AN: This is the final chapter folks. Enjoy! Only one person gave me suggestions, so her suggestions won and this chapter and the one before it are for her.

Harry sat at the head table and watched the students file into the Great Hall. He glanced to his right at Hagrid's enormous empty chair before reaching under the table to his left and squeezing his sour faced boyfriend's thigh.

Severus turned his head sharply and monentarily glared at Harry before his face softened ever so slightly and he managed a slight smile for the younger man that he adores so very much.

Harry beamed at the small display of affection in front of the students. He squeezed Severus' thigh again, showed the older man how much he really appreciated the slight smile.

Neither man noticed the looks that passed between many of the more observant students. At that moment, Harry and Severus only had eyes for each other.

Just as the whispers started, Hagrid led the first years into the Great Hall. Professor McGonagall stood in front of the line and began calling out names.

Cheers and jeers rang through the Great Hall as students were sorted into their houses.

The last names were called and Professor Dumbledore stood and mad his yearly speech, ending it by announcing the new professors for the year.

Harry was so deep in thought that when his name was called, Severus had to nudge him, bringing forth giggles from several female students.

After the feast was finished, Harry and Severus returned to their quarters and Severus asked the question that he'd been wondering about all night.

"Harry, what were you thinking about at dinner?"

"I was just realizing how lucky I am. I'm back in the first place that I ever called home, I have a real family, no matter how unconventional. Most of all, I'm in love with a wonderful man who loves me back. What else could I possibly need?"