The day was warm and the sun was bright. It was a pleasant day, one might of said. It was a day that a certain Velvet Room Assistant wished to embark on a new adventure. Or at least learn a little more about the 'outside' world. His golden orbs analyzed each person that walked by. He had found himself a comfortable place to sit, underneath the refreshing shade of a looming tree. It had been about fifteen minutes since he had arrived on the bench. And, from what he could figure out, people lived very dull lives. A number of them merely shopped without even acknowledging anyone else. Some conversed with 'friends' or, from what he could tell, random people that the person happened to find 'attractive'. He furrowed his silver brows in distaste for the little rituals.

The aloof man began to daze off due to the sheer boredom that had ensued. However, he was interrupted by something. Or perhaps, someone.

Sobbing. Someone around him was crying. Glancing around, however, he came to realize there wasn't anyone crying. How could such a thing be possible? He could hear them. Yet he was unable to see them. He furrowed his brows once more. Sniffling. It sounded so close.

Theodore jumped to his feet. This was driving him nuts. He didn't like where this was going at all. He needed to find this person. Whoever it was, he didn't care. All he really wanted right now, was for that irritating noise to go away.

So he began his little journey.

The first place he checked was a small used bookstore. The owners of it seemed perplexed by his curious behavior. But then again, they also seemed a little out of it themselves. When his search there turned up nothing, Theodore tried the fast food restaurant beside it. He checked the bathrooms as well. Yes, both of them. Which earned him an escort out.

Grumbling to himself, Theodore headed to the next place.

It was as he passed a dim alleyway, that the noise faded. His curiosity was heightened as he peered into the dirty alley. He took note of the crouched person at the end. They seemed to be hiding in a corner.

When he took a step away, the sobbing became louder. When he took a step closer, it became softer.

"I suppose I've found the culprit," Theodore muttered to himself.

He drew closer to the weeping human. By now, it was pretty clear it was a female. Dressed still in her uniform, she seemed oblivious to his arrival. She continued to stare at the filthy ground, tears pouring from her eyes. It was an unsightly sight. Theodore grimaced.

When he made a move to retreat farther back from the disgusting mess, his foot kicked an empty can. It was a clear sign, to the unaware female, that someone was there. She let her gaze fall upon him. Her eyes were wide with a mix of shock and fear. Puffy and red from all the wailing. It made him want to shudder. She really didn't look very elegant.

No wonder she was crying in a back alleyway.

The girl didn't seem all that happy to see him. She jumped to her feet and took a few needed steps away. Theodore stared with a blank expression upon his face. Why did she act like he was the revolting one? She was the one with shot running from her nose.

"Who… Are you?" She choked out.

"Theodore," He answered bluntly.

There was a silence.

"There's snot under your nose," He stared.

She seemed surprised by his direct statement. The rattled girl quickly wiped it away with the back of her sleeve. He shuddered.

"Is it gone?" She glanced up at him.

He nodded.

After taking a brief moment to gather herself, the girl began to stare at the ground once more. It was as if the ground was more interesting than him. She spoke quietly, "Why are you back here?" It was odd. Her voice was so soft.

"I heard something wailing," He stared. "It was irritating."

Her cheeks burned red and a bitter laugh fell from her lips, "Sorry. I guess I've been pretty irritating to everyone lately."

He didn't quite understand her statement. "Elaborate."

The girl glanced towards him before directing her gaze back down, "It's a long and boring story. You wouldn't want to waste your time."

Theodore pursed his lips, "Don't tell me how to spend my time. I don't have anywhere I need to be. Neither do you." His irritation surprised her. She shifted uncomfortably under his intense gaze. Perhaps she was stalling, hoping the man would become irritated enough to just leave the subject alone. But he didn't. Theodore continued to glower at her until the puffy eyed girl broke down and spoke.

"What would you do if the person you cared about… Did something horrible behind your back?" Her eyes became softer. But her gaze was that of a miserable human.

"I don't have someone like that," He answered.

"Lucky," The girl moved to press her back against one of the brick walls. "I do. I mean, I did." She mumbled as she slid down against the wall. "I cared about that person a lot. I put a lot into our relationship too. I even planned on marrying that person someday." She brought her knees to her chest, coiling her arms around them.

"Continue," Theodore ordered with a bland tone.

She gave a weak laugh. Or what sounded like one. "He asked another person, another girl, to do something for him. An intimate thing. Something that should have been kept between him and me." Her cheeks began to fade to the familiar red, "It's too embarrassing to say, but you get the picture, right?"

"Did she?" He tilted his head to the side just a bit.

"That's the tricky part," She spared a glimpse in his direction. "She didn't. But, she could have. When I found out, I confronted him about it. And he just brushed it off as if he was joking. However… It still hurt." The tears began to swell up again, "You understand, right? Because if he really cared, why would he even think about saying something like that? He said he didn't put himself in my shoes. He said he didn't think about how I would feel. But…" The girl bit her bottom lip, it was clear she was trying not to cry.

But he couldn't relate.

Theodore had never felt any emotions such as these. He couldn't grasp what she was feeling. He couldn't feel sadness for her. He couldn't feel angry for her. He couldn't pity her. This emotion that she was portraying before him. It was 'hurt'. But Theodore never cried. He never felt 'hurt'.

He wasn't incapable of these feelings, was he?

This new question made him wonder. Though it looked disgusting and unsightly. Maybe, just maybe, he wanted to experience what she was feeling. If only for a short while.

Theodore furrowed his brows. But how could he do that?

"I'm sorry for wasting your time," Her voice snapped him out of his troubling thoughts. She had already gathered her composure and was standing back up. "Thank you for listening though," Her smile was depressing.

Abruptly she bowed before brushing passed him. He watched as the nameless girl disappeared into the crowd of pedestrians.

His chance to question her on this 'hurt' emotion had slipped through his fingers. It was a disappointing revelation, but he would move on. Other people would become 'hurt'. He could question them.

She wasn't important.