Title: Rekindling Their Bonds - Prologue

Author: Viper Inferno

Genre: Action/Adventure Romance

Rated: PG

Author's Notes: This is my first Legend of Zelda fanfic, though I've been a fan of the series since the very beginning. This fanfic is a Link/Saria shipping, and takes place in the Ocarina of Time universe, with this prologue taking place right before the events of Majora's Mask.

Rekindling Their Bonds

By Viper Inferno


It was a beautiful afternoon in Hyrule Field. The gentle breeze carried the aroma of the grass and flowers about the air. The peahats remained rooted in the ground, leaving the animals to scurry about in harmony. All this made for a perfect day for a horseback ride.

Link had only recently begun riding the young filly after defeating Ganondorf. Though barely than a year old, Epona became strong enough to not only fly like the wind, but also carry the 10-year-old boy in the process. So now and then, Link would visit the Lon Lon Ranch, where Malon and Talon would give him riding lessons. Then, Link would take Epona out for a solo ride throughout Hyrule Field.

Today was another one of those days that Link would spend alone with his equine friend. Throughout Hyrule Field, Link rode Epona at varying speeds, from a casual trot to a full gallop. They also jumped over many obstacles, from logs and bushes to hedges and small fences. Link was quickly becoming a proficient rider as he and Epona took to the fields like their minds were one.

Suddenly, the sun eclipsed, turning the entire sky black as night with the sun's corona being the only light. Epona suddenly screamed and reared, dropping Link hard to the ground, and bolted.

"Epona, wait!" Link called out to his equine friend, but it was no use as Epona disappeared into the darkness.

"Link, help me," a rather high-pitched ethereal voice called out to him.

Link quickly leaped to his feet and glanced about the darkness all around him, searching for the origin of the voice. But despite looking all around him, Link could find nothing with this pitch black sky. However, something about that voice struck him as familiar.

"Link, they're after me, help!" the ethereal voice cried out. And suddenly, a group of large and muscular monsters with bulldog-like faces and pig's noses known as "Moblins" riding on large boars called "Bullbos" sped by Link, knocking him back to the ground. He quickly jumped back to his feet, dusted himself off, drew his Kokiri Sword, and turned to the galloping Moblins. A group of about 8 Moblins were galloping at full speed, brandishing their spears like they were homing in on their pray. But when the group took a sudden turn, Link discovered what it was that the Moblins were chasing. Links eyes sprung wide open and his body burned inside as he recognized the small ball of light fleeing from the Moblins.

"Navi!!!" Link screamed as he dashed toward the fleeing fairy.

"Link, heeeelp," Navi hollered as she turned and flew toward Link with everything she had. In no time at all, the two sped by each other. Link quickly dropped a bomb between them, hoping to slow the pursuing Moblins down. The bomb abruptly exploded, spooking all 8 Bullbos and causing them to throw their riders.

Link quickly dispatched two of the Moblins before they others could recover. When they did, Link clashed with the monstrous pig-faces, quickly losing the upper hand in the 6-on-1 battle. Link thought fast and ducked under rand around the group, tripping one Moblin and slashing the other. But just as he was about to drive his blade into the tripped-up Moblin, they all disappeared, dissolving into blue flames.

"Link, help!" Navi's horrified voice screamed.

Link turned around to see Navi in the distance, flying back toward Link as fast as her wings could carry her. Suddenly, a figure clad in a black robe appeared between them from out of nowhere. And just as quickly as he appeared, the figure formed a ball of energy above his head and fired a massive bolt of lightning at Navi, striking her dead on and causing her to fall lifeless to the ground.

"Navi, no!" Link screamed as he ran toward his fallen guardian, completely ignoring the robed figure.

"Humph. So much for your guardian, Hero of Time," the robed figure taunted in a deep and resonant voice. He then transformed into a mass of purple energy and vanished into the sun's corona.

Link kneeled down over his fallen guardian fairy, who had only a faint glimmer of light left to her.

"Link... I'm so sorry... that I... left you..." Navi gasped before that last glimmer of light went out. And before Link could even reach down to hold his dear guardian, a vicious bolt of lightning struck him, utterly blinding him.


Link suddenly shot back up, breathing heavily with his hard pounding and his face sweating bullets from what had just happened. However, other than a massive adrenaline rush causing his chest and extremities to burn, Link felt perfectly normal. If anything, that bolt of lightning only served to scare the living daylights out of him. But when he glanced all around him, he found only the wooden walls and furniture of his house in Kokiri Forest. The then turned to his window, finding not the pitch black of earlier, but rather the meager light of early dawn.

