AN// This story is not perfect, it's nowhere near canon and contains much slash. There are at least 2 gay couples in this story so if you don't like that, please don't read. Reviews are welcome, constructive criticism is welcome, flames will be laughed at and then passed around to other people to be laughed at some more.

Harry awoke in a soft bed, in a warm, comforting room. He looked around, confused, and didn't recognize anything around him. Rich silks, warm colors mixed with deep blacks, beautiful paintings. This is most certainly not the room Harry slept in last.

"Ow!" Harry whimpered as the pain in his head and gut reminded him of the morning's events. What the hell possessed him to walk around all those shadowed streets that early in the morning in the first place, he wondered.


Harry was wandering the streets of New York City alone. He had been hiding since the media fiasco that immediately followed the death of Voldemort at his hands. He hadn't even been able to apparate to the grocery store for milk without being hounded by countless reporters wanting the next story, so he fled the country and hadn't spoken to any of his old friends in more than six months. He hoped that someday he could go back to England and live a normal life.

Lost in thought, Harry made a wrong turn and ended up in a very seedy neighborhood. In a hurry to get back to a nicer party of the city, he bumped into a rather nasty looking man who shoved him to the ground, yelling "Watch where you're going, rich boy."

Harry tried to get up to leave, but the man had no intentions of letting him leave that easily. He kicked Harry back to the ground and several of his friends came running and they began beating and kicking Harry.

When Harry was barely holding onto consciousness he felt his attackers dragging him into an alley and his clothes being pulled off. As one of them entered him roughly, he did the only thing he could think to do he pulled out his wand and stupefied one of his attackers, knowing that the use of his wand would alert the Ministry of Magic and they would send someone to his aid.


"I must have a death wish," he muttered, and then laughed at the thought. "Fuck!" he winced again as the laughter brought more pain in his sides and back.

Someone stirred in the room, and Harry realized that he wasn't alone. He scooted to the other side of the bed and curled in a ball, reaching for his wand, and then realizing that he was in just his boxers under the sheets. For a moment he was embarrassed but quickly the embarrassment turned into fear.

"Sirius?" he asked timidly, when he realized who was moving in the chair in the corner.

"Oh cub! You're finally awake!" Sirius exclaimed as he jumped from his chair.

"Where am I?" Harry asked

"Malfoy Manor. My home." Sirius said

"Why are you here? Why am I here?"

"I live here, cub. We've been so worried about you. Lucius healed you with the best of his abilities, but we've had to send for someone else to deal with some of your injuries that we couldn't manage."

"We? Lucius?" Harry asked with a confused look toward Sirius.

"Oh cub there is so much that you've missed during these past months. I'll explain everything later but for right now, you really need to rest and let your injuries continue to heal while we wait for Severus to arrive"

"Severus!?! As in Severus Snape? Why would Snape help me? He hates my guts!"

"We'll talk later cub, drink this and rest" Sirius held a small glass to Harry's lips, and he drank the contents, and then grimaced.

"That stuff is bloody awful, you know." Harry spat.

"Dreamless sleep," Sirius replied, with a little smile, as he helped Harry get settled back into the bed.

"Siri, how did you find me? I've been running and hiding all these months, afraid to let anyone that I know where I am, and you come to my rescue after I get the bloody hell stomped out of me, in the muggle world."

"Lucius is a very powerful wizard, Harry, both in the magical and non-magical communities. He and I have been searching for you since the day that Voldemort died and you saved the world. Luc received word from his private investigator that your wand was used to cast a stunner in New York City, in the US and he gave us coordinates to apparate to. It's a good thing you used your wand because you'd lost a lot of blood. We found you quickly were able to bring you back here before you lost too much blood and had to be transferred to St. Mungo's." Sirius explained. "Rest now and I'll answer anymore questions that you have later, once you wake again."

"Why….." Harry mumbled as he drifted to sleep.

Sirius planted a soft kiss on the bruised forehead of his cub, and said "You'll understand soon cub, I promise" and quietly slipped from the room.