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Tanglepaw woke up. This was so uncomfortable, being forced to stay out on the roofs of the town, the roofs that used to belong to TownClan. Medicine cats and elders lived here, where they could take herbs from the strange twoleg gardens. If she hadn't been Skydapple's apprentice, she would have been staying in the seacaves with the other warriors and apprentices. Queens stayed in the forest with a few apprentices to wait on them.

As to her former home, Tanglepaw felt a rush of bitterness. The hollow on the hill had been occupied by Wolfstar, her siblings and Whitefrost. It also had a former TownClan queen, Darktail, watch over Sunkit, Blazekit, and Grasskit, the hostages. Three golden eagles, controlled by Coyotehowl, circled it. These eagles fed the cats, and defended the hill. If Wolfstar wanted you, she would send one of the eagles and fetch you. Some even believed that she used the eagles as scouts to tell what the rest of the clan were doing, despite the obvious fact that eagles can't talk.

And there wasn't four clans. There was just WolfClan. Tanglepaw missed that the most.

Oh, great. thought Tanglepaw as one of the eagles descended to grab her. No doubt this was about Darktail. She snatched borage and poppy seeds, as well as soon cobwebs and thyme, then let the eagle carry her to the hollow.

The hollow had changed since she had last been there. The familiar scents were gone, some of the dens had fallen into disrepair, and the fresh-kill pile was no more that a little blood stains on the ground.

Wolfstar sat on the Highrock. Tanglepaw felt loathing course from her center and felt like it was coating her fur. Wolfstar, the vile...

" Wolfstar, the apprentice is feeling hostile." said Batgaze. " Should I attack her?"

Stupid! Of course Batgaze would notice.

"No, Darktail would still need her, but if she persists you may maul her after Darktail's done."

Tanglepaw frantically hushed her loathing with worry for Darktail. She kind of liked the queen, despite her coldness to anyone other than the kits.

She entered the former MoorClan nursery. Darktail was laying on her side, with the kits clustered around her.

"Push!" Tanglepaw said. She gave the thyme to Blazekit, who rushed over and gave it to Darktail.

It wasn't a hard birth. But Darktail only had one kit.

"I'll name him... Tigerkit." She said, looking at the tabby tom.

" Good name." Tanglepaw was so thoroughly relieved with the easy birth that Batgaze decided not to attack her.

One of the eagles swooped down and took her back. As she was flying through the air she began to think, trying to use her power to see the future of Tigerkit.

Her vision turned black. Good, I'm making progress...

But what greeted her wasn't anything that should be in a kit's future

Cats in a circle. " to kill or else drive out the tyrant Wolfstar" was all she heard before coming back to where she was.

"Are you OK?" said Skydapple.

" No, I'm tired. Can I go to sleep?" If anyone could help now, it was StarClan.

" Go ahead." he probably thought it was the birthing.

Once more, she was in that familiar StarClan clearing. Brightcloud came over to her.

" Hello Tanglepaw. I heard about the vision."

" I know. That poor kit!"

Brightcloud looked at her. " It wasn't about Tigerkit."

" Thank StarClan."

" It was about you."

Tanglepaw's heart seemed to pound straight through her chest.

"Brightcloud..." but Brightcloud's eyes were far away.

" Even while the Wolf is upon its throne, Rebel looms in the shadows. Wolf shall defy Rebel, and cast it away, but Rebel will return, and Darkness will choose who wins."

Dun dun dun! What is Darkness? What has it got to do with Rebel and Wolf?

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