"Not another one of these dreams," Link thought to himself, concluding the meaning of everything he had just witnessed. He threw his blankets off and tossed his legs over the side of the bed. There, he sat and pondered his rather horrifying dream.

'These dreams have been bothering me for the last two weeks now,' he pondered. 'I've only been without Navi since we defeated Ganondorf last month. And now, I can't even have any peace without these dreams bothering me. Why do these dreams bother me so much? Is it because I had a guardian fairy and now I don't? Has something happened to Navi? Or Will something happen to her?'

"I need to talk to someone about it," Link said to himself. So he stood up from his bed and walked over to his wardrobe. There, he took his tunic and belt, his Kokiri Boots, and his hat. With his trademark Kokiri outfit, he quickly got dressed.

He then pulled the curtain to his door aside and walked out to his balcony. The village of Kokiri Forest was rather quiet, with only the leaves being heard as they rustled in the gentle wind. Not a single Kokiri could be found, which didn't surprise Link since it was still early dawn and the light from the sun had not yet shown itself as their wakeup call.

He then slid down his ladder and began to walk toward Saria's house. 'Saria understands me better than anyone here, so maybe I'll tell her about my dreams,' Link thought to himself as she walked. Moments later, he arrived at Saria's house. Moments later, he arrived at Saria's house and then lightly rapped on her doorframe. "Saria, are you awake?" he said in a quiet voice, but heard only silence in response. So he gently moved her curtain aside and stuck his head inside. There, he saw Saria sleeping peacefully on her bed.

Link glanced at his sleeping friend for a moment. 'Sweet Saria,' he thought to himself. 'She must be having some pleasant dreams. So I'd rather not wake her.' Giving up, Link let Saria's curtain fall closed and turned away from her house. Then, another idea came to him.

'I know. I'll talk to the Great Deku Sprout,' Link thought to himself. 'He's the only other one here who understands me.'

So he walked across the Kokiri Forest and toward the passage to the Great Deku Sprout's Meadow. With Mido still asleep, there was no one to stand guard over the passage. So Link casually walked inside. There, a number of Deku Babas dotted various spots along the path. Link immediately froze, not wanting to become the target of the Deku Babas' vicious attacks as he was unarmed.

However, the Deku Babas remained completely motionless. And when Link slowly approached one of them, he found them to be merely sleeping. Link let out a sigh of relief and slowly tip-toed by the savage plants. Once past them, Link arrived in the vast meadow where the Great Deku Sprout and his predecessor stood. The Great Deku Sprouts fairies slept peacefully in the branches of the old Deku Tree and all about the meadow.

"Come hither, Link," the Great Deku Sprout summoned, immediately aware of Link's arrival. Link complied and approached the Great Deku Sprout, then casually sat in the meadow before him. "Dost something trouble thee, my child?" the Great Deku Sprout asked.

"Yeah, these dreams I've been having the last couple weeks," Link explained. "I've only been without Navi since last month, but she keeps appearing in my dreams."

"And thou worry thyself over her every time, dost thou," The Great Deku Sprout added.

"Yes, I do," Link replied. "She's my guardian fairy. I was very happy when the Great Deku Tree sent her to me to accompany me on my last adventure, even if we didn't always get along at first. We were always together throughout my adventure though the good times and the tough times. And now that she's gone, it's like I've lost a friend."

"I can understand why that troubles thee," said the Great Deku Sprout. "Although thou art a Hylian and not a Kokiri, having Navi made you feel truly at home amongst your peers here in Kokiri Forest."

"Yeah, and Saria was really happy for me when I received Navi as my guardian fairy," Link added before he paused for a moment. "Why did she leave so suddenly after we defeated Ganondorf? I thought we were always to be together, even if I'm not a Kokiri."

"Well, it is true that I sent her to thee to accompany thee on thy adventure," said the Great Deku Sprout. "However, thy pairing was meant to be neither temporary nor permanent. Thou art all my children, be thou Kokiri, fairy, or even Hylian. But, thou possess thy own free will. Thus, the reason Navi hast left thee is something that only Navi knows."

"I see," Link meekly replied, staring at the ground between them. "Do you know where she is now?"

"I'm sorry, my child, but I know not where Navi's adventures take her," the Great Deku Sprout replied.

"But I keep having these dreams about her, nightmares even," said Link, then stood as determination began to take him over. "And I've had dreams like these before that ended up coming true. I have to know that she's okay. I have to know her reason for leaving."

