Bella's mother's sick with cancer so she decides to bring her to see the best doctor, Carlisle Cullen who has now moved to Seattle. Bella meets Edward after he's the intern filling-in for Jessica. Edward helps her with her emotions and offers his shoulder for her to cry on as his mother died of cancer when he was younger, which is what lead him to study in medicine.

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I can't believe I'm going to ask him this, I feel like such an idiot. Ugh, I hope this works..."Dr. Cullen, can I speak to you for a minute?" Great, I must be beet red as my face feels like a heater right now. I might as well get a tattoo on my forehead that reads 'blushing' in neon that appears when the blood flows to my face!

"Call me Carlisle, Bella. Is something wrong with your mother? I can send the nurse to check on her if you'd like." I'm so glad I brought my mom here. He's so kind and caring. I'm really going to have to call dad later to thank him again for recommending him.

Okay, here goes. "No my mother's alright for now, it's actually about the nurse. I find she's really rough with her and I don't like it. See, we went to high school together and we ended up having conflicts, which I think is leading her to get back at me with the way she's treating my mother. Is it possible to have someone else fill-in for her? I know I'm asking you a lot for this but she doesn't have much longer and I'd like her to be comfortable in the time she has left." I hope that didn't sound too selfish of me.

"I understand Bella but she's the only one we have on staff for now aside from the interns coming in tomorrow." Well I'd rather have an intern than Jessica, or should I say Ursula, over there.

I quickly bring my eyes back to Carlisle's before he notices me trying to burn her to ashes with them. "Is it possible to have an intern? I'm sure they're qualified enough, right? I know my mother won't mind." Please, please, please say yes. There goes the darn neon sign again. Ugh, I need to get a tan!

"Let me see what I can do Bella. I can't promise anything but I'll try." Oh, thank you God! I felt like kneeling in front of him just for saying that!

"Thank you Dr. Cullen, I mean Carlisle, it means a lot to me." After nodding his head he looks at his pager, that's when I notice it's already 4pm. Alice should be here soon. I should hurry back to mom's room before she gets there.

As Carlisle turns the corner I hurry to my mom's room and notice Alice is already waiting for me. I try to smile to hide my guilt as I have told her before not to leave my mom alone and here I am doing it. "Hey Alice! You're early. Don't look at me like that, I was just talking to Carlisle about changing mom's nurse. I wasn't far!"

"Fine. I'll let this one pass as I know how much you hate her but you of all people know not to leave her alone. You're the one that told ME that, remember?" The sadness in her eyes in undeniable even though her voice tells me differently.

"Yes Alice, I'm sorry but I really had to do it. Ursula should be back soon so I'm going to take off in case she's already found out about my complaint." That would be just great! I hope she doesn't find out before they find someone else, otherwise she'd more than likely take it out on my mother.

"Ursula? Good one! But you're obviously not Ariel as she's not a coward! I guess I'll have to take it." Thanks for making me feel even worse Alice. Oh well, I do deserve it since I did leave mom alone.

"I'm really sorry Alice. Thank you for helping me with all of this. I'll be back in a few hours. Call me if there's anything wrong okay?" As I start grabbing my stuff my mom shifts in her bed and starts to whimper. "Mom? Are you alright?"

"Bella...water...please." I can barely hear her speak since she'd been sleeping all day and as I go grab the glass I step on something making me slip and fall. I look up and see my mother trying to laugh but her vocal chords are so dry it sounds more like she's wheezing.

After I get up to bring her the glass of water and bring the straw to her lips, I notice a plastic cover for a needle on the ground. She's so careless and stupid. I mean the garbage is right in the corner about two feet away from the wrapper, but nooo, it's too far for Ursula to walk to and put the wrapper in there. I jump as my Mom speaks bringing me back to reality. "Ah thank you Bella. You don't have to blush sweetheart, it's not the first time that's happened."

"I'm glad I could make you laugh! I'm sorry Mom but I have to go for a little while. I have a few things I have to go and do. Plus I'm in desperate need of a shower, I love you. See you in a little bit. See you later Alice. Thanks again." I feel so guilty leaving her. Even for a few hours anything could happen. At least Alice is there to help her.

