He couldn't rest. And rest was important to the organized man. If one thing was off in his world, than his regular schedule was shot to Hell. Theodora tossed and turned and finally had enough. The only thing he could hear throughout the utter silence, was the soft and repetitive sniffling. With a few scattered choked out sobs. It was driving him insane. Theodora sat up and inspected his room. No one was there. And it certainly wasn't one of his sisters crying. They never cried.

A small flicker of light caught his eye. It was reflecting in the mirror on his wall. Or so he thought. However, Theodore was unable to find the source of the tiny light. Letting out a rough sigh, he climbed out of bed. The hardwood floors were cold under his feet as he shuffled over to the mirror. Leaning forward, he squinted to see a little orb dancing around inside the mirror. Though he was awestruck to find a reflection inside that little orb.

It was of a girl.

The same girl that he had run across twice before. However, he was unable to gather what exactly she was doing. Lifting up his hand, his fingers brushed against the cold reflective glass. Just like that, the small sphere of light sprung to life. The image cleared and grew to fit perfectly inside the frame of the mirror. It was as if he was peering through an open window.

She was sitting, alone, on the edge of her bed. Her hands filled with tissues as she sobbed quietly. The girl was staring hopelessly at her lap.

Theodore let out a displeased sigh at the vile sight. He pressed against the mirror once more, hoping to make the image disappear. Though the mirror had a better idea. Immediately after touching the glass, a silver liquid began to encase his hand and wrist. It was warm and almost felt like a glue of some sort. Theodore let out a hiss as he attempted to yank his arm free. However, the mirror seemed to yank back, and before he knew what was going on, the mirror had pulled him into it. In fact, he had been pulled right through it. Theodore let out a gasp of panic as he seemingly appeared in a different room.

His eyes flashed with a dash of, what one might call, fear. So did hers. Because when he looked down, he saw those puffy red eyes staring back at him. And just like that, gravity took hold. Theodore dropped to the floor in front of her. Leiko was in shock. She wasn't even able to utter a scream.

He murmured something, rubbing his forehead. A red mark rapidly appeared from where his head made contact with the cold floor. His golden orbs stared up at her. This was making for a very awkward situation. Abruptly Leiko let out a shriek and backed herself into the wall, "Where did you come from?!"

"Shut up, please." He cringed at her high pitched voice. He stood up, brushing off his pajama bottoms. "I came through the mirror." He said it so casually. As if everyone said that.

She gawked at him.

Theodore was wondering if he had been cursed lately. He was practically being summoned by this revolting little thing. Huffing to himself, he spoke. "What has you wailing this time?"

"Are you like my fairy godmother, or something?" She inquired with a bewildered look upon her face.

He sneered, "Don't even joke about something like that. I just have the misfortune to be in the wrong place at the wrong time."

"But how can you just appear out of thin air like that?!" She seemed frustrated.

A careless shrug on his part, "That's not the pressing issue right now. Tell me what has you crying. So I can fix it, or whatever I'm suppose to do, and get back to bed."

She furrowed her brows, but obeyed quietly. "It's really stupid, but…"

So Theodore found himself listening to an endless story about how she wasn't sure if he loved her anymore, if he was cheating on her, how she couldn't trust him, and how he often disappeared in the middle of the night. Apparently he told her that he was going to his friend's house, however it still seemed suspicious. She droned on and on about it. And quite frankly, Theodore was getting very perturbed by her tale. He had finally had enough.

"Then why don't you just confront him about it," He snapped.

She shifted uncomfortably, "I have." Leiko stared at her hands, "He just tells me that I'm worrying too much and that he isn't doing anything… But after all that…"

Theodore's eyes narrowed, "This is getting awfully sickening. It's a repetitive cycle and it needs to end. Either trust him or leave him."

She stared at him. Almost in a daze perhaps. Eyes wide with bewilderment and mouth slightly open from the shock of it all. But then her mouth snapped shut and the girl adverted her gaze. "I guess you're right, Theodore." The way his name rolled off her tongue. It was nauseating. He shuddered.

"I'm being really childish, aren't I?" She ran a hand through her hair as she stared downwards.

"Pretty much," He had no problem stating the truth.

But apparently she had a problem hearing it. Because once he made his statement, the tears began to flow once more. Theodore let out a sigh at the sight. "Pull yourself together, please." His words did nothing for her. In this situation, it was unclear to him what he was suppose to do. At this rate, he was never going to return to his peaceful slumber. So what would be the appropriate thing to do right now?

He didn't get the chance to ponder further on it. A door slamming from somewhere else in the house caught both their attention. They exchanged questioning glances before it sunk in. Leiko jumped to her feet with a gasp, "He's home! If he sees you here… He'll…" She was about to break off into another fit of sobs.

Theodore held up a hand to her face, "Calm down." His voice was stern and confident. However, she was anything but. Abruptly, Leiko led him to a small closet and shoved him inside. Despite his protests, she slammed the door on him and scurried to greet the other man.

A sigh fluttered passed Theodore's lips as he leaned against the far wall. It was strange that he could hear them as clear as day. As if he was standing right beside the conversing duo. The man was asking her why she had been crying and she was passing it off as allergies. It seemed that the man didn't care too much about it, as he said he was going to take a shower. Afterwards, Leiko came rushing into the room and swung open the closet door.

"Do you know how to get back home?" She seemed… concerned for him.

"Yes," He shrugged.

"I'm glad," She breathed a sigh of relief. "Even though I don't know where you came from, or what you are. Because I'm doubting your human… I'm really glad… You came here." A smile fell to her lips.

His stomach twisted in what felt like nausea. He adverted his gaze as he took a step forward. His body was reacting on its own. It made him uneasy. Just like that, his hand moved to the back of her head and he pressed her forward. She stumbled in confusion. His lips brushed against her ear as he spoke, "Don't cry anymore." Without any warning, Theodore disappeared in a flash of sparks. The little orbs of light danced around her and floated faintly until they faded into obscurity. The little trick comforted her. He knew it would. He felt it.

He felt her utter enchantment.

Wait, what? He felt it. What was happening to him?