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I'm dominant, dangerous and demanding, she is mine and belongs to me alone. The whole world will know this and anyone who tried to take her will be very very sorry.

BellaXJasper. OOC

Jasper POV

Chapter 1

She is mine.

I see boys, foolish boys fawning all over her, attempting to get her attention, but she's a good girl she wont disrespect my wishes. She wont entertain them. I'll be taking her away soon from this mundane lifestyle she's currently leading. Monotone. That is her life, well not for long she will be turning 16 next week and her time with the humans is up.

By law I have to wait till she is 16 to take her, stupid fucking laws! When we came out of hiding the Volturi made more fuckin rules, there obsessed with their god damn rules, I know if I broke them they wouldn't take any action, who wants to go up against the God Of War, not even the kings of our world. But I hold respect for them, our kings they have made our world great and for that I will respect this rule.

I stand in the shadows, waiting, watching her. She knows I'm here in one of our many discussions I told her of my possessive nature which she accepted easily, she was a strange little human.


God damn, fuck. If the school didn't know anyone was here before they sure as fuck knew now. One of the things I hate sometimes is that I cannot control my strength, hence the broken branch on the floor.


Ah finally school's out, I'm picking her up today, it's time people knew I was present in her life. Everyone knew who I was, and as soon as they saw she was mine teenage boys would avoid her like the plague. I smiled in satisfaction.

My sensitive ears picked up something I was severely pissed off about. Simple, unimportant, childish girls were taunting my Bella, Foolish move.

I walked, taking long purposeful strides in my cowboy boots towards my distressed mate. Bella had her back to me which was perfect, because the first to see me was a frizzy brunette girl. As she recognised me her face visibly paled and her moronic gabbing ceased. How ever the fake blonde next to the other girl was completely ignorant to my presence.

I was two meters away from Bella as the blonde recognized me, her reaction was identical to her friends. Laughing internally, I gripped Bella's shoulder's and spun her round, shock was the first emotion I got from my mate, but then recognition and happiness.

I fisted my hand into her long luscious locks of beautiful brown hair, which matched her big doe eyes, and crushed my lips to hers. She was very responsive. Her petite hands weaved there way into my blonde hair tugging on the roots harshly, she knew how this turned me on. As she moulded herself to my form, my other hand pressed into the base of her back, pushing her further into me. Our tongues were battling furiously, the passion was exploding out of us as the kiss got more heated. When her need to breathe resurfaced she pulled away gasping. I who had no issue what so ever controlling my breathing turned to face the audience, which seemed to have gathered during our intimate moment.

They all stared. Fear was emanating from them, nearly drowning me, it was a god job I was in perfect control of my gift, otherwise I may become the first suicidal vampire.

"LISTEN! You all know who I am, and by our little display I'm guessing you've figured out who my mate is." They all knew I expected some form of answer so they nodded there heads furiously, not daring to speak.

"Non of you will disrespect my mate, am I understood?" more nodding. Bella was still clutching to my body her head hidden against my chest, I knew she hated attention and confrontations, but I would have no body speaking to my mate in such a manner as those two foolish girls.

I drew my hand out and pointed toward said foolish girls who whimpered and froze with fright, which I was helping along the way.

"I should have you to killed in cold-blood." I said in a low deadly voice, layering it with menace to instil more fright. The blonde broke out sobbing and fell to the floor begging me to spare her life. Pathetic. I just turned away in disgust carrying my Bella along with me towards my Porche. I seated her in a locked her seat belt making sure no harm could come to her. And drove home.

Bella knew better than to get out of the car or move, so as the good girl she is, she sat there still and unmoving. I walked round to the other side of the car at vampire speed, and lifted her out of the car into my embrace, to which she further snuggled in.

"Mmm Jasper," she moaned as she inhaled my scent, her moans nearly drove me over the edge, but I knew I had her needs to tend to first, as I walked her to the kitchen, to prepare her food.

We were soon sat in the front room watching the television. She was sat on the floor on a large red cushion, as I sat on the couch feeding her. I could feel myself getting more aroused as she sucked on the fruit I placed in her mouth.

"Bella," she bowed her head, she could tell by the tone of my voice I was angry. "How long has the bullying been going on?" she didn't immediately answer me.

I had her over my knee in under a second with her bare pink flesh exposed to me.

SMACK. I brought my hand down on her ass, teaching her respect. She knows if I ask a direct question I expect an answer immediately. Vampires are not known for their patience.

"Jasper!" She cried out, "I'm sorry I just didn't want you to be angry.

SMACK. Eliciting another scream. She still hasn't answered my question. And she knows her wrong doing.

"Two months, they don't like that the boys give me attention, I'm sorry please don't hit me again." I return her underwear and jeans and pull her into a seating position on my lap, stroking her face soothingly as she calmed down.

"Bella you know I wont be kept waiting for answers, you know my nature, do not add fuel to an already fiercely burning fire." I whispered into her ear

She calmed her breathing with my help and sighed contently into my embrace.

"I'm sorry Jasper, I really am, I just didn't want to worry you or create any fuss." this caused me to growl.

"Bella you are my mate, and I am very well known for creating a fuss over them simplest things with you, so do us both a favour, and DO NOT keep anything about yourself a secret ever again." my voice was low and controlled, but she got my meaning loud and clear, as she gulped and nodded.

"Good now c'mon, we're running you a bath, you're tense."

With that I whisked her upstairs to pamper her body in a way that was allowed until her birthday.

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