What does the cover mean?

Which cover? Say it with me, people: a coherent sentence contains a conjugated verb (or just a participle if you're feeling lazy), a subject, an object, and in the case of this sentence, A GENITIVE, BITCHES.

What does the title mean?

See above.

What does the Book I prologue refer to?

You actually think I put enough effort into writing it that I remember the stuff I put down all those books ago? How quaint.

Why the big build-up for a fight that didn't happen?

Pure unadulterated evil. Oh yes.

What was the other book besides Midsummer Night's Dream that you said influenced Breaking Dawn?

I said what? I hate Shakespearean comedies. They're plotless at best. The only stuff Shakespeare was good at was the tragedies. Hello Richard III.

What happened to Marcus's wife?

I was like 'om nom nom' and then she was like 'dead'.

How different is Breaking Dawn from Forever Dawn? What changed, what stayed the same, and why? Will you ever post extras from Forever Dawn?

There was something called Forever dawn? This is news to me.

Why the name Renesmee?

I was toying with Rainbow, but that seemed to hippie. To I just hit my keyboard at random with my eyes closed and this is what came out.

What's the deal with "shapeshifters"?

Had they been werewolves, they might have actually been kind of cool, unlike a bunch of teenagers who occasionally fursplode into giant fuzzy woodland creatures. And if you haven't yet picked up that I tend to veer towards the boring fluffy plotless option, then clearly you haven't actually read any of the crap I've published.

What happened to Leah?

She grew a personality. At long sweet motherfucking last.

What happened to Sam's father?

Leah's personality killed him.

Is Billy actually Ephraim?

Probably not, because that would be really really really weird. And would no doubt contribute to some pretty fucked up inbreeding.

Who is Embry's father?

It's a secret!!!!!

Vampires and pregnancy: when did that idea occur to you? How does that work?

Basically I took something I read in an Anne Rice novel, and then crossed it with that thing from Alien which bursts out of that guy's stomach. Voila: creepy evil demonspawn.

Why did you decide to end the saga?

I had run out of Mary-Sue action. And now that they've finally had sweet sweet love, it's nowhere near as fun to write. Basically because there's nothing to write towards. At least in the earlier books there was the sexual tension (or what you all think was the sexual tension) to keep it going. Now they just shag each other all the time. BOOOOORING. And I'm sorry what? Saga? Twilight is not a saga, sweeties. The Forsyte Chronicles are a saga. Harry Potter is pushing it, but could be described as a saga. Twilight is just some chronicled teen angst.

How do you feel about the Breaking Dawn controversy?

There was a controversy?! Damn, I need to stop getting my news from reputable sources.

I've heard you say that you think Breaking Dawn should be two movies. Why? Also, that it might be impossible to film. What does that mean?

Why? Money! Why else did I bother to write this shit. But yes. Two movies = double the money. And it won't be impossible to film, we'll just continue covering everyone in talcum powder and glitter like we did in Twilight. No-one said the sparkliness or paleness had to actually look vaguely plausible.

Is Bella an anti-feminist heroine?

Duhh. Not to mention somewhat passive aggressive with narcissistic tendencies. But mainly anti-feminist.

What are you going to do next? Will you continue with the Twilight universe?

Wait…what? Universe? No, no, no, no, no. Twilight is not a universe, just a little figment of my imagination which had the added perk of making me ridiculously rich. But if I happen to come up with a continuation of my little Mary-Sue escapade, of course I'll publish it. And there will be much lamentations unto the heavens, and there will be an explosion on fanfiction, but Harry Potter will always be ahead of twilight with regard to numbers of stories. 420 000 – 120 000. HP FTW.