"So thou intend to set out and search for Navi?" the Great Deku Sprout concluded.

"Yes. I have to," Link replied. "I just won't feel right if I don't."

"I understand," said the Great Deku Sprout. "I see thy last adventure hast made thee both courageous and tenacious. However, without knowing where Navi's adventure hast taken her, thy road to her may take thee through many ordeals, many of them dangerous.

"I know. Was my last journey any different?" Link responded as he turned away from the Great Deku Sprout. "I have to find Navi. She means a lot to me. She was my friend."

"And what of thy friends here in Kokiri Forest?" the Great Deku Tree asked, prompting Link to turn back to him. "What will they think if thou leave them again?"

"Oh please, Mido would be glad to see me go again," Link answered sarcastically. But suddenly, more thoughts hit him like a bolt of lightning, bringing a frown upon his face. "But... that means I have to leave Saria again," Link sadly muttered.

"And Saria means so much to thee, dost she not," said the Great Deku Sprout.

"Yeah... she does," said Link as he turned and began to make his way out of the meadow.

"Link, thou may need this," said the Great Deku Sprout as a large Deku Stick dropped from the branches of his deceased predecessor. "The sun hast risen. The Deku Babas shall certainly be awake from their slumber. I wish thee many blessings from the goddesses on thy journey."

Link quietly took the Deku Stick and left the meadow without as much as a word. After knocking down the very awake and very angry Deku Babas, Link made it back to the entrance to Kokiri Forest. There, Mido stood with his arms crossed, glaring at him.

"And just what were you doing with the Great Deku Sprout this early in the morning?" Mido demanded before noticing the Deku Stick in Link's hands. "And without a sword and shield, no less."

"Well good morning to you too, Mido," Link responded, shoving the Deku Stick into Mido's quick hands as he walked by.

"Humph," Mido huffed to himself, resting the Deku Stick over his right shoulder. 'What's gotten into him?' Mido thought to himself. 'Is he still sulking over losing his fairy? Pitiful.'

Link continued his walk through Kokiri Forest as many of the other Kokiri were emerging from their houses. As he approached his tree house, a cheerful voice startled him. "Good morning, Link."

Link quickly regained his composure and turned toward the voice to see Saria waving at him. Immediately, thoughts of him having to leave her again struck him hard, bringing a frown to his face. "Morning, Saria," Link meekly replied as he turned away from her, trying his best to hide his worries.

However, his attempt was futile as Saria immediately noticed the troubled look on his face and began to frown. "What's wrong, Link?" she asked, walking up to her best friend.

"I had another bad dream last night," Link replied.

"Well, no wonder you're awake and out here earlier than usual," Saria teased with a big grin on her face, trying to lighten the mood.

"Yeah, and I went to see the Great Deku Sprout too," said Link, oblivious to Saria's teasing.

Saria's eyes sprung wide open in amazement. "Really? Did he summon you again?"

"No, I visited him," Link replied as more anxiety stirred up within him. Then, he turned to Saria, looking straight into her sapphire eyes. "Hey Saria, can we meet at our secret place later? I just need to be alone for a little while."

"Um... okay," Saria replied as Link turned toward his house and made his way there. Saria only frowned and stared down at the ground. 'Something is really bothering him this morning,' she thought to herself. 'It's not the first nightmare he's had, but now he looks really troubled. What did the Great Deku Sprout say to him? Now I'm really worried about him. Oh goddesses, please let Link be okay.'

Saria then turned away and walked toward the entrance to the Lost Woods as Link disappeared into his tree house.

Hours Later...

Link awoke from a rather short nap and sat up in his bed. With so much flowing through his mind, the Great Deku Sprout's words, his friend Navi, and his best friend Saria, Link had quickly worn himself out with worry and ended up snoozing.

Now, Link's decision to leave Kokiri Forest, and quite certainly all of Hyrule, to look for Navi dominated his mind. And if that didn't trouble him enough, having to leave Saria behind really tore away at him. Link couldn't bear to worry himself to sleep again, so he stood up from his bed.

"I'll have to talk to Saria and tell her," he said to himself. With his decisions made, Link ran out of his house and slid down the ladder. He then dusted himself off and turned to walk toward the Lost Woods.

Once there, he immediately heard "Saria's Song" echoing throughout the forest. So as usual, Link let the music be his guide, despite having been in the Lost Woods enough to know his way, and followed the upbeat tune. After dodging a few birds and Mad Scrubs, Link quickly made his way through the Lost Woods and arrived at the entrance to the Sacred Forest Meadow.

