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Epilogue – Part II


I couldn't believe how much money we'd collected at the fundraisers we've had for the past year. We had also received a lot of cheques from big companies wanting to support our plans of opening that new hospital wing. More money was needed to accomplish what we wanted, but it sure was a great start.

My father looked at me with an enormous smile on his face after we'd counted the money once more. "I'm really proud of you, son, you've come a long way and your mother would be extremely pleased, too." His smile diminished, followed by a sigh. "I'd like to apologize for all those rude remarks I'd thrown at you when you were younger. It was inappropriate and careless of me, especially as your father."

"I think it actually pushed me to get my degree even more, Dad. I wanted to prove you wrong and now I have." I grinned at him. He looked at me in confusion. I lifted my index finger, indicating for him to wait a minute.

My eyes searched for that damn paper that proved I had passed my test and now had my medical degree. We hadn't had the graduation yet, so I didn't have the actual certificate, but these results would be enough.

After having searched for a few minutes, I finally found it and dashed back into the kitchen where we'd been counting our wonderful collection of money. I held up the sheet in my hands. "What's this?" he asked, curiously taking the paper as I handed it over to him.

His eyes started to get larger and larger as he reached the end of the page. Were those tears in his eyes? He looked back up at me with pure pride and when he blinked, a tear fell from each eye. Without saying a word, he came back to me and hugged me once more.

"I knew you could do it, Edward." He squeezed me harder, making it hard to breathe. "My son."

"Thanks, Dad," I managed to squeeze through my windpipe.

He laughed after he'd realized I could barely breathe and let go of me.

I was speechless as I looked at Bella in her baby blue dress, holding a bouquet of white lilies. Kudos to Alice for her great designs, which were practically selling themselves off the shelves lately. Bella's arm wrapped itself around mine after I'd offered it to her and we walked down the aisle toward the priest.

Carlisle looked at us with a smile on his face. I was happy for him to have found someone else to be with, especially since he'd been alone for so long and Esme was wonderful. I placed myself beside Jasper and Bella stood beside Alice. Emmett tagged along with Rose and then came the bride.

I fiddled around discreetly in my pockets to make sure I had not forgotten the ring.

Esme was mesmerizing in her wedding gown. Emmett elbowed me and when I looked at him with annoyance, he jerked his head toward my father; the look on his face was priceless. I hoped someone was getting this on camera.

The reception party that followed the wedding was great. Esme had decorated their new house in Forks, which Jasper had designed, with perfection. One thing I had to say was that Jasper fit in well with them.

They were all great at designing in their own way and they had talked about saving up to open up some kind of company that linked their talents together. At least for what Esme and Jasper did, it would work, but I wasn't sure how they'd fit Alice's clothing designs in there.

The first thing Bella did when we walked into the apartment was take her shoes off and sigh. "I don't know how anyone can wear those things constantly, let alone ones with higher heels. I'm actually surprised I didn't fall down at all."

She walked over to a chair and started massaging her feet. I grinned, got on my knees and rubbed her feet for her. "Do you know how beautiful you are, Bella?" She started to blush.

"You're just trying to make me feel better," she said, waving her hand as if to whisk away my comment.

"I love you so much. From the moment I saw you, to this day, you have been an inspiration to me. Because of you, I have found myself again after all those years I'd shut myself down once I'd lost my mother." I did not want to bring the haunting memory up of meeting her at school, that was for sure. I scooted in closer to her and took her hands in mine once I'd released her feet. I brought her hands to my face and kissed both of them.

Her hands were now placed close to my heart. "Do you feel my heart beat responding to your touch?" She nodded in response. "Since the day we met, it has always been beating like this when I'm around you. You are a part of me and I want that to be forever." I reached into my pocket for that ring that had been there all day, just waiting to be presented. "Will you marry me, Bella Swan?"


Excitement spread through me as I looked into the crowd for Edward and my father while I stood in line. I was near the end, of course, because my last name was still Swan, for now. It had been four years since I'd made the decision to go back to college and get a degree in radiology.

Those four years had been tough with all the fundraisers and schooling at the same time, but Edward had helped me a lot. I also knew he was anxious to move to Forks and open up the new wing that was just waiting for the grand opening.

