"Alright, just have to get over here..." Alfred said, leaning over Matt to get to under his pillow, pulling out a bottle of lube. He quickly squeezed some out on his hand, and went back to Matthew, who hadn't appeared to move an inch. Before putting them anywhere around his hole, Al gave him a reassuring kiss.

"D-Don't hurt me too much please..." He whispered against Alfred's lips. If this was going to be like anything he had read, it was going to get a lot worse before it became pleasurable. But, he trusted Al enough to stop if it was too much to handle.

"It won't, don't worry." Well, he hoped it wouldn't. Alfred had only had sex with girls, so he really had no clue what it was going to be like for Matt. But, thanks to the stories, he knew that he definitely had to prepare him first. So he nibbled lightly on his ear as he put in his first finger, nice and slowly.

Gasping lightly both from the finger entering him and the mouth playing with his ear, Matthew let Al continue to push his slicked finger into his entrance. He didn't really know what he was expecting for a sensation, but it was mostly just strange; no real pain. "Y-You can keep going. I'm not made of glass..."

Laughing lightly against his neck, Alfred continued pushing in his finger, not wanting to continue till he was good and ready. "No, you aren't made of glass, but you are still my precious brother, soon to be lover, and I promised I wouldn't let it hurt."

Shuddering a bit he unconsciously opened his thighs wider so that Al would have more room. One of his hands had made their way into the short blond hair and the other was resting on Alfred's waist.

"Relax, Mattie, just relax." He whispered, slipping in his second finger right beside the first. He kept them still, letting his brother adjust to them. Then Al slowly started thrusting them in and out, trying to find that spot that Matthew always mentioned in his stories.

"I'm trying..." He mumbled, relaxing his lower muscles as the fingers started to move in and out of him. It didn't hurt or feel bad; just awkward. It held an edge of pleasure, but it wasn't there that he wanted friction at the moment. His cock was already almost fully hard and the only time it was touched was when it rubbed lightly against either of their stomachs.

"You look so cute. I love you." Alfred said and kissed his forehead, trying to make him relax more as he started pulling his fingers apart slightly, to make that muscle open more. He hoped he was doing it right, and according to Matt's stories, he was.

Blushing more, Matthew just mumbled a quick, "I love you to-too..." Before moaning lightly as his hole was stretched wide. Embarrassed, he covered his mouth with his hand, trying to keep the sounds back.

"That was a nice sound." Al said, scissoring his fingers more to try and make it happen again. But Matthew bit down on his finger, trying to keep his cute little sounds to himself. So instead of stretching him more, Alfred pushing his fingers in further, trying once again to find that sweet spot.

"It hurts a -Ahh!-" He started to say before lights flashed behind his eyes, making him convulse around the fingers inside of him. Alfred must have hit his prostate, since there was nothing else that Matthew knew that would make him feel that good. "D-Do it again." He ordered quietly, moving his hand from his mouth onto the sheets below him.

Smirking, Al hit that same spot and got the same reaction. Matthew's eyes closed, and his back arched, letting out a mewl of delight. So, he figured, while he was in such pleasure, he might as well add his third finger. So right when he started putting it in, he brushed that same place again.

Stars sparking through his vision, Matthew didn't even notice when he started to push himself on the fingers inside him. Were there two still, or three now? He couldn't quite tell since he felt stretched completely open. "I wa-want more..." He mumbled, trying to tell Al just what he wanted without getting embarrassed.

Sucking on his neck, Al said just loud enough for him to hear, "Just a little longer, Mattie. Just a little longer." He positioned himself so he was in between his brother's legs, and put his knees under Matthew's so he could lean over him without using his hands for support. While the one was still working on his hole, the other started tracing veins on his hard cock.

A loud moan escaped as his cock twitched in the other's grasp. If Al continued to touch him and rub that spot inside him, he wasn't sure if he would last for the actual sex. "I'm re-ready now." Matthew breathed out, his pale chest rising and falling slowly. Already he felt closer to his brother, and this would just make their relationship even more special.

Well, with Matt moaning and begging like that, how could he refuse? So Alfred slipped out his fingers and grabbed the bottle of lube again, rubbing it all over himself. Matt wasn't a girl, obviously, so they had to use a lot of lube. "The good thing about our parents being out of the house is that... you can let out your voice as much as you want."

Watching as Al lubed himself up, Matthew's stomach flipped. This was actually going to happen. But in reality, all he could think about was how turned on he was at the moment. Alfred's cock was going to be inside him, making him feel amazing. Hopefully it would be as good as it was in all his stories. "J-Just put it in me..." He mumbled out, not wanting to think about how demanding he was being.

Smiling, Alfred took hold of Matt's thighs, bringing his now slick cock to his opening. "Your wish is my command."

