Mrs. Moonbeam Dew. I don't mind the criticism. It was helpful, and it definitely wasn't a flame. I kind of did mary-sue a few characters at the beginning, but I'm getting better.

I finally got over my worst case of writer's block I've ever had.

Bluestar was the leader of RebelClan. In a way, she was the one most in trouble. But, thank StarClan, her power made her the safest.

She was at the front of her sisters. Saberheart and Darkpaw had been taken by the eagles, and Wildfire had vanished.

Bluestar was currently cursing her own stupidity. Why hadn't they made some sort of a plan if they were found out to escape? RebelClan could be anywhere by now.

Bluestar was hungry, tired and depressed. Her whole clan might be dead or imprisoned by now. She didn't even know if the kits had survived or not.

But Bluestar was the leader of RebelClan. And she had to hold it together for all of them.


Nightblaze had considered running everywhere to get a vantage point, but, like all cats, she can get tired.

Blazepaw glared at her. " Why are you still standing there? We should go fight them!"

" But we can't win. Wolfstar will capture them and torture them. I don't know how, but she will. She'll know everything soon, and soon resistance will be hopeless."

" They shouldn't we get started as soon as possible? Rescue them before they're tortured?"

" It may be too late."

" No, it isn't. It won't hurt to try."

Nightblaze looked at him deeply, her eyes full of sadness.

" It will, Blazepaw. We could all get killed, or maimed, or captured."

" Then what can we do?"

Nightblaze sniffed. " Nothing."

Sunpaw turned to her. " It's not nothing. There's got to be some way out or something to do. StarClan wouldn't leave us."

Nightblaze turned to him. " Wolfstar taught you about StarClan?"

" Darktail did. And StarClan hasn't turned their backs to us. They never will."

Blazepaw's eyes lit up. " Nightblaze, I think I know what to do!"

Nightblaze turned. Sunpaw's words had given her hope. " What's that?"

" Find Bluestar. Run till you find her."

" I'm almost tired."

" But not yet. You can find her."

Nightblaze rose to her full height, bristling. " I lost you once. I won't lost you again."

" We'll be fine. Trust me."

Nightblaze opened her mouth to argue, but he was right. " Fine. I'll hate myself forever more for this, but I'll do it."

And Nightblaze ran and ran into the night.


" Ow! Owowowowowowow! Wildfire, can't you at least loosen your grip a little? I'm a Clanmate, not prey."

Wildfire considered squeezing him until he shut up, but put it aside.

She landed and went back to cat. Darkpaw gasped for air to emphasize

" Sorry, but I prefer not dropping you. " she said rather coldly.

He hissed. " How about crippling me?"

" If we can find a cat who's power it is to heal, I might. " she snapped. Then her demeanor changed. " Sorry Darkpaw. It's just I'm stressed about tonight."

" Who isn't? " said Darkpaw sarcasticly.

" I'll try to loosen my grip."


Tanglefur was already at the meeting place, waiting for her clanmates in what she had seen in her vision. Stoneshadow and Waterdapple were with her, she having lead them here.

" OK, Tanglefur, why'd you lead us here?" asked Stoneshadow.

" Umm... I like it here?" she tried, too late, to add a snobbish edge to her voice.

Waterdapple stepped forward. " You have some sort of power, don't you? A power that leads you to promising bits of land, or to know where others are going to go, or ....something?"

Tanglefur nodded.

Stoneshadow inclined his head respectfully. " OK, then, we'll wait."


Bluestar wandered into the clearing with her sisters, just as Nightblaze came in.

" Bluestar!" she yowled, coming to touch noses with her.

" Nightblaze! You're all right!"

" We're all right too. " purred an amused Tanglefur with Stoneshadow and Waterdapple.

" The kits are safe. I'll go get them." said Nightblaze. She raced off.

" What's that!" yelled Waterdapple, looking skyward.

Bluestar followed her gaze. " One of Wolfstar's eagles! Brace yourselves."

Stoneshadow said. " To the Dark Forest with this! I'm a warrior of RebelClan!" he then faded out of sight.

Tanglefur closed her eyes, her marks on her ears and eyes glowing.

Mistyheart created lots of wind, till the eagle was flung helter-skelter around the area.

Tanglefur opened her eyes and yelled. " Wait! Let it land."

Bluestar, trusting her,yelled out the order to stop, and the eagle landed.

Darkpaw was in it's talons! Bluestar would have leaped forward then and there, but Tanglefur cautioned her with a glance.

Darkpaw leaped out and landed. " You were still squeezing to hard." he said, complaining.

Then the eagle landed and transformed. The thin yellow legs stregthened and fleshed out, and the talons retracted. The feathers in the wings tucked into neat gray fur, and the tail tightened and grew.

Then the face transformed. The cruel mouth softened, the two holes in the beak turned into a pert little nose, and the blazing yellow eyes changed into the expressful green eyes of Wildfire.

" Wildfire! You you aren't a warrior yet." stuttered Wetfur.

" Yes, I am. I'm a warrior of RebelClan, and I can shapeshift into any animal I choose." she said levelheadedly.

" I evade all senses but touch." said Stoneshadow. He had already demonstrated.

" I evade touch." said Waterdapple.

" I can see the future." said Tanglefur.

" I run faster than anycat." said Nightblaze.

Darkpaw sighed. " I guess I'm Darkfur, and I can make cats blind."

" I guess that we defied StarClan." chuckled Waterdapple.

" No, we didn't. We are a true clan now, as well as warriors of that clan." said Bluestar.

" We are RebelClan." said Mistyheart reverently.

" We are RebelClan." said the rest of the clan."

" I guess we'll have to travel out to the edge of the desert." said Bluestar. " No cat dares to cross the endless sands, where there is no food or water."

" They crossed them long ago." said Wildfire. " When they fled from BloodClan."

" But the elders said tthat they came from the mountains." said Wetfur.

" Your elders say different things from ours." said Wildfire.

" You have Blazepaw and Sunpaw?" asked Bluestar, nodding toward her deputy.

" Yes. They're safe, close by."

" Wait! We can't leave without Saberheart!" cried out Darkfur.

" We're going to have to." said Mistyheart. She still housed distrust for her sister's murderer.

" She's right. Saberheart's fate rests in the hands of StarClan now." said Tanglefur.

And RebelClan left the home of their kithood, and turned their backs on the setting sun.

And another chapter of the Alternate series ends. I don't know how many books, but I'm planning on a trilogy. Hope you don't all hate me for my inexcusable absence from writing.