Chapter Twenty Four- Once Upon a Time

I woke up in a room that smelt of anti-septic. I woke up and saw a whole lot of light. Blinking a couple of times, I sat up realising I was lying in the middle of the floor. I rested my hand on my baby bump and looked around the familiar room until I realised where I was. My old room in the school. I started freaking out.

"Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit." I gasped. Zack knew exactly how to screw with my mind. Out of all the places that that stupid psychopath could trap me it had to be in here. I heard a little shriek from behind me and turned around to see a little dark headed girl fall out of the one of the cages.

"Are you alright?" I asked rushing over to her and crouching down beside her, poor thing looked like she was Lily's age. But when I looked at her I saw something surprising. She looked exactly like I did when I was little. It was a scary similarity. Was this a tiny clone? The three year old me got to her feet brushed her off and ran over to the door, acting like I wasn't even there. I got up and went over to where she was. She tilted her head to the side looking at the door for a moment. There handle was way too far for the little girl to reach.

Eventually after examining the door for a moment three year old me ran over to the corner of the room and grabbed one of the smaller empty dog crates. She dragged it over to the door and climbed up on to it before standing on it. She looked slightly unsteady but managed to pull on the handle and push the door open a crack, checking that the coast was clear. After a second of looking she pushed the door open more and jumped off the dog crate disappearing out the door. I decided to follow after her; it was a hundred times better than being trapped in the place where my nightmares came true.

I followed her down the familiar white hallway but spotted something on the wall. A calendar showed me that it was today's date but twenty-two years ago. Had I somehow discovered time travel? If this was twenty two years ago and I was twenty five then that really was me as a three year old. Speaker of three year old me she had dived under a medical cart suddenly. I soon figured out why, Ter Borcht was thundering down the hall way. I had no time to hide but he just walked past me. Okay, was I also invisible?

As soon as Ter Borcht had disappeared into a laboratory, three year old me was out of her hiding place. She was obliviously scared that she had nearly been caught so she began running. I followed her again, desperately wanting her to escape and to find a place where she could be safe. She turned a corner and bumped into someone her size, knocking them both to the ground.

"Watch where you're... oh." she began but then trailed off she saw who she had collided with. Unless I was very much mistaken, it was my husband at age three.

"Who are you?" he asked, standing up, offering three year old me his hand.

"I'm Violet, at least that's what they told me what my name was." She told him, taking his hand so he could help her up.

"I really like your name, I'm Iggy, I made it up myself." He said proudly. "I have wings and I live with my friends, they're called Max and Fang. Fang doesn't talk much and Max is really bossy."

"I have wings too but I don't have any friends." She replied quite sadly, I knew how she felt.

"I'll be your friend." He offered, getting a grin out three year old me. I could believe how adorable Iggy was. I could hear footsteps coming quickly and rapidly. "Quick, lets hide in here!" Iggy said pulling on her hand and dragging her into a supply closet. I slipped in after them keen to keep watching their interaction which was just so precious. I stood in the back of the closet.

"So, what are you doing out of your dog crate?" Little Violet asked, sitting on the floor cross-legged examining Iggy very curiously as well as she could in the dim light of the closet. Iggy felt around on the wall for a light switch and eventually found one so the closet filled with light.

"Me and Max and Fang were trying to escape but we met some erasers and got separated. So I've been wandering around to try find them but then I found you instead."

"I was trying to escape to but I didn't run into erasers. They're really scary." Iggy sat down beside my mini-me.

"I'm not afraid of anything." He told her smugly. I knew that it was a total lie, but at age three I didn't have either that ability to detect lies or the prior knowledge of all the stuff that freaked Iggy out.

"Wow, you're so brave, I'm not afraid of much but erasers do really scare me... and needles." She admitted, looking down at her knees. She was letting him in more than she'd ever let anymore in and more than she ever would for the next twelve years. I thought of all the stuff they would have to go though before they found each other again. He'd lose his sight and she'd fall in love with a lying deceitful scumbag and almost give up her life because of said scumbag. And then all the stuff they would have to go through even after they'd get together. In the present day, our relationship was hanging by a thread; it was hard to believe that we were once these innocent little kids.

"Well, I can protect you from them, not that you need protecting cause if you managed to survive all this stuff you must be pretty tough." Iggy smiled. "Being afraid of needles in erasers is okay because they're bad." He comforted her and you could see by her grin that it made her feel way better. Even then he knew how to make me smile.