As I went up the stairs when my name was called, I made sure to do it step by step and pay attention so I wouldn't trip, making a fool of myself. Once I had finally made it and was being handed my rolled up degree, I looked back toward the crowd and searched for my loved ones.

It actually wasn't hard to do, because I saw Emmett standing up, howling and clapping at me with the others. I smiled from ear to ear seeing him there since I wasn't expecting anyone other than my dad and Edward. But everyone was there cheering me on, even Carlisle.

My eyes filled with tears of joy, clouding my vision and someone started pushing me off the stage. "Miss Swan, you need to move so we can call the others up."

"Oh, I'm sorry," I said, feeling extremely awkward. I blushed and wiped my eyes, but it wasn't good enough to clear my sight and I missed a step on my way down. Luckily for me, Emmett was there to catch me. I have no idea how he'd gotten there so fast, but I was thankful he was there. He kept me wrapped in his arms and swung me from side to side.

"Congratulations, Bella!" he bellowed. I couldn't reply due to the grip he had on me.

"Emmett, you big goofball, let her go, she's turning blue," Rose stated.

He let me go and I hugged her. "Thanks," I said and she knew I wasn't only talking about her being there. He was a big teddy bear, but a strong one at that. I needed to go back to my martial arts classes and learn more tricks to get out of his grasp without hurting him too badly.

I saved my father and Edward for last. My father hugged me and lightly grunted. I backed away, because that usually meant he was on the verge of releasing tears and I knew he was uncomfortable when that happened.

I was thrilled to have everyone with me on this special day and Edward was beaming as much I was. I would be a new employee they could add to the list. Well, that's what he told me, anyway.

"I'm so happy for you, my love," Edward said to me once I'd finally reached him. It felt so right being in his arms. The comfort he provided was indescribable.

I scratched my head trying to figure out where to put the few things Edward and I had into this beautiful, huge house. Carlisle had given the house to Edward and Emmett since he already had a new house with Esme. I didn't really blame him for not wanting to move back into his old house where his wife passed away.

Emmett and Rose were moving in with us, but only until their house, which Jasper had designed with them, was built. He was such a good architect, it was incredible. I smiled at how things had turned out.

Edward now had his medical degree as a doctor and Alice had finally forgiven him. She'd graduated with honours a couple of years ago and Jasper had graduated a year later, followed by my graduation. Everything was coming through.

Tomorrow would be the day Edward and Carlisle would cut the ribbon to finally open up Forks' new hospital wing. It had been a lot of work to get everything right, but it all worked out in the end.

The only thing I was missing was my mother. I hadn't gone to the cemetery since we'd buried her ashes four and a half years ago, so when I reached her gravestone, I sat down and started to update her on everything that had been going on in my life.

I was amazed myself at how much had happened in such a short amount of time; Alice, Jasper and I had graduated from college, Carlisle and Esme were now married, Rose and Emmett were expecting a little one, the new hospital wing was ready to open and I was now living with the love of my life, to whom I was now engaged to.

A drop fell onto my hand after it had travelled down my cheek. I missed her laugh, her touch, her being there for me when I needed someone. Edward was there for me too, but the way my mother and I had been together could not be replaced by anyone.

Letting the tears race down my face was a relief. I had been holding them back for awhile now without realizing it. The pain was not as bad as it had been a few years back. Of course, it still hurt sometimes when I thought about how much I missed her, but I was slowly healing.


I bent over toward my father. "Man, these things are heavy," I said, as I held up the scissors to cut the ribbon.

My father and I each held one side of the scissors and grinned at each other. We pushed and the blades split the red ribbon, which fell to the ground. By the looks of it, we were not the only ones that were ecstatic about the opening. Everyone was cheering and clapping; I even heard a few whistles here and there, not to mention Emmett bellowing near the front.

The doors opened by themselves once we stepped under the sensor. I inhaled as I took in the magnificence of my new surroundings. It showed professionalism, but it felt comfortable, which was what we wanted. Patients would feel welcome and at ease as they waited to see someone.

"Oh, Edward, it's breathtaking," Bella gasped at my side. There were few people that had seen the finale of it before it was locked up until its proper opening. Both of us had been in that group, yet I had seen it during its construction, unlike her.

