still have your purse right?"

"Yes," Kasumi nodded as she raised the bag in question. "But I'm not sure how much we have at the moment. I think your father tried to steal some money out of it when he and father went out drinking."

"Stupid panda," Ranma growled. "Okay, we'll make due. Just hold on."

Driving out of the parking lot, Ranma and Kasumi tried to find someplace where they could get some rest. At the very least they could get themselves something to eat. Both of them were beginning to feel hunger after the adventure they had been dealt with so far. Ranma more so than Kasumi since he was the one who had to fight monsters that day. As they began their search though, they also knew that a lot more insanity was probably on the horizon if they understood the situation properly.

As the pair drove out of the parking lot, they didn't notice a man watching them go like a hawk. He wore a simple trench coat and a brown hat. He seemed to be in his forties or so with a small pair of glasses on his face. He was frowning deeply as his eyes were trained on Decade, "Decade. Your journey to the Rider Worlds will end before it has even begun." The man's gaze narrowed before he started walking in the direction that the Machine Decader had driven off in.


In another part of the city, in an underground tunnel which connected to a parking lot, two figures were fighting. One was a gray monster which had something akin to a hat on its face and large fins coming out of its shoulders. In its hands were two pistols that fired constantly as the beast attempted to attack its target. This monster was known as the Bat Orphenoch, one of the many agents which its masters had in its arsenal.

The second figure was donned in a black bodysuit which had red lines running over the arms, legs, and torso. He had silver chest armor and metal boots. Metal rings were on the arms and even the fingertips were covered in metal. Around his waist was a belt which looked like it had a cell phone for a buckle with the Phi symbol stamped on it. The helmet was mainly black save fore the large yellow eyes which were glowing in the low light. Around the eyes was a red border which looked much like the symbol Phi. A pair of antennae rose from the top of the helmet, giving it a slight insect appearance. He easily dodged the shots that the Bat Orphenoch was making.

This was the Rider of this world, protector of the human race and enemy of the Orphenochs, Kamen Rider Faiz!

"You can't escape your destiny, King!" the Bat Orphenoch shouted. "Accept it and lead us to conquering the humans!"

"Never," Faiz growled.

Dodging another shot, Faiz pulled out what looked like a camera from his belt. He then removed the Missions Memory chip which was attached to his buckle. Taking the Mission Memory, he attached it to his camera over the lens, making a handle fall out of the machine. Gripping it, Faiz clenched his fist so he had a good grip so not to drop it, making the camera look like a knuckle duster. Faiz then opened his cell phone and punched the 'enter' button.

"Exceed Charge."

A red pulse of energy surged up from Faiz' belt and through the red lines decorating his suit as the phone spoke. The pulse of energy traveled up Faiz' body and down his arm into the knuckle duster gripped in his hand. Taking a cleansing breath, Faiz charged at the Bat Orphenoch with his fist raised; ready to punch his opponent with the knuckle duster. The Bat Orphenoch shot several more rounds, attempting to hit Faiz, but the Kamen Rider easily dodged all the shots with a well-timed roll or jump. Getting close enough, Faiz sent his fist forward and dug the end of the knuckle duster into the Bat Orphenoch's chest. The monster cried in pain as a blast of energy from the punch sent it flying before it hit the ground. It grunted for a moment before it exploded in a mass of blue flames with a red Phi symbol hanging in the air like an omen. The Bat Orphenoch's body then crumbled into a pile of dust.

Faiz sighed and relaxed his stance, putting the knuckle duster back into his belt and placing the Mission Memory back where it belonged. Sparing only a passing glance at what once had been the Bat Orphenoch, Faiz turned his back and began walking away. As he got farther, the darkness got deeper with the red lines on his armor becoming brighter.

To Be Continued…

Next Time:

Ranma: So this is Faiz's World huh?

Kasumi: Oh my! Ranma! Look over there!

Ranma: Huh? No way! That's…!

Faiz: No way. It can't be! You're…!

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