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Chapter 1: You Came Into My Life

~About 5 months later~

I remember what you wore on the first day
You came into my life and I thought
"Hey, you know, this could be something"
'Cause everything you do and words you say
You know that it all takes my breath away
And now I'm left with nothing

So maybe it's true
That I can't live without you
And maybe two is better than one
There's so much time
To figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking two is better than one…

I was on the floor of my bedroom, lights off, crying. I couldn't remember the last time I cried, maybe it was years ago, but I didn't care. I replayed the song over and over again, and every time the chorus would come around a new tear would fall down my face. I felt alone as ever, in my darkened room. The girl I truly loved had told me she didn't love me back, and my friends blamed me for everything that had happened. I went through everything to be with her, even breaking up with my girlfriend, but I was so sure she felt the same way. And now, here I am crying my guts out like a wimp. Worst day of my life.

"Edward, sweetie we're leaving. Are you sure you don't want to come?" My mother asked me while she opened my door. "Oh, I'm so sorry…you don't have to if you're not up to it. Alice told me you had a rough day, but I didn't know…" She already had her arms around me, wiping the tears off my face with her hand. I loved my mother, she was truly the best.

"Don't worry about me mom…Um..you should get going before I ruin your outfit." I tried to reassure her, but it probably didn't help. "Really, I'll be fine. Go," I attempted to stand up, still shaking from the pain of crying. She looked me over, worried.

"Ok, just call me if you need anything. I'll grab a carry out from the restaurant, if you're up to eating when we get back." She smiled and closed the door on her way out.

I was surprised Alice left me alone. My sister was always the one to pry, then again she was going out to dinner with our parents, Carlisle and Esme, and she knew how miserable I was feeling. I checked my phone to see something I didn't expect at all. One missed call from Bella. Bella. After I cheated on her, and broke up with her to be with another girl, she still wanted to talk to me. I don't think I would even want to talk to me after what I'd done. Love can make you kind of crazy, I guess, but Bella didn't deserve it. Instead of calling me, trying to make things better as she always did, she should be the one with a pitch fork at my door ready to kill me.

I threw the phone on the floor, and pounced on my bed. I couldn't talk to Bella now, and I used to go to her for everything. She was my best friend, and my girl friend, and I couldn't believe how bad I screwed things up.

The tears came again and again after I tried to stop them. I was so pathetic. This was definitely the worst day of my life.

Finally I fell asleep, with my rapid tears calmed and my head on the soaked pillow. I didn't know how long I slept, but I was awoken by someone's hand stroking through my hair. It was probably my mother, home from dinner, but then they laid down in front of me. My mom wouldn't do that…that'd be awkward if she did. So I opened my eyes to see, not my mother, but a pile of golden soft curls. Rosalie. I had to be dreaming. I wrapped my arm around her waist. She was definitely here. I scooted in closer so that there was no space between us and my head was nuzzled in her hair. She felt so real and smelt so good. And then she grabbed the hand that was wrapped around her waist and pulled it to her face and caressed it. I could feel the tears that were streaming down her face, and then she kissed my hand, holding it to her lips.

"I'm so sorry Edward…" She whispered

This couldn't be real, she couldn't be here. I was dreaming. I had to have been.

~5 Months Earlier~

"Omigosh! I'm so excited! How do I look Edward?"

"You look beautiful Alice, as always. Now can we go?"

Alice had been preparing for this day ever since she heard about the new students. Twins I think they were, one girl and boy. Alice was particularly excited about the boy, considering how she claimed that every boy already here was no match for her, and the new students were from New York City, making them already exciting and many other clichés you'd expect someone from NYC to be like. Apparently the new students were loaded too, considering the estate they purchased just a few miles down the road from our house.

"Do you know why they're moving here of all places?" I asked Alice while we were headed to pick Bella up. We lived in Forks, Washington a small town with beautiful scenery but dreary almost every day. I don't see why someone would move here, when they had the option of moving anywhere they wanted to.