There, Saria sat on her stump as she continued to play her song, oblivious to Link's arrival. So Link walked up to her, careful as not to disturb her, and sat before her and listened to her song. 'I am definitely going to miss this,' he thought to himself as Saria finally finished her song.

She glanced up from her ocarina to find Link sitting, looking into her eyes, and enjoying her song. "Well hi, Link," she greeted. "Are you feeling any better?"

"A little bit," Link replied. "I just needed some time alone to straighten things out and ended up snoozing."

Saria modestly covered her mouth and let out a slight giggle. "Well, that's what happens when you wake up too early." Saria then hopped down from the stump and leaned back against it, with Link moving in to join her.

"You're right, Saria. I've just had so much on my mind recently, that I couldn't help it," said Link.

"You miss Navi, don't you?" said Saria.

"Yes, I do. She was my guardian fairy," Link replied. "But recently, I've been having weird dreams of her."

"Yes, I know," said Saria. "But today, you seem even more bothered than ever. Something must've happened this morning. I know it, and I'm worried about you."

"My nightmare last night..." Link began, pausing to take in a deep breath. "...was horrible. I saw these Moblins chasing Navi. I fought them off, but this figure dressed in black came and blasted Navi." Link paused again as his heart started beating faster and a single tear rolled down his cheek. Saria laid her hand on his shoulder as he continued. "I witnessed Navi's death. It was so terrifying. I couldn't save her."

"Oh no..." Saria gasped, giving Link's shoulder a sympathetic and affectionate squeeze.

"I had to tell somebody about it," Link continued. "I came by your house first, but when I peeked in, you were still asleep. I didn't want to wake you, so I decided to talk to the Great Deku Sprout since he's the only other one here who understands me like you do."

"No wonder you were already out so early," Saria commented. She then clasped her hands together in her lap. "So what did the Great Deku Sprout think about it?"

"He didn't say very much about it, except that he doesn't know where Navi has gone or why she left," Link replied.

"But surely you talked about more," said Saria. "There had to be more than just the dreams bothering you."

"Well, I thought I would be okay with Navi gone. I thought I had already mourned for her leaving," Link explained. "We all celebrated Ganondorf's defeat. Afterward, I decided to come back to where I had spent my life the last 10 years. I really thought that I would get over losing Navi... until these dreams came. And they've only gotten worse."

"I see," Saria meekly answered, glancing down at the ground in front of her. "I figured that losing Navi would still be bothering you. But what do you think it all could mean? Your dreams?"

"I really don't know what it all means," Link sadly replied. "Could it be the fact that I lost my guardian fairy beckoning me? Could it be some kind of glance into the future? Is Navi in danger? Or is it something else I can't even figure out?"

"I can understand why that would bother you so much," said Saria.

"The Great Deku Sprout said that our pairing was neither temporary nor permanent... like it was supposed to be our choice," Link continued.

"And Navi chose to leave," Saria added.

"Yeah. We were partners during our last journey," Link explained. "But if Navi had left then because we defeated Ganondorf and our quest was over, wouldn't she have come back to the Great Deku Sprout with all the other fairies?"

"I guess you're right," said Saria. "Maybe Navi went on an adventure of her own."

"Maybe," Link agreed. "Or maybe it's because I'm a Hylian and not a true Kokiri."

"But you are Kokiri," Saria said, looking right at Link. "Maybe not by blood, but in spirit. Kokiri Forest has been your home for 10 years. We and the Great Deku Tree adopted you into our village. Even if Mido won't accept you as one of us, you are every bit Kokiri, even if you don't have a fairy. You even chose to live with us again after your quest was over. So Navi or no Navi, you are one of us."

"I know, Saria, I know," said Link. "But I don't know why Navi left. She never told me why she was leaving nor did she even say 'goodbye'. She just... disappeared."

"I'm sure Navi had her reasons. And I'm sure she'll be okay," said Saria.

"But what if she won't," Link interjected. "We both know I've had these dreams come true before."

Saria then back her face away from his. "Link, something else is bothering you, something you and the Great Deku Sprout talked about, and I'm scared to know what it is."

Link sat silently with his eyes turned away from Saria's. 'I just came back, and now I have to leave again,' he thought to himself. 'Please don't be mad at me, Saria.'

"Link?" Saria begged, breaking his train of thought.

"Something about Navi isn't right, something about her leaving so suddenly, and something about these dreams. Even the Great Deku Sprout doesn't know," Link explained. "But I have to know why Navi left. I have to know that these dreams are just dreams."

