Alfred slammed the door closed, pissed off. He was technically an adult now! His Dad shouldn't be grounding him for staying out late anymore! He lay down on his bed, not even able to play Xbox. Dad could be such a tight-ass sometimes. How was he even able to stand Papa?

And he was always the only one to get grounded, too. He had been like, what, ten minutes late? Alright, so what if Dad said it was an hour, Matt had been late before, too! But had he ever been grounded? No, of course not! He was the good child. Perhaps that pissed him off more than anything. Of course his brother must do bad stuff, too. He probably had a bunch of porn mags hidden under his bed.

Hm, that was a thought. Maybe if he found something on his look-a-like, Dad would be less harsh on him... Alfred stood up and went out of his room, headed for the one down the hall. Pounding on the door, he yelled, "Matt! Open up!"

Quickly exiting out of the document he had been working on, the younger blond just sighed as he opened up a new window on his computer and started checking his email. "The door's unlocked!" Matthew said, muttering 'Idiot' in his mind. He better not be trying to get him to butter up their parents again to lessen his punishment.

"Hey, are you doing homework?" Alfred leaned in, trying to get a peak at the screen. He placed a hand on Matthew's shoulder, reading the emails over his head. "Do you ever get emails from your friends? These are all from websites!" He gave a laugh, trying to think about how he was going to get the man out of his own room.

"Just because I can't be as popular as the 'Heroic Alfred' doesn't mean that I don't have friends. We just... Prefer to talk face-to-face." He finished lamely, trying to ignore his brother hovering over his shoulder. It really was putting a damper on the roll he was in for his story. Hopefully he would get bored soon and leave him alone. Getting rid of the spam, Matthew then put his laptop on the side table. Running his fingers through his messy, wavy hair, he sighed. "What do you want anyways?"

"What? You get all suspicious just because I want to spend time with my bro?" Al said, messing up Matthew's hair even more. "And, while I'm here, do you think you can, um, help me with the Math from today? I'm totally confused." It was a lie, of course. Alfred didn't even know what they were doing in Math. But he knew that Matt always kept his bag downstairs, so he might have long enough when he goes to get it to snoop around in his room.

Not entirely surprised, Matthew just pushed the offending hand away from his head and sighed again. Dad always told him that he would stay short if he did, and obviously it wasn't a lie considering just how short he was even compared to Matthew. Their English father was the king of sighing."Since when did you even care about Math?" He started before just shaking his head and getting off his bed. "Whatever. I'll go get my books."

"Thanks!" Glad they were in a big house and it would take Matthew at least a few minutes to go get his books, Alfred watched his brother's retreating back. "Get some snacks while you're down there!" That should buy him some more time. The blond sat down on the chair, quickly looking at the laptop. There had to be something on here.

Nothing suspicious on the most visited pages online. So next, to check recent items. Nothing particularly interesting by the first glance. Might as well check them out, since he was sure he had a few minutes. There was a document called 'Cold Nights2'.

Aaron looked deep into his eyes, telling Mike everything he needed to know. About how the only reason he was going to that school was so they could be together, about how he has loved him for so long.

Dipping his head, Mike took those luscious lips with his own, feeling as if he was falling. This was obviously wrong; they were both men, after all. But it didn't matter to either of them as their hips ground together, creating lovely friction.

Eyes wide, Alfred stopped reading. What was going on? Why was something like this on Matt's computer? Was he writing it? No, it couldn't be... could it? But, it was really well written...

Where was the start of it? It was obvious that he had started reading in the middle of the story, so where was the beginning? A quick search and he had it. 'Cold Nights1' of course.

The class was full of new faces, all except for one. Mike sat next to Aaron, not even stopping a second to wonder if he was welcome. Of course he would be. They had been through far too much together to no longer be friends.

They both admitted their relationship was a strange one. They had met when they started dating twins, Aaron dating the younger one, Mike the older. But, just when -

"What are you doing??" Matthew asked, refraining from yelling out. He had grabbed a bunch of snacks -because he knew just how much Al ate- and his Math binder and was now seeing his brother going through his personal property!