"Carlisle told me," she stated matter-of-factly. Alice was a year younger than me, but she was strongly independent and preferred things to be done her way, but I just considered her to be majorly spoiled. She called our parents by their first names, and of course they just accepted that. "He told me that he went to school with their dad, you know in doctor school. So Carlisle met up with him when he went on that mission trip to Africa awhile ago, and he told him how he works for a small hospital in a small town and they could use a few more doctors. After the mission trip they kept in touch and he wanted to come work here with Carlisle, and so now they're here." She smiled at me, and I had to laugh.

"What are you guys talking about?" Bella asked as she got in the car.

"Oh just the new students," Alice informed her.

"You mean the Hale twins?" Alice just about lost her jaw, when it snapped open. "You know their names?" she practically gasped.

"Jessica told me. Jealous?" Bella stuck out her tongue at Alice.

"No…so the 'Hale Twins' huh? That sounds kind of intimidating…do you know their first names?" Alice asked, completely intrigued.

"Yes…I do." Bella said calmly as she turned from Alice's attention and looked out the window.

"TELL ME!" Alice screamed out. Bella and I laughed. When it came to the latest gossip your sources were usually Jessica or Alice. Whenever Jessica knew something Alice didn't, it made her frustrated and quite hysterical to watch.

"Ok gosh…chillax Alice..Rosalie is the girl's name, and Jasper is the boy's name. Jessica told me they're both blonde and beautiful."

"Jasper Hale, how handsome!" Alice said as she completely zoned out, probably coming up with sexy images of this guy.

"What do you think Edward? I bet the girl is really gorgeous, but you don't like blondes, right?"

"Only if you happen to go blonde, my love," I joked and we all laughed.

I parked my Volvo right next to Emmett's giant Jeep, and we all hung out there till the bell would ring; it was an exceptional sunny day.

"You look really nice today Em. Don't tell me it has something to do with this new girl?"

"Huh..Heck yeah. I heard she's hot."

"Look is that them?" Alice pointed to a shiny red BMW pulling into the student parking lot. Definitely them, and they parked right next to us.

They looked like they came right out of those fancy magazine covers. The guy, Jasper was good looking, but the girl, Rosalie... Emmett was right. She was hot, I had to admit. Long blonde wavy hair, an outfit that looked like it belonged on the runway, and heels. The girl wore heels to school, not even Alice did that.

"Welcome to Forks High!" Emmett greeted them, well greeted Rosalie. "Oh let me help you with that," Emmett offered to hold her things.

"Thanks," she smiled. She seemed like an angel. Her voice was a perfect soft soprano, and she had the perfect smile. If I wasn't Bella's boyfriend I'd…

"Nice car," Emmett said, admiring it.

"Thanks again," she laughed, and I just about jizzed my pants. Crap! What was I thinking? I was happily in a relationship with Bella, and plus this girl wasn't even my type. She was beautiful but I could tell she was extremely vain. Definitely not my type.

"I should introduce you to my friends. That's Bella, and then the Cullens: Edward and Alice."

"Nice to meet all of you," Rosalie looked us all over, lingering her eyes on me. What the heck? I wrapped my arm around Bella's waist and kissed her hair, signaling to Rosalie that I wasn't interested in her. No one else seemed to notice.

"Dr. Cullen's kids?" Jasper asked.

"Yeah, nice to finally meet you." Alice answered as she reached her hand out to shake his. I knew she was exploding with joy in her little head. Step one to her plan of getting the new boy: complete.

Alice and Jasper began talking to themselves as they headed off to the school building.

"She's a cutie," Rosalie said.

" Yeah, I think you two would get along great," Bella added. I was a bit surprised she actually said something.


"Well, Alice loves fashion and shopping, and you seem to be into stuff like that. It would be nice for her if she had a shopping buddy instead of dragging me along..or the guys." Bella joked, always trying to lighten the mood, and Rosalie actually laughed with her.

"Thanks Bella. Maybe we all could be friends though?" Again she looked at me, with that face.