Saria turned away from Link and curled herself up in the fetal position, as she concluded her fears to be true. "So you're leaving again..." she gasped. "...aren't you?"

"Yes... I'm sorry," Link sadly replied.

"But... but... you just came back from your quest last month," said Saria.

"I know. I much as I like being home again, as great as it really is, this keeps bothering me," said Link.

"And now the Great Deku Sprout is sending you out on another quest because no one knows where Navi is?" Saria added.

"Actually, he didn't send me out. But, he isn't telling me not to go either. I'm going because I've chosen to," Link explained.

"But why?" Saria pleaded, meeting Link's eyes with her own.

"Because, Navi is my friend," Link replied. "I miss having her around to scold me or boss me around... or just to talk to. I was so excited when the Great Deku Tree sent her to me to be my guardian fairy."

"And I was so happy for you and proud of you when you got a fairy," Saria added.

"Yes, no one was more excited about it than you," said Link. "But with her gone, I feel like a part of me is missing. It's like... I'm not sure if I'll truly be happy unless I know she's okay."

"But..." Saria started to say, and then hesitated. 'He's not happy here? He's not happy that he still has his best friend? Why?' she thought to herself as she felt a burning in her chest, then turned back to Link. "But isn't being here in the Kokiri Forest, being with us, being with me... enough to make you happy?" she pleaded.

Link hesitated as Saria's words sunk into his head. 'Yes, being back home does make me happy. And seeing Saria everyday makes me very happy,' he thought to himself.

"Aren't I your friend too?" she continued.

"Yes," Link replied, and then turned to Saria to look into her beautiful blue eyes. "You're my best friend. You've always been there for me. You've stood up for me whenever Mido was being mean to me. We always played together. And you've always been my biggest supporter. You were the reason I decided to come back to Kokiri Forest."

Saria's eyes glistened as his words reached her. Link then placed both his hands on her shoulders as he continued. "But I also have Fado, the twins, the Know-It-All Brothers, Malon and Talon, Darunia, Nabooru, Princess Ruto, and Princess Zelda. They're all my friends... our friends. And if something were to happen to them, I would go out and help them too. But I can go and see them any time I want. But Navi... she left without even saying 'goodbye'. I don't know why she left or even if she's okay. She's helped me so much on my last adventure. I owe her so much, so I have to go and find her."

Saria turned her eyes to the grass between them and frowned. "I understand," she gasped. "You really are the best kind of friend anyone could ever ask for."

Link cracked a wee smile and replied. "Yeah... thank you, Saria. It's not just losing Navi that's bothering me. I have to find her, but that means that I have to leave you behind again... and that's what else is really bothering me."

They stayed there silently as thoughts of Link leaving on another quest dominated both their minds. Both were obviously distraught over it, sad that two best friends have to once again part. Then, Saria spoke up. "So, when are you going to leave?"

"I'll leave in the morning," Link replied. "I at least want to spend the rest of the day with you before I leave. Just us."

Saria looked up with a little bit of a smile on her face, flattered yet trying her hardest to be cheerful. "Really?"

"Yes. We didn't get to spend any time together before I left on my last quest," Link explained.

"But you at least came back to visit a few times. And we even got to play a few songs together," said Saria.

"Well..." Link started to say, and then slowly extracted his fairy ocarina, his most treasured gift from Saria, from its protective bag. "Want to play a few songs? We have all day." Link smiled at Saria as he asked her.

Saria smiled too as she took out her own ocarina. "Sure. I'd love to," she replied.

And both Saria and Link hopped back up and sat on the stump. There, they played a few cheerful songs together like they had been doing so for ages. They played not only solo songs together, but also songs meant for duets. However, despite their cheerful tunes, Saria could only think about losing Link again to another quest.

'Yes, Saria deserves it,' Link thought to himself in between songs. 'She's been there for me for so long. She's my best friend. So she deserves having me here for one more day before I set out.'

That night...

Saria laid in her bed, curled up under her sheets with her eyes wide open. The moon had risen hours ago, and all the other Kokiri had long since begun their slumber. Yet still, Saria laid there wide awake, unable to sleep in the light of recent events. Once again, Link was leaving her to embark on another adventure, and neither of them knew when he would return. And it was those thoughts that kept her awake that night.

"Great goddesses, I can't sleep," Saria sighed as she tossed her sheets off of her. "I want to see Link again."