Rose plopped herself in one of the chairs and sighed, rubbing her belly. "I don't understand how this little thing can take so much energy from me."

Emmett walked up beside her and squatted in front of her. "I'm sorry, baby," he grinned as he spoke to her. "Mommy's just a little grouchy," he said as he started rubbing Rose's belly. Not finding his comment funny, she lightly smacked him upside the head while he laughed.

I heard Bella giggle and I took her in my arms and squeezed the shit out of her. Nothing stopped me now. "I feel so exhilarated, Bella. I have been waiting for years for this to happen and I have you to thank for it. You've been my anchor through all the troubling times and the crazy times too." I couldn't stop smiling and I slowly let her go to plant my lips on hers.

"Uh, Edward?" Emmett looked up at me from Rose's side. "I don't think you can bless this room at the moment." He smiled from ear to ear. "I'm sure you could do it in your office, though." He winked at me and wiggled his eyebrows at Bella.

She looked back at Emmett and started blushing. Why was she blushing? Did she want to get it on in my new office? I figured there was only one way to find out. I intertwined my fingers with hers and pulled her toward my office.

"I think I'm coming down with something, Doctor," Bella said to me as we stepped into my office.

I closed the door and made sure it was locked. "What are your symptoms, Miss Swan?" I sat in my chair, behind my desk and waved my hand at the chair across from me for her to sit in.

"Well, my body tingles, I get goosebumps, my nipples seem to perk up often and my crotch is always overheated and wet. But this only seems to happen when I'm with you. Do you have any idea what this could be? And if so, is there a cure, Doctor?" She batted her eyelashes at me as she bit her lower lip. I could tell she was blushing too.

"Hmm, let me think." I began tapping my fingertips against the shiny, mahogany desk. "Would you mind if I examine you, Miss Swan?"

"Not at all, Doctor. I mean, if it'll help you identify what the problem is, of course."

"Please take off your clothes and lie down on the sofa over by the wall. There's a blanket hanging off the armrest that you can spread over the cool leather," I said to her. I was already feeling a tightness in my pants as I watched her undress.

"I'm ready for the examination, Doctor," she said.

I walked over at her side and took in her beauty. "Let's start with the nipple problem, shall we?" She nodded at me and I cupped her breasts in my hands and squeezed gently. "Hmm, let's see if this works." I bent down and flicked my tongue against her nipples, one at a time.

"Mmm, that seems to help a little," she cooed.

My fingertips spread her folds and felt a slickness as I penetrated her with my fingers. She groaned. "Oh, Doctor, I think it's helping," she whimpered.

I stood up and took my clothes off. She spread her legs, welcoming me inside her. "I think you found it, Doctor. I believe, I'm cured." She started to moan from the pleasure and my balls were getting tighter and tighter by the second. Minutes later, the two of us were having spasms from our ecstasy.


It was hard to believe a year had already gone by. Everyone had been so busy getting everything in order and getting settled, but now, things were running smoothly.

Rose and Emmett had finally moved into their new house and left Edward and I alone. Shortly after, we all welcomed baby Caleb to the world. He was so cute with his hair, which was so blond it was almost white, and his eyes were the color of a blue lagoon. His cheeks were chubby, as was the rest of his body.

He had definitely been the center of attention until Alice proposed to Jasper. His face was of pure shock, which made it all the better. Of course he said yes after coming back to earth and Alice leaped into his arms, jumping with joy.

I think it was the next day that Alice was already planning her wedding. Poor, Jasper. But one day he finally decided to stick up for himself. "I'm sorry darlin', but this is drivin' me crazy. Why don't ya plan everythin' and come see me after? I'll let ya know what I like, darlin'." He looked at her with pleading eyes as he held his hat against his chest.

Alice squinted her eyes at him for a short moment, but then she shrugged her shoulders. "Okay," she said and then got up on her tip toes to kiss him.

He sighed after she'd skipped away and Emmett laughed out loud. "Dude, you should have seen your face, man." I'm sure Rose would have put her two cents in, but she'd left to join Alice. "You're one lucky bastard, that's for sure."

Alice came skipping back to us and looked at me. "Well, are you coming or what?"

In my head I was saying, 'no', but I knew I didn't have a choice with her, so I followed. Her wedding was going to be huge and I knew I definitely did not want to have one as big as her. I probably wouldn't even know more than half the people attending. Rose was on my side with that choice.

