Once upon a time, there was a princess. She lived in a tall tower, surrounded on all sides by a ferocious and endless rainstorm. Finally, one day, a prince came and rescued her. He took her back to his beautiful castle and danced with her in the sun. There were dark times in the castle, and struggles, but overall, it was a sunny and happy place.

But the castle was dangerous. The prince, too, knew that his lifestyle was far too dangerous for his beloved princess, that he was far too dangerous. The prince wanted to protect her, but he knew that, if he tried to tell her of his worries, she would dismiss them, and convince him to stay with her. He must lie. So, the prince lied to his love, biting back his agony as he saw the pain in her eyes when he told her that he didn't love her. And then he disappeared.

But not even hard determination can keep true love from blooming relentlessly. And so, by chance of fate and destiny, the prince reentered the princess's life, and told her of his lie. She had been devastated when he left, but a friend had extended his arms to her in the prince's absence. And though it would hurt the friend who had risked everything for her, she accepted the prince's love, and they continued into marriage and a happy life together.

Backstage, Jacob Black descended into a swirling black tunnel of agony.