So Saria tossed her legs over the side and stood from her bed. She then changed into her green shirt, tunic, and boots and quietly left her house. Once outside, she glanced up at the moonlight shining through the trees. And immediately, she became mesmerized at its beauty and let out a sigh. "I wish we could've at least sat together and gazed up at the moon through the trees," she whispered to herself.

After admiring the moonlight's beauty, Saria continued her short walk to Link's tree house. When she arrived, she lightly grasped his ladder and quietly climbed up to his balcony. She then tip-toed to his door and lightly knocked on the door frame. "Link, are you awake?" she said softly, barely above a whisper.

But, Saria heard nothing but the nighttime sounds of the forest. So she moved the curtain aside and tip-toed inside, only to find Link sleeping peacefully. "Link, you're always such a fast and heavy sleeper," she lightly whispered as she silently approached his bed. She then sat on her knees beside his bed and glanced at his tranquil face as she slept.

Link didn't so much as even twitch as Saria sat at his bedside. 'So peaceful,' Saria thought to herself. 'No one could tell by how peaceful he looks when he sleeps that he's about to leave on a dangerous adventure in the morning.' She then reached over to his face and gently brushed his bangs off his forehead.

"I can't believe you're leaving again," Saria gently whispered to her sleeping friend. "I was so happy when you came back to stay... but now I'm sad that you're leaving again on another quest."

Saria then clasped her hands together in her lap. "I really wish I could help you like I did on your last adventure, but I don't know where your travels will take you," she continued. "I just... don't know how I can help. I feel so powerless and so lonely. I miss Navi too, but I'll miss you even more. I won't get to play with you, play songs with you, swim in the pond with you, or even stand up for you against Mido."

Saria lightly placed her hand on Link's, frowning at both her thoughts and her own words, and continued. "You're my best friend. I've known you since the Great Deku Tree took you in as a baby. I watched you grow into a fine boy. I even supported you on your last quest. I had grown quite fond of you over the years. But now, I don't know what to do. I guess that I'm so used to you being here, that I feel like a part of me goes missing when you leave, and I suddenly feel lonely. I know the other Kokiri are here and keep me company, but they're not the same as you. You've always been different from us, but it never mattered, because you're my best friend and I'll always care about you."

Saria then let go of Link's hand and slowly pushed herself to her feet. "I don't know how long you'll be gone... just... please come back," she softly whispered as a single tear rolled down her cheek. "Please come back to the forest, back to us... back to me."

Then, Saria quietly left Link's house and made her way back to her own. Although she would see him once more before he'd leave in the morning, it was still going to be a restless night for her.

The next morning...

It was a beautiful morning in Kokiri Forest. All the Kokiri were out and about the village, doing odd chores for Mido and everything else that good Kokiri boys and girls do in the morning. Link, however, had stayed busy in his tree house. He had packed his sword, shield, slingshot, fairy ocarina, rupees, and everything else he thought he would need on his journey.

Once packed, Link left his house and slid down his ladder. Then, he began to make his way through the village and toward the exit to Hyrule Field. But once he had made it to the middle of the village, the twins ran up to him to greet him. "Good morning, Link. I hear you're leaving us again," said one twin.

"To go search for Navi the fairy," the other twin added.

"Yes," Link replied with a slight frown. "I'm sorry to have to leave you all again. But how did you know I was leaving?"

"Saria told us last night before we went to bed," one twin replied.

"We'll all miss you, Link," said the other twin.

All Link could really do was frown at the thought of leaving them again. He loved being around these Kokiri. "Yeah, I'll miss everyone too," he replied.

"Mr. Link!" a man's voice hollered throughout the forest. The trio turned toward the village entrance to find a tall man wearing a white tunic, carrying a brown sack, running up to them. The man stopped before them and doubled over, his palms resting on his knees, as he fought to catch his breath.

"What's with this man in the forest?" the other twin wondered.

"A postman? Here?" said Link, looking equally puzzled.

The postman caught his breath and stood back up. "Are you Mr. Link," the postman asked. "I was told that he would be found in Kokiri Forest."

"Yes, I'm Link," Link replied.

"I have a letter for you," said the postman, reaching into his sack and extracting an envelope. Although it was a rather plain envelope with Link's name on it, it was wax-sealed with the crest of the Royal Family. The postman handed it to Link, then turned and quickly dashed off to his next destination.

"Wow, no one has ever gotten a letter from the outside before," said one twin.

"Who is it from?" the other twin asked.