"No problem. I'll see you later Bella." While making sure I had everything I needed I waved at them and took off. I can't wait to get home and take a shower, I stink and I'm so hungry.

Of course the phone rings while I'm unlocking the door. Come on you stupid lock. Finally. I run to the phone just in time as I know the answering machine picks up after five rings. "Hello?"

"Bella, it's me Phil. How's your mom doing? I really miss you two and I will be in town for a few days next week so I'll be able to go visit." I felt the sadness in his voice as I know he really loves my mother and he feels bad about not being here more often but he's always on the road since he's a minor-league baseball player. He's been wanting to stay to help care for her but it's hard on him and we need the money to pay for the hospital care. I start feeling tears going down my cheeks just picturing his pained face. "Bella? Are you still there. Don't cry honey everything will be fine you'll see. I'm sure Dr. Cullen will find a way to cure her." I can't believe he still thinks she can be cured.

"'ve got to understand that nothing can be done from here. Please stop thinking everything will be okay, it's not going to be okay. There's no way she'll recover, I told you the cancer's spread everywhere." I start to cry, realizing myself, that there's not much time left for her. "Phil...I have to let you go. I need to shower and eat and get back to the hospital. She needs me and I want to be with her, I'm sorry and we miss you too. I'll talk to you later, bye."

"Bye Bella." I try not to break down telling myself I need to be strong but I can't, it's too much. This is the time to do it anyways, I'm alone, I need to let it out. The tears keep coming as the water flows from the shower head down my tense body, the warm water starting to soothe the tension.

I try to calm down while I dry myself off and then go look for some clean clothes. Great, no more jeans...I really need to do my laundry. Maybe I'll ask Alice for help, again. Ah, here we go, they're old and tattered but they'll do for now, I hope they still fit. I start getting dressed observing my jeans are no longer tight. Well they definitely still fit!

Okay I really need to eat something. After looking in the fridge and the cupboards I finally tell myself there's nothing to eat here, so I scrounge around for money. Finding $20 in an old cookie jar I put it in my pocket and grab my bag filled with books and word puzzles to keep me busy when my mother sleeps. As I start closing the door I notice my keys are still in the lock. I'm such an idiot! It's a good thing dad's not here, he would kick my butt!

My stomach starts to growl as a Subway sign comes into view. I can't even remember the last time I had something that good to eat. The hospital food is getting to me. I should ask Alice to bring me leftovers while her mom's in town, she makes great food. Although, this chicken wrap is pretty good and I know the cookies will be too. Mmm sweets!

I grab my keys and hurry out the door but I end up running into someone. "Bella? Is that you? Wow it's been awhile. How are you holding up? I heard about your mother and I'm really sorry. I hope she gets well." Why does everyone say that. Especially with the word having spread around in Forks, which is where my father lives, that she's dying.

"Hey Mike. Yeah it's been awhile. Let's just say I've been better, but thanks anyways. Look I'd really like to talk but I have to go. Bye." I make sure he gets the message with the last word and push past him. Especially since I really don't want to talk to him!

"Okay, bye Bella." Out of all the people I could have run into it had to be him. What's he doing here in Seattle anyways? Ugh, who cares, I need to concentrate on the road. The last thing I need to do is have an accident.

As I walk past the canteen on my way to my mom's room I end up backtracking to get something to drink for Alice and I. I'm sure she'll prefer this to water.

Once I realize Ursula's not around after sticking my head around the corner I keep going down the hall to my mother's room. "Hey Alice, sorry it took me so long. I had trouble finding something descent to wear and for something to eat. I didn't have anything at home so I stopped at Subway to get some good food. How long has she been asleep?"

"It's what, 8pm? I'd say about an hour now." That means she was up for about three hours. Maybe I should have stayed longer. I would have been able to talk to her for awhile. Alice looks up at me after having looked at my mom and her eyes start observing my face. "What's wrong Bella? And don't you dare tell me there's nothing wrong, I can see it in your face. You're not hard to read you know!"

