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POV: Death The Kid

I'm starring again. No matter how hard I try I can't look away. What is it that draws my eyes to him? There are so many things. The way he gives that lop sided smile like an idiot on crack, that horrific, unsymmetrical blue hair, and of course his signature, that star on only ONE arm. So disgusting! He disgusts me to no end! He's so unsymmetrical it drives me crazy!!! So why? Why is it that I can't get him out of my mind? This has been going on for months now! I need advice. Who to ask? Liz or Patti wouldn't do me any good. Maka? She's pretty smart. But then again, she's also very naïve to not notice that more than half the time Soul's drooling is not because he's thinking about food, but because he's thinking about her doing unmentionable things. Tsubaki doesn't seem like she could be much of an assistance even though she does know Black Star the best out of all of us. And father is just going to sit me down and try to give me "The Talk." I KNOW!! It's been awhile since I've talked to her. An old friend from when I was quite small. I think father said she was coming to visit. Perhaps she can help. She is quite wise, though she doesn't act it. I bet she could help.

I get home and Liz is waiting at the door. She had stayed home from school in order to clean the house since I asked her to. "Kid," she explained, "Some visitors came. A strange girl and identical twin boys who claim they know you. They said they'd be staying here for awhile and are currently waiting up stairs." Perfect timing. Just the girl I wanted to see. "Alright, I'll go talk to them. Please stay here." I tell her and Patti, and head up stairs. I walk to the guest room, knock on the door and slowly open the door just a crack. I see a figure in the chair facing the window. At least she hasn't taken away the symmetry of the room yet…YET. "Enter!!" I hear her shout, and slowly walk in. "Good to see you again. Been awhile." I state somewhat nervous. "I'm glad you're here. I was actually hoping you could help me with something." There's silence. Not a sound is made. Then suddenly the chair turns to face me, and there she is. The purple tips shimmering in her blond emo cut bangs that cover ONLY her left eye. Sickening. The rest of her long, flowing hair is up in a high pony tail, and on her lap sits one of the boys with short brown hair and big blue eyes that are identical to hers, only not as cold. She sat there petting the boys head as he smiled and enjoyed the praise like an idiot; well…he is an idiot so I guess that suits him. "You come to me asking for my help, but what will I get in return?" G-d…What is with her and quoting movies. It's such an idiotic and childish thing to do. "Tsukiko," I start, "I'm letting you stay in my house." "And?" She says sternly.

"I'm letting you eat my food."


"I'm letting you stay in this room and re-decorate it however you want without having to keep it symmetrical. Surely you know me well enough to know how hard that is for me!"


I let out a long sigh. "Fine." I can't believe I'm about to say this. "I'll pay for all your yaoi this month." She shoots up out of her chair at my words; sending the boy flying off her lap and onto the floor. "SERIOUSLY!?" She asks in an exited tone. "I was just going to ask for never ending sushi while I was here but hell that's even better!!!!" Good grief. Why did I offer that? Oh well, at least she's willing to help. "Hey Tsuki-Chan," The boy the was tossed on the floor stated in pain as the other boy who was leaning on the wall silently the whole time made his way over there and helped him up. "What's the big idea? Throwing me on the floor." "Oops…heheh…sorry Arron!" She replied sheepishly. Arron…which means the other one's Santos. It's impossible to tell them apart by looks unless you've known them your whole life like Tsukiko. "So," The con artist girl said, turning her attention back towards me and popping a piece of bubble gum in her mouth. "What do you need help with? Torture? Killing? Revenge? OO I have this AWESOME new fighting technique I've been meaning to try out." "NO!" I exclaim. "NONE OF THAT!!! I just need some advice."

She looks at me with confusion in her eyes as she sits back down in her chair and crosses her legs. "Advice about what?" She asks. Finally she's acting seriously. "Well," I begin, "There's this guy at school and…" "He's bullying you? 'Cuase if he is I have a good solution." She cut's me off with an evil tone. "NO!" Why is it so impossible to get through her thick skull? "He's…I…I just…can't seem to get him out of my head. He's so…badly dress…immature… UNSYMMETRICAL!! And yet….I can't stop starring at him during class. I can't stop thinking of him when he's not around. I don't understand what this feeling is. I've never had it before." Another awkward silence. She's smirking. She's smirking evilly. Why is she smirking? What is she thinking? The twins are smirking too. What's going on? "Tsukiko. What are you thinking?" I ask nervously. "Well Kid…The answer to your problem is simple." She replies. I'm scared about what the answer is, but still I have to know. "Arron, Santos, are you two thinking what I'm thinking?" She asks, turning to face them. "I believe we are." Arron states with a maniacal look on his face. "Yes, indeed." Santos agreed with an identical face. Where did a brainless boy like him learn a word like "indeed"? All three of them are smirking evilly. What is they're solution. Then they all turn to face me. Oh g-d. What are they thinking? I'm about to get my answer. They all take in a deep breath. Here it comes. The moment of truth. Come on…just say it…I have to know!!! "KIDDY'S IN LOVE!!!" They all shout mockingly. What did they just say? In love? I'm…in love?! Oh g-d. What does this mean? What am I suppose to do? How am I supposed to respond to this? "Kid?" Tsukiko says in a worried tone. "Are you alright? Kid?? BREATHE KID BREATHE!!!" Finally I sit on the bed. The expression on my face unchanged. I'm in shock. Finally I respond to them. I can't believe what I just heard. "I'm…in love? With Black Star!?!?!?" Oh dear g-d. This can NOT end well.

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