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So, here we begin again!

Risa opened up an Internet browser on her laptop and searched for any nearby modeling agencies. Not only did the same ones she'd clicked on before show up, but also the ones where she had been declined made it's appearance. She scrolled further down and scowled at the non-related searches.

"Jeez, who would've thought it'd be so hard to find a job?" she asked haughtily to nobody in particular. Stress creeped in on her again and she felt the urge to give up while she was behind.

"Yo, this is for real. You got mail."

She picked up her phone and flipped it open.

'I have the interview today so I won't be back until late. Good luck on your search. - Otani'

She made a fist in front of her face, instantly rejuvenated.

"I have to do my best! No one said it would be easy! I'm sure if I try my hardest, there will be a job out there for sure!"

And at that, she set off looking for modeling agency that would be honored to have her as a stylist, but as time ticked slowly, she sank lower and lower in her chair.

"This is impossible," she muttered. Something shiny caught her eye and they landed on her cellphone. Then she did what she always did when she was stuck or in trouble.

Call Nobu-chan.

"Nobu, I'm starting to feel really down about the job searching," Risa admitted to her friend when she picked up.

"Haven't found any agencies that are hiring?" she asked as Koizumi walked out onto the balcony of her apartment.

She tucked a piece of hair behind her ear that caught in the wind. "I've had a few interviews already, but no one seems to like my sense of style."

"That's impossible! Risa, you are a wonderful stylist!"

She felt a wave of gratitude towards her friend.

"I just get so nervous when they study me- I'm not on top of my game then."

"How close are you to getting a job now?"

Risa made an ugly face. "I haven't had an interview in weeks."

"You sure know how to create messes for yourself, Risa."

"I'm cursed," Risa moaned and she heard Nobu's laugh which made her smile.

"Maybe you could ask Mimi-chan about her agency. Ask if they are hiring."

"I didn't think about that!"

"Good luck, Risa! I know you will be a great stylist!"

"Thank you, Nobu. You are always such a good friend. I'm lucky to have you."

"I'm lucky to have you, too. Thank you for looking after Darling while I'm away again. Make sure he doesn't get lonely."

"Yes, yes. I've got it covered!"

"Bye, bye."

Risa shut her phone and put her chin on her folded hands. Suddenly, the sliding door to the balcony opened.

"Koizumi? What are you doing out here?"

She turned around as Otani walked out and crossed his arms from the cold.

"Just talking to Nobu about finding a job."

His expression grew strange.

"How is that going?"

Risa turned away and suddenly felt very self-conscious. "Fine."

"Have you scheduled any interviews this week?"

"I'm working on it," she mumbled. "Jeez, don't act so high and mighty. You don't have a job either yet."

He hesitated.

"Come inside, it's cold."

"Ah, I forgot to ask!" Risa said as she slipped her feet into house slippers. "How did your interview go?"

Otani looked up at the ceiling as she slid the sliding door shut. "I dunno. I was really nervous, so I can't tell what they thought of me."

"All well, there are always more schools out there," she sighed loftily.

"I didn't say I didn't get the job! Stop making assumptions!"

She blinked. "You...you got it?"

He hesitated again. "I don't know- but it doesn't mean that I won't! Jeez...I have no support system..."

Risa sat down at the computer and began typing frantically.

"What are you doing?" Otani asked blankly.

"I have to find a job!" she said panicking. "My midget boyfriend can't get a job while I stand around and watch!"

"You've got some nerve! I'm standing here, ya know?"

"If worse comes to worst I guess I could just become a full-time model."

"P-P-Please tell me your joking! There's no way you could-"

"I'm joking!" she huffed haughtily. He sighed and fell backwards onto their couch. "You're too relieved," she added, sticking out her bottom lip.

"Such an ugly face."

"Shut up. I am a model."

"It's so gross, I'm gonna die."

She jumped up from her computer and began chasing him around.

"Get back here, shrimp! I'll knock you another three inches shorter!"


Risa collided hard against Otani's bedroom door which he opened with precise timing. She slid down to the floor, her forehead red.

"Well, goodnight!" Otani crooned and twirled into their room.

Sitting back at the computer, Risa sighed and put her chin on her hands.

Would Otani have a job offer tomorrow? If so, what would that make Risa? She had to find a job quickly if she didn't want to be considered a free-loading leech.

She sighed and opened up a new internet browser.

It could only go up from here, right?


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