Should I just tell her I feel guilty for having left or about running into Mike? Maybe it'll help to talk about it, here goes. "You'll never guess who I ran into at Subway on my way out. One word...jock." Her eyes practically pop out of her sockets so she already knows who I'm talking about.

"Newton? Spill it." Yup, I knew I only needed to say that one word to her.

"I can't believe he even has the guts to talk to me after everything he's done." Talk about bad memories...

**Bella gets a flashback 4 years earlier**

As I open my locker I hear Jessica ask what I've been trying to avoid. "Hey Bella, has anyone asked you to prom yet?" Thank God the locker is was blocking my face, especially since I can feel my face heating up.

Ugh, I can't tell her Mike asked me, or stated, as his exact words were, 'Hey Bella I'll pick you up at 8pm prom night.' I guess I can say 'no' since it wasn't really a question. "No Jess, what about you?" Pretending to look for something while my face cools down again, I wait for her to answer.

"No one yet. I was kind of hoping Mike would ask me though. I really like him, but don't tell Angela, I think she has a crush on him." Angela, yeah right. I wanted to tell her she's the only one in Forks that likes him!

Sensing my face cool again, I pop my head out and reply, "Angela likes Ben, not Mike. So don't worry about it. Why don't you just ask him yourself?" I hope she didn't notice the cockiness coming out through my voice. Man, I've been around her for too long now. I'm already starting to talk like her!

"I could do that, but I don't know. Wouldn't I look kind of desperate. I mean, it's usually the guy that asks the girl right?" Looking at her face I notice how dumbfounded she looks.

How do I say this for her to understand? "Jessica, this is the 21st century. Good luck with that. The old Chivalry with guys is pretty much gone, especially with Mike." I lowered my voice for the last three words but she caught on anyways.

"What's your problem. Mike's a good guy and a gentleman." I held my breath for that one because he was the total opposite of a gentleman. I don't see what she sees in him, he disgusts me and probably all the other girls here. He's always trying to grab and grind the girls while they walk by him. It's obvious the only thing on his mind is sex. Pig!

Realizing I grabbed the wrong books I reach back in to grab my biology books. "Okay, sorry. Anyways, I'll talk to you later, I don't want to be late for class." I wanted to get there in time to tell Mike I couldn't go to prom with him.

"Whatever. Later." I guess she's mad at me now for saying that about her Mike. How could she like someone like him? I guess looks can blind someone's thoughts. I can't say he's not cute but he's such a jerk.

Since it was a typical rainy day in Forks I tried to hurry to biology class and ran into Mike. "Hey Mike, I just wanted to let you know that I can't go to prom with you, I already have plans for that day. Why don't you ask Jessica, I know she really likes you." I made sure to say she in a different tone for him to catch on.

"Come on Bella. What can be better than going to prom with me?" Okay, that obviously didn't work, figures, he's not the brightest anyways. Man, do I have to draw him a picture? I think football's starting to take its toll!

"Look, I'm sorry Mike but it just can't happen alright." I start to stiffen while I see him closing in on me. He begins grabbing my butt as he backs me up to the wall, crushing me with his weight to prevent me from escaping. I can feel the movement of his right hand slowly going up the side of my body, all the way up to my left breast, lingering there a few seconds as my nipples were hard from the cold rain.

"Is this turning you on Bella?" He brings his hand higher and puts it behind my head tilting it sideways and starts kissing and licking my neck while his left hand slides up to my right breast to fondle it. "Oh Bella, I knew you still wanted me. You're as hard as I am." I start to feel something hard on my pelvis as he crushes me further against the wall. "Can you feel that Bella, that's how much I want you and I know the perfect place we can go to finish this off." He grabs me by the arm and drags me behind the building. I try to resist but he yanks my arm, practically pulling it out of its socket and throws me to the wall, knocking the wind out of me. The last thing I remember is a pair of emerald eyes a short distance away and an angelic voice asking if I was alright...


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