"Come on Bella, don't want to be late." I pulled her with me as we walked away from them.

"Huh..Thanks Rosalie!" Bella called out. "They seem really nice, but why did you have to do that?" She whispered back to me.

"Bella, love, couldn't you tell that Emmett wanted some alone time with her?"

"Oh…yeah right. I had forgotten that."

And she believed me.

"Alice don't you want to sit with your friends?"

"Come on Edward, if I sit with them, Jasper wouldn't join. You guys are seniors and so is he. You think he'd want to sit at a table with juniors? I don't think so. Omigod here he comes!" I'd never seen my sister so excited about a guy before. It was kind of weird.

"Hey Alice. Have you seen Rosalie? I was sure she had the same lunch as me."

"No, but you can sit here and wait if you want." Alice offered the seat next to her, and he sat down. She put on her best 'cute' face and started chatting away with him. A few minutes later Rosalie walked in with Emmett right by her side, still holding onto her things. He was trying too hard, and it was pretty obvious, but he didn't seem to mind. They came and filled the rest of the seats at the table.

"How was everything? Are you enjoying the school?" Bella casually asked.

"It's cool. Emmett walked me to every class so I didn't get lost. He's a real gentleman." She giggled, and so did Emmett. Beautiful girls were definitely his weakness.

"What's your next hour?" Bella asked.

"Physics…with Mr. Billings I think?"

"No way. Edward and I have that class!"

"Oh good! Well maybe you guys can take me there. I feel so bad for you, Emmett…you must be late for your classes."

"I don't mind it," Emmett said a bit offended.

"It's ok. Edward and Bella can take me…seriously I don't want to get you in trouble, and you can take me to my last hour ok?" She really did look concerned for Emmett, and he nodded his head in agreement. I could tell Emmett would do just about anything for her.

The rest of lunch went about the same. Alice and Jasper were in their own little bubble of bliss, while Bella talked with Rosalie about life in the city. Emmett filled me in on his day with Rosalie, mostly telling me how hot and amazingly perfect she was. I nodded and smiled when I need too, but most of the time I didn't listen. This Rosalie, supposedly the most beautiful girl in the world, was getting on my nerves.

"Edward could you please," Rosalie asked me.

"I'm not Emmett," I told her and turned to walk done the hall. When everyone else had left and it was just me, her, and Bella, she so kindly asked if I could carry her things. She was perfectly capable of doing it herself, and she needed to distinguish the difference of me and Emmett.

I didn't bother to look back, I knew Bella would be angry at me, but what's done is done. When I got to class I took a seat in me and Bella's usually lab table. I tried thinking of ideas of what to tell her when she asked me why I acted rudely to Rosalie. Possibly because she didn't deserve it, no wait, maybe it was because I just didn't like her. I couldn't think of anything. Hopefully Bella wouldn't push the subject…hopefully.

Rosalie and Bella appeared at the door, and Bella looked right at me. She wasn't happy and I knew I wasn't getting out of this without an explanation. And I didn't have a reasonable one…

Some words were exchanged with them and the teacher, and then the teacher pointed to me, and they all came over to my table.

"Cullen, you wouldn't mind if Miss Hale sat with you till she got the gist of the classroom? You're our best student, and I think it'd be easier on her." Mr. Billings said. I just nodded back, not sure if I really had a choice, and if I did, she definitely wouldn't be sitting in Bella's seats.

"Alrighty then, it's settled. Thanks Cullen!" He said and went back to his clustered desk.

"Bella, uh…where will you sit?" I asked her, as Rosalie sat down in her seat. I could suddenly smell the area fill up with her perfume. A sweet vanilla scent maybe, but it was Rosalie's scent now, so it wasn't pleasant.

"I'm sitting with Mike," She responded, with nothing more and went to sit with Mike Newton two tables behind me. She was mad with me…and maybe this was her idea that Rosalie sit with me so that whatever conflict I had with her would dissolve and we'd turn into happy friends, which I doubted would ever happen. I already decided that I didn't like her, and I never would.

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