"Where is he?" asked a frustrated voice from outside the door that I believed to be Max.

"We'll find him." Someone, presumably Fang replied.

"We're not leaving without him." Max was bossy and a leader even at three, although I guess she'd be four. Their footsteps could be heard disappearing.

"Don't you want to go with them?" My three year old self asked Iggy quietly when he didn't move.

"Nah, I think I like being with you more. Max and Fang are best friends and always leave me out of stuff. It sucks."

"That sounds really mean. I bet your way cooler than them." She told him quietly. They were both quiet for awhile until someone's stomach growled.

"Your tummy rumbled." Iggy laughed.

"Shut up!" Little Violet protested. "I'm hungry and it must be lunchtime." She crossed her arms and scowled at him. The first of many times that I'd gotten mad with him. Iggy got up and started looking around all the shelves. "What are you doing?" Little Violet asked curiously, obviously not mad at him anymore.

"You said that you were hungry so I'm going to find you some food." He told her. He started climbing up the shelves to see the higher shelves. I immediately wanted to tell him to get down from there because he'd hurt himself but I had to remind myself that he wasn't Luke no matter how much he looked like him. Plus, once Iggy set him sights on something there was no stopping him. "Um, I found some bread, it that okay?" Iggy asked.

"Yeah, that's fine." They sat down together and ripped open the packet, luckily the bread appeared quite fresh so I didn't try to interfere.

"So, how long have you been in the school?" Iggy asked.

"I don't know, I've been here as long as I can remember. I don't like it much, you're the only nice person I've ever met here."

"Max and Fang are okay but you're much nicer."

"Thanks. The people in the white coats are really mean. They put needles in me all the time and I told them that I don't like it but they still keep doing it." Little Violet pouted.

"They do that to me too, it's really annoying."

"So, what kind of things do you like to do?"

"I like making bombs, I steal stuff and make them and it's really awesome and I like setting stuff on fire. Sometimes when the erasers have come I throw my bombs at them and it stops them from hurting us. I like kicking Fang's butt but Max tells us off if we get too violent and-" Iggy was cut off by the door to the closest being wrenched open. A tall hulking eraser was standing on the other side making the two toddlers look like tiny mice standing next to an enormous elephant.

"Got ya!" he snarled nastily The two little kids shrieked and ran to the back of the supply closest where I was standing.

"Stop! They're just little kids, they need each other!" I screamed trying to grab onto the eraser but my hands just went though it like my hand was made of air. I felt helpless; there was nothing that I could do to save them. The toddlers were both clinging onto each other, Iggy looking as if he was about to cry and there were already tears pouring onto little Violet's face. She looked a lot like Lily did when she cried, making me feel even worse. Soon enough the eraser had them both in his tight grip. I remembered how those claws felt against me and everything came back to me. This was my memory, all of this had actually happened.

"You've got them?" a scientist asked from the door brandishing two syringes.

"Yes sir." The eraser replied holding the two innocent children out to the scientist. The scientist plunged one needle into each child's arm. Iggy was trying to be brave but I could see that he was trying to hold his tears back. My mini-me on the other and was screaming, squirming looking distraught. She'd been through this so many times before. Both of them suddenly when limp and the room was silent, they'd been given a sedative. That would have been why I didn't remember any of this happening.

"Take them back to their rooms and make sure that they are both adequately punished." Although I couldn't remember meeting Iggy, I could remember being punishing for something that I couldn't remember doing. That had been the first time that they had infected me with a deadly disease for their own testing purposes. The room suddenly went dark.

"I just love her-them so damn much." It was Iggy. "What am I going to do if they don't make it?" My twenty-five year old Iggy. I needed him really badly. I wanted his arms around me, this whole thing was just messing with my mind.

"Iggy?" I screamed, stumbling around in darkness. I couldn't find him. "Where are you?" I was in tears now. Where was he? I couldn't find him in this place, I wanted to get out of here.

"I'm right here." He said gently. But he wasn't, I couldn't feel him, I couldn't see him and I couldn't smell him. I could only hear his voice. I fell into a sitting position, I was nearly distraught as I had been as a three year old when I was getting injected by the scientist.

"I need you." I sobbed. I felt a hand tightening around mine and suddenly it wasn't dark anymore. Everything was suddenly alight with brightness.