Moaning loudly as the cock slipped past the ring of muscle, Matthew fisted the sheets at the burning pain that shot up his spine; tinged with pleasure. He knew it was going to hurt, but he didn't really want to think about it. Automatically, his body tried to reject it by squeezing around it which in turn made Al groan.

"Fuck, feels like you're about to break me in half." Al grunted out, rubbing his thumbs over Matthew's hips, trying to make him relax. It didn't really hurt him, but it was obviously hurting his brother at least a little. So he steadied himself, staying still until it was looser. It was so much tighter than any other woman; it was amazing.

Squeezing his eyes shut, the shorter blond forced himself to relax around Alfred's cock before his eyes shot open. "Wait! You a-aren't wearing a c-condom!"

"It's fine, I don't have any diseases or anything like that." And it was obvious that Matt didn't have any. You couldn't very well get an STD from your hand. "And anyway, I want to feel you, not through plastic." He said, kissing the hollow of his throat. Ah, he really wanted to start moving! This feeling was just too good.

"Al..." He whispered, whimpering from the small kisses and the feeling of being filled. Slowly but surely, the pain stared to morph into something nicer. Moving experimentally, he moaned at the feeling of ecstasy that moved through his body.

"Mm, Matt you feel so good." Alfred groaned out. "I'm going to start moving, alright?" He waited for his brother to give him a little nod before slowly pushing in more. Ah, they were finally connected. He pulled back, until only the head of his cock was still inside. Then, faster, he moved his hips forward, and increased speed with each thrust. Now this is what it was like to be making love, not just having sex.

Rocking his hips in time with the quickening thrusts, Matthew couldn't keep himself from moaning loudly at the pleasure that was rapidly pooling throughout his body. His hand had never made him feel so amazing. "Don't s-stop." He managed to get out as he shyly wrapped his leg around his brother's lower back; hooking his heel into the small of his back.

There was no way he was going to stop any time soon. He kept thrusting, using one hand to hold up Matt's leg so he could get in deeper, and the other was playing with Matt's cock. It was much easier to move now that he had seemed to loosen up more.

Even if the Canadian wanted to say something, at this point all that could get out of his mouth were jumbled moans and sounds of encouragement. Sure he wrote about this, but he never really knew just how amazing it was to actually make love with someone you cared about. Already their sweat slicked skin was rubbing easily against each other as Alfred pounded deep into him. Each thrust completely filled Matthew and the touches to his already sensitive cock were making him feel close to climaxing; no matter how much he wanted this to last.

Alfred leaned forward so he could kiss any part of Matt he could reach. "You can cum however many times you want." He said, smiling down at him. He could tell that his brother was so very close, and was trying to hold back. But, the nice thing about not having much endurance was that you could get it up pretty quickly after, so he wasn't worried.

"Ah Al... I r-really want to cum..." Matthew whined, looking up at his brother with half-lidded eyes. Since the lights were still on, he could see his eyes screwed shut with pleasure. If it felt half as good as it did to him, Al was probably in bliss as well. Well, other than the fact that he had sex before, the shorter blond would have thought that he was getting closer to cumming too.

Speeding up the pace of his hand and his thrusts so he could let Matthew cum, Alfred knew he still wasn't too close to his own climax. He kept up the pace until he heard Matt cry out, arch his back, and cover Alfred's hand in his seed.

Matthew wasn't allowed any time to recover as Al continued to thrust mercilessly into him. His own cum was all over the hand that was now helping hold his brother up on the bed. If his mind wasn't so scattered from his orgasm, then he would have probably fretted over having to wash the sheets later.

Just how long could he last? Even through his release, he had been squeezing down against the shaft inside him, and yet Al seemed to still be going at it quickly. Because of it though, he could already feel his flaccid cock start to harden again. Unconsciously closing his eyes, Matt just lay there catching his breath as Al pounded into him.

Smiling down at his already-exhausted brother, Al took a hand and stroked his cheek. "You are so cute, Mattie." He leaned down, not thrusting as fast as he had been considering the position change, and kissed him on the lips, wanting those two pieces of flower-petal flesh as his own. He never wanted anyone else to see this face.

Kissing back lightly, Matthew shyly reached down in between them and started to palm his cock, trying to get it to go back up. If Al could last this long without cumming, then he might as well make it more pleasurable for himself as well. "P-Please..." He didn't really know what he wanted exactly, only that he wanted to get hard again so that they could both cum together.

Placing his hand over Matt's, guiding it along his shaft that was getting hard again, Alfred smiled. "What do you want? Do you want me to kiss you?" He leaned down, kissing the corner of his lips. "Or do you want me to kiss your nipples?" He moved to those cute pink nubs, running his tongue along one of them.

"Touch me, kiss me... Please Al..." Sure he already was, but Matt wanted more. This was the most pleasure he had ever felt and he never wanted it to end. All he wanted was for Al to have all of him no matter how embarrassing it was.