Link knew exactly whom it was from. So without a word, he broke the seal and took the letter from the envelope. And as the twins gazed into his eyes, he read the letter:


"Dear Link,

I had a strange dream last night, but it wasn't like my usual dreams, and it wasn't an omen either. But still, it told me a lot of things that were happening, and what is to come. I sense you're about to set out on another adventure by the time this letter reaches you, and you don't know where your journey will take you. I do sense that your journey will put you through many trials and tribulations, not unlike your last journey.

Before you leave, would you please stop by Hyrule Castle and see me? I have a gift for you that I feel you will need on your next quest. I eagerly await you.


Zelda, Princess of Hyrule"


"It's from Princess Zelda," Link replied as he finished reading the letter. He then folded the letter neatly and slipped it into his bag.

"Cool, the Princess," said the other twin.

"Well, I need to be off," said Link as he started toward the village entrance.

"Goodbye Link," said one twin, waving at him.

"Come back soon," said the other twin, also waving at him.

Link quietly left the village and began to make his way out of the forest. But when he reached the bridge over the Lost Woods connecting Kokiri Forest with the outside world, a girl's voice called out to him, stopping him dead in his tracks. "Link, wait!"

Link turned around to find Saria running onto the bridge. After catching her breath, Saria looked into his eyes, wearing a bit of a frown on her face. "So you're leaving now, huh?" she said. "And you won't change your mind?"

"No," Link sadly replied. "This is something I have to do, or else my soul will regret it forever."

"I knew you'd say that," Saria gasped. "But where will you go?"

"I have to go to the castle first," Link replied. "Zelda has something for me that will help me on my quest. After that, I'm going to Lon Lon Ranch to pick up Epona. After that... who knows."

"I see," said Saria, letting her eyes drift downward. "So this is goodbye?"

"Goodbye, yes... but not goodbye forever," Link replied. "I came back last time, and I even chose to live here again. So I'll certainly come back again."

"But you don't even know where you'll be going. Navi could very well have traveled far outside of Hyrule, places that none of us, not even you, have ever heard of," said Saria.

"I know, Saria. I'm very sure this journey will be a lot like my last one... long, full of adventure, and dangerous," said Link. "But... when I find Navi, I'll come back home. I don't know when I'll be back, but I will."

And the two stood there silently, afraid to say anything else to each other. They knew they had to say goodbye to one another, and it pained them to have to do so. That was why it was taking them so long to say goodbye. Finally, Saria spoke up, wondering. "You'll play my ocarina and think of me, right?"

"Of course I will, you're my very best friend," Link confidently replied. "I'll always think about you."

"And I know we'll always be the best of friends, no matter what," Saria added, and then drifted off again as she turned her eyes away from Link and sighed. "I just hope you find her and make it back okay."

"Believe me, I'll certainly do my best," Link proudly proclaimed.

"I know you're strong, Link. So I'll try my best to be strong for you too. But..." Saria paused for a moment, as a slight burning sensation began to accumulate in her chest from the anxiety. "I have a feeling... that you'll be facing some dangerous trials," she reluctantly continued. "If anything were to happen to you, I... just... don't..."

By then, the burning sensation had crept its way to her throat, and tears began to well up in her eyes. She quickly turned her whole face away from Link to hide her tears before he could notice. "No..." she gasped, and began to whimper. "No, I'm not going to cry... I'm not going to cry..."

Just as Saria had squeaked that last sentence, Link quickly grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her into a tight embrace. When he did, Saria broke down crying.

"I don't want you to go, Link," Saria cried into his shoulder. "I don't want you to go."

"I know, Saria," said Link, gently stroking the back of her head as she cried. "I'm hurting too. I'm sad because leaving on this journey means that I have to leave you behind. It means that I won't get to see you for a while."

"You just came back, and now you're leaving again. I just can't bear to see you leave again, Link," Saria cried. "I don't know when you'll even be coming back. I'm going to miss you so much."

"I'm going to miss you too, Saria," said Link, with a tear of his own rolling down his cheek.

"The last time you left..." Saria said in between sobs. "I didn't cry... not until I got back home. This time... I told myself that I wouldn't cry... I wanted to be strong for you... I wanted to be happy for you...I wanted to give you my blessings... but... I can't help it... I just can't help it..." And again, Saria wept into Link's shoulder.

"Shhh... it's okay Saria," Link said softly, closing his eyes as he held Saria tightly in his arms, with another tear rolling down his cheek. "It's okay to cry when your best friend is going away."

"But I want you to stay," Saria cried. "I care about you, Link. And I don't want anything bad to happen to you. That's why I'm crying."

"Neither do I, Saria," said Link, tightening their embrace. "Neither do I... But I'll do my best to find Navi. And when I do, I'll come home fast... I promise."

