"Happy Thanksgiving!"

Phineas sat straight up. They'd forgotten to set the alarm, but Linda's pleasant voice aroused the stepbrothers from their dreams at 7 o'clock anyway. Phineas looked over at his brother Ferb and grinned.

"What should we do today?"

They dressed and ran downstairs into their mother's arms.

"Happy Thanksgiving, Mom!" Phineas greeted warmly, wrapping his arms around his mother's waist. "Are we going to visit Aunt Emily today?"

"Of course," Linda replied, ruffling her son's hair. "Go get showered, boys. We'll be leaving in a couple hours. And you know how your sister is once she gets into the bathroom."

"Ooh. Yeah. C'mon, Ferb."

Phineas laid on his bed while Ferb showered, planning out a new activity. Perhaps they'd spend the day building the hugest, most amazing pile of leaves ever. There were certainly enough trees in the neighborhood... He heard the running, and over it the sound of the phone. Several minutes later, the water shut off and Ferb walked in with a towel wrapped around his waist. Phineas stepped across the hall towards the bathroom. His mother's voice caught his attention before he could shut the door.

"Boys? We have a change of plans," she called, voice breaking. "There's been an emergency. Your father and I are going to visit a friend. We won't be back until late - maybe you could join Isabella and her family? I'm so sorry. I know you were looking forward to today."

Phineas tried to push the disappointed look off of his face. "Yeah... sure mom, that's fine. I guess we'll see you later, then."

"You can wake your sister up if you have any problems. We'll see you later, boys. I love you. And I really am sorry." And with that, Linda and Lawrence hurried out the door, pulling on their coats as they went. Phineas hurried back into his shared bedroom where Ferb was getting dressed.

"I know what we're going to do today."

While Phineas showered, Ferb biked hurriedly to the grocery store, some money saved from the summer before in hand. He and Phineas had put together a list - a Thanksgiving list. Turkey. Potatoes. Gravy. Stuffing. The whole nine yards.

If they weren't going to Thanksgiving dinner, they'd bring Thanksgiving dinner to them.

He picked up a pumpkin pie from the bakery, then hurried towards the produce to find the potatoes. As he did so, he caught sight of a familiar head of hair - beautiful, shiny, dark brown hair. The hair of an angel. And as she turned around, he recognized her immediately. He didn't know her name. But she was beautiful. She had a woman's body and deep, brooding eyes. She wore shiny black clothes - "goth", as Candace would describe them. He'd only seen her a few times over the summer. The blueprint shop. The day he souped up Meap's car. And the day in the Superduper Mega Superstore, the day he finally spoke to her, the day he saved her life, the day she showed the slightest bit of interest in him...

Ferb tried to keep moving, but he kept his eyes trained on her. She caught sight of him and smiled.

"Hey, Ferb," she smiled. "Aren't you a little young to be shopping by yourself?"

"Yes. Yes I am," he added. "But being too young has never stopped me before." He winked at her, and she chuckled nervously.

"Right. Well, I'll catch you later, okay?" She turned and hurried away - presumably in search of her father. And Ferb, breathing a sigh of mingled disappointment and relief, continued on his quest for the Thanksgiving supper.