After a few months, my father was leading Alice down the aisle toward her husband to be. I could see Esme crying from where I was standing in the front. They were happy tears of course.


"Come on Edward, you can't be serious. This isn't a place to have a wedding. It's a damn log cabin," Alice practically shrieked in my ears.

"Well, it's a nice one and it's where Bella wants it. I've seen her look at it when there are celebrations and mention it would be nice a few times. She wants us to say our vows in the Gazebo at the back. The lodge is pretty big, Alice. There are several reception halls or whatever you call them, inside."

"I'm starting to wonder if it's not you that wants it there. You'll be saving lots of money that's for sure with this crap shack."

I exhaled deeply to keep my composure. "Listen to me. She. Wanted. This. If it would have been for me, I would have had a wedding like Rose and Emmett. I liked theirs, it was simple but also nice, or whatever you girls call it."

"Decorative, that's one of the words. What you're telling me she wants is too simple. The dress I'll be making for her will look better than the decor."

"Well then, talk to her about it. I'm just the boyfriend that wants to do a good deed and give her what she wants. She doesn't want anything big, Alice and this is our wedding. You know how she is, she's your cousin." I raked my hand through my hair as I looked at the page of information I'd gathered. "You know what, I'll go see Esme, she's the interior designer," I said and started to collect my shit from the table.

Alice tugged the papers out of my hand and said she would find something that would make it look better. I hoped she would see her mother, as Esme really was good with that stuff. Don't ask me why I went to see Alice first, because I don't know myself.

With the wedding being so simple, the preparation was done within a month or two. Bella wanted the wedding to start in the evening so people would have their day to themselves and we wouldn't have to pay for everyone's lunch or supper.

I told her not to worry about the price, but she still refused. "Not everyone likes the same thing, Edward and I don't want to have the caterers bring in all kinds of food. I don't want anything complicated. We can have small sandwiches, vegetables, fruits and other finger foods, but that's all." She looked at me pleadingly.

"Okay," I replied. In the end, all that mattered to me was for her to be my wife. She had mentioned having a small wedding would also be more comforting and we'd be able to interact with all of our guests, which was true.

The arguments with Alice and other stressful problems were all forgotten when I saw my wife-to-be walking down the carpet that had been laid out for her to walk on toward the Gazebo, where I was anxiously waiting. I was breathless as I watched her approach me with the sun setting behind her. It was the most beautiful sight a man could ask for. When I was able to see her more closely and her father had given me her hand to marry her, I felt my knees go week but quickly composed myself.

We had said our vows and the Priest had given us permission to kiss. I placed my hand behind her head and brought her gently toward me. Our lips interlocked and I felt her hands crawl up my chest to the back of my neck. The Priest lightly cleared his throat, which meant we'd gone too far.

I was so wrapped up with Bella that I only noticed the crowd cheering after the Priest had cleared his throat. Bella was blushing, which made me grin and squeeze her into my arms. "I love you," I whispered in her ear.

"I love you too," she replied to me and then we walked down the stairs into the crowd toward the reception area inside. It was convenient that everything was held in one place.

We danced for the first time as husband and wife. "I can't explain how extraordinary it was to watch you go down the aisle with the sunset behind you, Bella. I was breathless to see the most exquisite things before me. I am happy you chose to have our wedding outside, my love, it was beautiful." I bent down and kissed her on the lips once more.

She didn't have the chance to reply to me since her father came and whisked her away from me. That's when Alice came up to me and apologized for saying it would be a crappy wedding. "I never thought it could be so beautiful outside." Her hand had gone up to her chest and she walked away.


I wasn't too surprised to have found a few lingerie items magically appear in my top drawer. I looked at the tags, and there was the Trademark: Alice Hale Designs. I giggled at the memory of us trying to come up with a name for her line of clothing. It had been a Joke since she'd always be talking about Jasper, so I sarcastically said, "Why don't you name it, 'Alice Hale Designs'? You'll probably find a way to have Jasper marry you anyway." I didn't mention that the idea came to me from a dream I had.

We had laughed, but then she actually said she liked it. She kept it in her notes for future reference, which she obviously ended up going back to. I couldn't believe it when she said she was actually going to use that as her Trademark.

