This is just a small babble, since it's too long to be a drabble, that was inspired by last night's episode, 100 and the deliciousness in a cup they serve at Timmy's (though I think they serve some variation at the other coffee joints, mine just happened to be from Tim's). It could be pre-pre-slash if you want, or just friendship, depending on how bent you are or are not... ;)

The Exception

Special agent Aaron Hotchner hung up with a sigh as he tried to massage away the ache that was threatening to become a migraine.

Between co-workers that kept calling to extend their condolences on the loss of his ex-wife, co-workers that kept stopping by to see how he and Jack were holding up and the case that just didn't seem to be going anywhere, Hotch didn't know if he wanted to slam his head against his desk repeatedly, or unplug his phone and lock his office door.

Or better yet just pack everything in and pick up Jack from day care and go home.

It was just past 12:30 in the afternoon, no one would notice if he left.

A knock startled him back to reality.

Spencer Reid was standing in his door, looking sheepish, 'Sorry Hotch,' he said with soft smile.

'Look Reid,' he started with a sigh, he really didn't want to deal with anymore well wishers. 'I appreciate the concern, I really do but I am really not in the mood for polite conversation.'

'When are you ever?' Reid countered with an amused smirk, then he shrugged and placed a fancy travel mug, which Aaron hadn't noticed, on the desk, 'I just thought you could use a pick me up.' He offered with an easy shrug.

Aaron accepted the cup with a nod. He could already smell a hint of mint, he pulled off the lid and found a dollop of half melted whipped cream with red and green spots/

Spencer watched as Aaron closed his eyes and inhaled the minty aroma coming from the cup before taking a cautious sip.

'Thank you, Spencer,' he said opening his eyes. Spencer gave a grin at the calm that he could finally see in those chocolate orbs.

'Anytime Hotch,' he replied with a nod before he left, closing the door behind him.

Aaron sat back and kicked off his shoes, he wriggled his toes in the carpet before putting his feet up, his calves leaning on the edge of the desk. He cradled the cup of deliciousness and didn't do anything until he had finished it.

No one seemed to notice that around Christmas Aaron Hotchner forewent his coffee (two milk, two sugar) and indulged in a cup of the seasonal hot chocolate with whipped cream and crushed candy canes.

No one except Spencer Reid but then again he always seemed to be the exception to the rule.

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