K-On Daisuki!

Title based on Yui's last words in episode 12. A fic about the Light Music Club's wondrous winter fun. Ritsu/Yui.

Disclaimer here. K-On! isn't mine. Duh. Enjoy!


"It's too damn cold!"

Ritsu had taken her first step outside in the snow. It wasn't quite as powdery or light as she'd seen in the movies, and Yui sticking her tongue out for the past 10 minutes and not yet catching a single snowflake had proved that her perception of a white winter was totally off.

"But I wanna snowboard! Aaagghh!"


"Ritsu, be quiet," sighed Mio, after whacking her childhood friend on the head. "Mugi has warm clothes for all of us. Just be patient, she's settling the room arrangements now."

Mio pointed to a flustered Tsumugi inside a log cabin on her cell phone, mentioning something about how the lodgings the girls ended up with weren't as big as they could be. Something about how she had specifically requested the one with 3 bathrooms…

Dang, this girl is loaded!

Ritsu turned around to grin at Mio, "Yeah, yeah. I just wanna show you guys how hard I shred! Psheeewww!"

"Oh, me too! Whooosshh!" Yui yelled, joining Ritsu in the battle of onomatopoeias. They started making weird faces at each other and flapping their arms wildly, not even caring that Mio had gone inside to join Tsumugi and pretend she didn't know who those strange people outside were.

"Aaahh, a tree!" Ritsu screamed and pointed at an imaginary obstacle in front of her.

Yui countered by directing her imaginary snowboard away from Ritsu, "Pwashaaa!"

"Hohoho…" Making a sinister face, Ritsu murmured, "You fell for my secret evil genius plan…" she snapped her head up and glared at Yui, wide-eyed, "and boarded straight into that giant ramp! What now?!"

"I'll show you!" After twirling around a few times, Yui struck a few poses, imitating a camera's 'snap' during each. She ended by jumping in front of Ritsu's face, "A perfect finish! 10! Home run! Touch down! Gooooaaaaall!"

"Hey, look," Ritsu pointed to the space in front of her mouth as she slowly exhaled. White puffs of air twirled and danced around her hand until they dissolved into nothing. The two girls' eyes followed the puffs intently, and the sudden silence was enough for Mio to peek out the window to make sure everything was okay.

Ritsu smiled, "You can see your breath."

Yui's eyes lit up, "Like in the movies! All we need is some reindeer and hot chocolate!" She paused to look down at her boots, toes wiggling on the inside. "Wow... I wish Ui could be here with us…"

"She's welcome next year," Tsumugi's voice suddenly came from behind them. "Come inside, I got the fireplace started." Her glowing smile and fair skin seemed to shine even brighter against the white snow.

Ritsu made sure to make eye contact with Yui before deciding to sprint into the cabin.

"I'm in the lead! Fwoooossshh!"