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A few moments later, Dae Su & Chobi took a walk to the village & they were amazed that the village have a festival. Dae Su who holds Chobi's hand has an idea in his mind for a few seconds until he begins to speak to Chobi.

"Hey Chobi"

"Yes Dae Su?"

"Would you…join the festival with me?"

Chobi blushed when Dae Su asked her out. 'This…is the first time…he has finally asked me out'

"*giggle* Yes!"

"Thanks Chobi" replied Dae Su who then walked to the festival to have a good time with Chobi. Both of them didn't noticed Lee San & Song Yeon who were also coming to the festival too.

Both of them were surprised that Dae Su asked Chobi to forgive him & give him another chance even though Chobi said that his love for hr comes too lat. But Dae Su wouldn't give up so he asked her again to forgive him & to give him another chance to show her that he has feelings for her. What surprised both Lee San & Song Yeon the most is that Dae Su suddenly asked Chobi out on a date & she said yes.

Now, both Lee San & Song Yeon followed the couple to the festival & they were surprised that Chobi agreed to enjoy the festival with Dae Su so both Lee San & Song Yeon decides to leave them alone. Lee San suddenly remembered the time when he & Song Yeon once had a date together at a festival in the same time before Song Yeon left him the next day because she is going on a trip to Qing *Aka China* with the art bureau group. He also remember the pain he had suffered when Song Yeon is not with him while she's in Qing for a few years. He couldn't stand being lonely without her any longer when he asked his best friend Dae Su to go to Qing to bring Song Yeon back but he's too late because Song Yeon has already left to go back to Joseon.

Dae Su came back to Joseon & told him that Song Yeon left behind her things in Qing because she doesn't have money. Lee San became worried about her & somehow…he starts to have more deeper feelings for her while thinking to himself in his room. A few days later, he was having a meeting with Hong Guk Yeong when all the sudden…his attendant, Nam Si Cho came in to the room & told him that Song Yeon has returned. Determined to see Song Yeon again, Lee San left the palace to see Song Yeon. When he got there, he realized that it is impossible for Song Yeon to open her eyes again, he ran to the room & was shocked to see Song Yeon laying down in the bed…unconscious & frail. Lee San felt that his heart is becoming broken when he saw her in that state & he embraced her with tears in his eyes.

Lee San still remembered the time when Song Yeon recovered a few days later & he was glad to see her opening her eyes again. It made him wanted to smile a lot when she came back to him with her eyes open. Suddenly, Lee San returned back to normal by Song Yeon who called out his real name "San". Lee San was glad that Song Yeon said his real name again since he sometimes wanted everyone including his parents to say his real name.

"Oh, hey Song Yeon"

"Are you alright?"

"I'm ok…I'm just in a daze that's all"

Song Yeon felt a little concerned about him. Lee San looked at her & stared at the festival…an idea formed in his mind.

"Song Yeon, I want to ask you something"

"Yes San?" replied Song Yeon who was curious about what Lee San is gonna say to her.

"Will you…enjoy the festival with me?" respond Lee San.

Song Yeon was surprised at this for a few seconds until she said "Sure San". Lee San was glad to hear her answer & went to the festival together with her. Lee San held Song Yeon's hand for some reason. Song Yeon blushed when she noticed him holding her hand.

The festival become so much for both couples as they were enjoying themselves. At fireworks went shooting up at the night sky, both Dae Su & Chobi noticed couples embracing themselves & gave each other a romantic kiss. Dae Su was pondering what to do while Chobi blushed.

'Am I receiving a kiss from Dae Su? No stop thinking like that Chobi; this is just your first date' thought Chobi who was still blushing. Dae Su looked at Chobi with love in his eyes.

"So…isn't my love for you still comes too late?" asked Dae Su with a smile on his face. Chobi blushed at this. Somehow, she now realized that his love for her hasn't comes too late & he shows her that he has feelings for her.

"Yes!" replied Chobi who then suddenly received a kiss on her lips by Dae Su who kissed her by surprise. She was surprised at this at first & then…she returned the kiss.

A little far away, both Lee San & Song Yeon were also noticing couples giving themselves a kiss too. Song yon blushed while looking at him. Lee San stared at her with a smile in his face. Somehow, he felt like as if he wanted to give her a kiss too…not only that, he felt that he has a desire to have her for himself even though he knew that he was selfish but he can't stop admitting the fact that he is in love with her. Lee San slowly pulled Song Yeon closed to him & hugged her which made Song Yeon gasped in surprise; she has never expected the sudden hug. Both Lee San and Song Yeon stared at each other for a few moments until they bring their lips close to each other & shared a passionate kiss as the fireworks still shoots out at the sky.

The end.

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