Oh shit, when had he gotten back? "Haha, just checking out your emails!" Alfred said, exiting out of the document sadly and opening an email at random. He had found what he wanted to find, of course... but if he told dad about it, would he be able to finish reading the story?

Sighing again, the younger sibling just threw the bag of chips at the other and sat on his bed. "I guess that means you still haven't figured out the concept of personal space yet; Not that I'm surprised." He added quietly. "Ok then, what part do you need help with? Other," Matthew stopped Alfred from talking by covering his mouth with his hand, "than everything."

"Um... well the stuff we learnt today I guess..." Now, just what was it they had learnt today? He was sure he had heard something about a graph at one point. Damn, he wanted to read more of Cold Nights! "But come on, I respect your personal property! There was once a doughnut in the cupboard that had your name on it, and I left half for you!"

"I'm still upset about that by the way. I was saving it from Timmys!" Pushing aside his slight anger as usual, Matthew just opened his book to what they had learnt previously and started to forget about Alfred's snooping. "Ok, so I'm going to just assume and hope you know what the differences between a sine and cosine sinusoidal graph is."

"Ya, sure, like SOH CAH TOA and all that shit, right? Just punch it into your calculator." Man, if that was all they needed to know, there was no point to go to class anymore! Not that he went that often anyway. But seriously, what happened with Aaron and Mike to make them such good friends?

"Sure, if you were still in Grade 8 Math maybe. Knowing you though, you probably should be. No, these are things like graphing tides and ferris wheels and moving a y equals cosine of x graphs to be negative three cosine of two x minus two pie over three plus one point five. I'd like to see you solve that with a calculator." Matthew inwardly wanted to smash his brothers skull in with his textbook, but obviously it wouldn't be an improvement to his already lacking mental processing.

Staying silent for a second, Alfred then patted his brother on the back. "Don't worry, you'll get laid eventually." Then he stood up and started walking to the door. He had gotten this far in Math by cheating, so why stop now?

Fighting between taking Al down with a running tackle and killing him or just going back to writing, Matthew just decided to blush and slap his forehead with his palm. His brother might be the coolest person in their school -Not like he was jealous or anything- but he was definitely dumber then a doorknob. Putting the work away, he then grabbed his laptop again and opened up Cold Nights again and blushed a bit again as he realized just where he left it off. It was still a bit awkward for him to be writing things like that, but he knew all the people that were reading it online wanted Aaron and Mike to finally 'consummate' their relationship.

Matthew himself knew he was at least bi since he did think girls were somewhat attractive. The only thing was that he found guys even more hot then women. Not that it was really a problem if he was to ever tell his parents since he was probably one of the only families that had two guys for guardians. It was more the fear of being bullied at school and bugged by Al if he ever said anything about his secret fantasies. Instead, he decided to just write about them with random, made up characters.

Bringing up another document for his French homework in case someone decided to come in and interrupt him, Matt then continued to write out his story. Times like this he was extremely glad that his Papa had finally convinced Dad to get him his own laptop after Alfred consistently crashed the main one a day or two before his projects were due.

It was when Alfred was lying in bed, trying to go to sleep despite the fact that it was only 10 o'clock (he hated being grounded) that it hit him. Those were definitely two guys that had been in Matthew's story. So did that mean Matt was gay? Wait, he had liked it! Was he gay?!

Not that he had anything against gays. Obviously, considering his parents were gay. But he liked girls. Or at least according to every single sexual situation he had ever been in. But then why was he so interested in the relationship between Aaron and Mike?

Damn, he couldn't even make fun of Matt for being gay, because then he would know that he had read the story and he wouldn't be able to finish reading it! Sneaking into his brother's room wouldn't be a problem, since he did it all the time. So, every once in a while, Al could pretend to be sick and stay home from school, or something like that, and read the story. Simple, really. And no one had to know a thing. Well, maybe he would tell Dad about the porn story... after he finished reading it. Ya, that would be a good idea.