"You really promise?" Saria whimpered, looking into Link's blue eyes with her tear-filled eyes.

"Yes, you're my very best friend in all of Hyrule," said Link. "I'll always come back to you and Kokiri Forest, no matter where my travels take me."

Saria smiled as the tears in her eyes rolled down her cheeks. "Well..." she started, loosening their embrace. "Go and find Navi, and bring her home to us."

"I will," said Link as he finally let Saria go. "I probably won't be able to come and visit like last time, but I'll be thinking about you. I'll try to write to you whenever I can, okay?"

"Thank you, Link," Saria gasped as she took her dark green sleeve and wiped the tears away. "That really means so much to me. You'd better go now before I start to cry again."

Link obediently backed away from Saria, and then smiled at her. "Goodbye, Saria." He then turned away and continued his way across the bridge toward Hyrule Field.

"Goodbye, Link," Saria gasped as Link disappeared into the forest. "You really do mean a lot to me, so please come home safe." She then turned around and made her way back toward Kokiri Forest as more tears began to run down from her blue eyes.

Months later...

Saria awoke earlier than usual. The sun had barely peaked over the horizon, shining very little light into the Kokiri Forest. Unable to close her eyes to get another hour of sleep, Saria threw her sheets off of her and sat up at the edge of her bed.

It had been just over three months since she said her very tearful goodbye to Link as he left on his adventure. However, despite his promises, Saria had not heard a single peep from Link. No letters ever made it to her, nor did he ever stop by to visit, even if the latter was expected. Saria tried to remain optimistic, thinking that the trials of his journey must be keeping him from writing her. And often times, Saria would go to the bridge outside of Kokiri Forest to await his return. But every time she did so, she went home disappointed and saddened. Yet, she had to keep her faith; she had to remain strong, for him.

Suddenly, a knock sounded on her door frame. "Hello? Ms. Saria?" a man's voice summoned from the other side of the curtain.

Saria jumped out of bed, startled by the voice of an older gentleman, which was a rare occurrence in Kokiri Forest. "Who is it?" Saria asked as she cautiously grabbed a Deku Stick from beside her bed.

"I'm sorry to wake you, Ms. Saria," the gentleman replied. "I am a traveling postman, and I have a letter addressed to you."

'A letter? For me?' Saria gleefully thought to herself. She quickly dropped the Deku Stick and dashed over to her door. She jerked the curtain aside to find the tall man in a white tunic, carrying a brown sack, and holding an envelope in his hand.

"Here you go Ms. Saria," said the postman as he politely handed the envelope to her. Saria quickly examined it as the postman made a mad dash out of the forest and toward his next destination. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw "To Saria, From Link" written on the front of it. She squealed for joy and immediately broke the seal on the envelope. She then quickly removed the letter and read:


"Dear Saria,

I hope this letter makes it to you. You have no idea what I have to go through just to get a letter out of here. I've been on a pretty wild adventure as of late in a land called Termina. I'm writing to you now from my room at an inn in the beautiful Clock Town. I've sort of made my home here at this inn, as my quest seems to always bring me back here.

I ran into a Skull Kid here... but he was not like the ones we know of. Ever since he wore this mask that he stole from the Happy Mask Salesman, he's turned evil and has been bent on destroying Clock Town. But worry not, because Epona and I are hard at work to wake these four giants in order to stop the Skull Kid's evil plans. We're even helping a lot of people with some odd jobs too.

I'm doing pretty well here. I've met all kinds of interesting people, and I even have a fairy guardian helping me on my quest. Her name is Tatl, and she, along with her brother Tael, was the Skull Kid's companion. She's helping me in my quest to help save her brother and the Skull Kid from the mask's powers. However, she's no Navi by any means. She has a bit of an attitude, and can be quite brash and bossy, but she is also quite helpful.

But there isn't a night that goes by that I don't think about you, the forest, and all my friends that I left behind. I can only hope that I finish my quest here in Termina soon so I can continue my search for Navi. I don't know where else my journey will take me, or when I'll be home. But when I find Navi, I'll come home quickly. I promise.

Your very best friend,



Saria grasped the letter and held it tightly to her chest. "Oh Link," she cried, her tears cascading down her cheeks. "You have no idea how happy you've just made me."

All Saria could do at that moment was cry. She was amazingly happy that Link was doing well, happy that he thought of her, and happy that it was thoughts of her that kept him going. And it was those thoughts that made Saria happy and kept her going.

end of prologue

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