I decided to throw what she'd given me in the suitcase with my other clothing for our trip to Bora Bora. I was ecstatic when he told me he was taking me there for our honeymoon. It was the most beautiful place to look at once I checked it on the internet. I was speechless.

I was already daydreaming about us swimming naked under the stars in the beautiful turquoise lagoon. He had made sure we had one of the huts that were more private so we could do exactly that. My mind was lost in thought so much that I didn't even realize Edward was behind me until I felt his arms wrap themselves around me from behind.

"Where were you for the past couple of minutes," he said and I'm sure he was grinning.

"Picturing ourselves swimming naked," I replied.

He squeezed me a little harder. "Hmm, well now I understand why your eyes were full of lust." He kissed my cheek and moved more toward my front. Of course I blushed at his words, because, well, he was right. I was thinking naughty thoughts, but I was aloud to, I was married to him.

It was dark at our arrival, so we didn't get to see much while we were landing. Although we were pretty tired too after our long flight from Los Angeles, which was the only place you could fly from to Tahiti. We were welcomed and given directions to our hotel for the night until tomorrow, since we had another flight to take to Bora Bora the next day.

I was mesmerized by the view of it all. It was exquisite to look at from the plane, so I could only imagine what it would look like once we landed. The waters were much more colorful in real life compared to the internet pictures, and the white sands under the water made it all the more invigorating. Edward looked as fascinated as I was.

Our cabin was at the far end of the deck, where we'd be alone, as Edward had promised. It was beautiful inside and created an automatic feeling of relaxation. I exhaled deeply and took in a new breathe of the refreshing air that came in through the open patio doors; it was unbelievable.

There was even a window in the floor to view the fish in the water under the cabin. Edward joined me on the deck after he'd tipped the man that helped us with our suitcases.

My arms wrapped themselves around him. "Oh, Edward. It's so exquisite. Thank you," I said and got on the tip of my feet to kiss him.

"I agree with you, my love," he replied and kissed me back.

I felt the sun shining on my back as he caressed me lovingly. I was getting hot from the heat and the water looked tempting. I took a peek around to make sure no one was near and started taking my clothes off.

"Oooh, let me help you with that," he said huskily and started to unclasp my bra and then my pants. Within minutes the two of us were in the warm water, surrounded by colorful fish.

The color of the water brightened Edward's eyes. I smiled at the gorgeous sight in front of me and swam over toward him. He really did look like a green eyed god and he was all mine: physically, emotionally and now, legally.


As I walked back toward the bed from the washroom, I took in the beauty of my surroundings. Bella was sleeping on the bed with the rays of the moon and there was a little bit of turquoise from the reflection of the water also. It was mesmerizing and I had to take a picture. I needed to keep in mind to take out my notepad and pencils so that next time I could sketch the beauty that was indescribable on paper.

I decided to walk out onto the deck and take in the wonderful sight. The stars were bright, as was the moon, which cascaded its soothing light onto the waters of the lagoon. I was about to sit on the lawn chair when I heard a few light steps coming my way.

My body turned itself around to face the love of my life, my wife. She looked beautiful with her hair all tangled and her sleepy eyes. I wrapped my arms around her. "Are you feeling okay, Bella?" I asked her.

"I am now," she replied and pressed her warm breasts against my bare chest. Buddy below was on the verge of awakening from the feelings that coursed throughout my body due to the simple touch of her skin.

Her nipples perked themselves against my chest and I squeezed her even closer to me as I leaned in to kiss her luscious lips. My hands went down her back and up her sides, feeling the curves of her breasts. I pulled her up into my arms and carried her to the bed where we made love for the umpteenth time. The moonlight dispersed itself across our bodies which glistened due to the moisture that had formed itself.

The water was slightly cool from our overheated bodies after having made love, passionately. The moonlight still shimmered off the water as Bella and I relaxed together while our bodies returned to their natural temperatures.

The rest of our days seemed to go by quickly as they usually do when you're enjoying yourselves, but we took advantage of every moment we could. From the mornings where we were served breakfast from people in canoes to the evenings where we'd relax after a full day of excursions and lovemaking.

We enjoyed our life back home, but this was a blissful memory we'd never forget.

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