Running one hand up Matthew's stomach, Al kissed him again, amazed at how quickly he was learning to kiss. He could feel that his brother, no, lover now, was completely hard again. He gave a hard thrust, watching him squirm in pleasure. Ah, he was so much better than any girl ever.

Mewling in ecstasy, the Canadian wrapped his arms around Alfred and spread his legs wider so he could be penetrated deeper. Almost all thoughts of embarrassment were blown out of his mind as his sweet spot was pounded and he screamed out for a second. "I-I want to c-cum with you this time.." He panted, digging his fingernails into his lover's back.

Smiling, the American held him as close to his body as possible. He ran a finger up his arm and watched as Matt shivered. "What a lewd body you have." Of course, he hadn't known what 'lewd' meant before he read any of Matthew's stories, but now he was rather fond of the word.

"Sh-Shut up." Matthew mumbled, still pulling their heated skin closer. In order to get any closer than they were though, they would have had to be Siamese twins. Another thrust against his prostate had him bury his face against Alfred's neck to muffle the moan that vibrated through him.

Alfred quickened his thrusts, feeling that they were both getting closer. This time he was determined they would cum together, reach the peak of ecstasy at the same time. The hand that was guiding Matt's on his cock tightened and started moving faster as well. "Cum with me, Mattie." He would have laughed at his joke if he wasn't going out of his mind in pleasure.

Squeezing against the Al's cock inside him, Matthew continued to make little sounds to push both of them over the edge. Within seconds of his own cum shooting into both of their hands and onto their stomachs, he felt Al's hot cum shoot into his hole as he groaned in pleasure above him.

Still stroking and thrusting, they both rode out their orgasms until Alfred collapsed on top of him. Normally he would have been annoyed at the heavy weight on him, but right now Matt just wanted to stay this close. He wasn't even annoyed the slightest that his brother's shaft was still softening inside him.

Catching his breath, Alfred stayed where he was. He would pull out eventually, really he would. Moving his head slightly, he kissed Matt again, slower than the other times. "Fuck, I love you." He whispered as they pulled away. Then, gathering his strength, he pushed himself up and let his cock fall out of Matthew's hole.

A small whimper escaped his mouth as the cock slipped out of him with a wet squelch. "I love you too... I always have..." Matthew admitted, holding onto Al tightly and burrowing his face into the other's sweat slicked neck. The light above them was starting to hurt his eyes slightly, but he wouldn't want to shut it off since then he wouldn't be able to see Al.

Smiling, Alfred flipped them over so Matt was on top of him. Then he grabbed the blankets and threw them over both hot bodies. "Now we can go to sleep."

Nuzzling against the other's chest, he just mumbled. "But what about the lights? And we still are covered in cum and our parents are going to be coming home any time now..."

Al sighed and got up. He left his room and walked into his brother's, and quickly went to the bed. He stuffed some pillows under the blankets, making it look like there was a person. It usually worked for him when he snuck out at night. Then he went to the bathroom, getting a wet cloth and wiping the cum off him, and brought it to his room, where he saw his brother sitting up in the bed. He flicked the lights off and threw the towel to him. "There. Now we can go to sleep."

Taking the towel, Matthew cleaned off his stomach and then shyly reached between his legs to wipe off the cum that had slipped out of him. Too tired to care more, he just threw it to the side and snuggled closer to Al. Putting his head against the other's chest, he then wrapped his arms around him.

"Night, Mattie." Alfred said, closing his eyes, feeling his brother's head rise and fall whenever he took a breath. Their parents usually didn't come in their rooms to check on them... and even if they did, they could just say they were watching TV in his room when they fell asleep or something.

With his now lover's heart beat pounding in his ear and his cheek pressed against the damp skin he slowly fell asleep. As he dreamt, he couldn't believe that he had done something so personal with Al, but at the same time he was ecstatic because of it.


Lucky for them, the next day when they woke up was Saturday. Since they were able to sleep in, no one had decided to check up on them and when Matthew woke up before Al he was able to slip out of the room quietly. Not before throwing his underwear and pants on first.

Sneaking into his room, Matthew then ran a hand through his hair and smiled. He finally had sex, and it was with his boyfriend. Or brother depending on who you asked. Still ecstatic, he jumped up into his bed and started up his computer. Now he definitely was able to write graphic scenes.

It took him a few seconds to get to the document that he was writing currently. Though when he quickly scanned over what he had written so far, it only aided him to be torn between smiling or scowling. Matt thought he somewhat recognized what Al was doing and saying last night, but this just proved it.

'You can cum as however many times you want.... Do you want me to kiss you? Or do you want me to kiss your nipples?' he read slowly in his mind. Wait... If Al said this as well... Did that mean he knew that he was still writing? And did that mean he actually read what he wrote? A giant blush made his way onto his face. Well if that was how it was, Matthew was going to have to write a lot more.

Which brings us to the end! Thank you all for staying with us through this journey of young love... and incest. I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.