K-On Daisuki!

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"Ricchan, do you ever wish you were hghrmflbgrgl?"

The sun had finally set on the Light Music Club's humble cabin. Now, all that was visible for miles was the door, illuminated by a lantern Tsumugi set up and crystal clear stars dappling the country sky.

When it had became dark enough that Yui couldn't see her own two feet below her, she asked everyone to bundle up and come outside with her to show off her knowledge of constellations.

And when all she could really identify was the Big Dipper, she invited everyone to stay outside and enjoy the cool night.

Ritsu snapped a graham cracker with her teeth and questioned Yui, "Hghrmflbgrgl? What?"

"A boy," Yui clarified, finishing a bite of chocolate much too big for her mouth.

Surprised by the unexpected question, Ritsu could only look at Yui without a word. Her eyes hadn't glazed over and she hadn't zoned out-- she just didn't know how to answer. What's with a question like that coming out of nowhere? Have I done anything to make Yui think that? I mean, besides acting so boyish all the time...

Being gracious and noticing Ritsu's hesitation, Tsumugi chimed in, "I used to. I always thought they had it easier and they were stronger and tougher. I was jealous." With a furrow of her bandaged brows, her tone switched from lighthearted modesty to total seriousness, "But now I know I would much rather keep being a girl! I wouldn't have it any other way!"

"Well, they do have it easier!" Yui argued passionately, "They can like all the pretty girls they want and it's not even weird!"

Mio was a bit frightened by Yui's mood swings, but wanted to get to the bottom of this conversation that seemed to come out of nowhere, "What do you mean?"

Yui shifted her body into a more comfortable position, "On TV and in movies and stuff... The girls are always better looking than the guys. The guys look gross and old! I don't get how we're supposed to like them!" Her voice, as if it wasn't attention-grabbing enough at its regular volume, shot up a few hundred decibels, "I want pretty girls, too!"

"Hey, Yui..." Ritsu sighed, trying to look calm, "If you think that it's so weird to like girls, what's up with you kissing me earlier?"

Flushing, Yui jumped back, "Ricchan! That was totally our clean little secret!"

"It's 'dirty little secret.'"

Yui's hands flew to Ritsu's mouth to cover it, "Aah, don't just go and blurt out if something's a dirty little secret or not like that!!" Her small hands overtook Ritsu's grinning face, clumsy fingers stabbing into any orifice they found.

But Ritsu was having too good of a time to stop, "Yui kissed me! We kissed! We kissed!" came her garbled voice from between Yui's fingers.

With every sentence, Yui advanced closer to Ritsu and scrambled her hands in every position to try and fully cover Ritsu's mouth. At this point, the bold drummer only saw one option…

"Yui," she tried to still the other girl long enough to get the words out, "Hold on. I have a super-secret secret to tell you."

"Really?" Yui brightened like a happy puppy just long enough to take her hands off Ritsu. "Okay…" She eyed the other two girls in the room and suddenly became an angry bulldog, "Mio-chan. Mugi-chan. Leave."

"Wha..?!" Although Mio was deeply offended, Tsumugi could only chuckle and blush, muttering something about 'GL.'

Ritsu shook her head furiously and stopped Yui, "Wait, no!" Yui turned questioningly, but keeping her ears open. "This is a public secret! It's special! Uh, we call them.. p… secret… pecrets! Pecrets! Yeah, and you always have to have at least two witnesses present when it is being told! That's the rule of the pecret!"

Being the happy, gullible puppy she is, Yui lit up and wagged an imaginary tail, "Woah! That makes sense! But why haven't I heard of pecrets before, then?"

"They're American," came a gentle voice. Tsumugi, saving the day again. "They also have mecrets, but don't ask about those."


"Really, just don't."

Yui brought a pointer finger to her lips, raising scared eyebrows, "Gotcha." She tuned out the non-brunette girls once again, "Okay, Ricchan, what's your pecret?"

"All right…" True to her cool drummer nature, she nonchalantly raised her arms over her head and fiddled with a piece of chocolate in her mouth.

Before Ritsu could get a word out, however, she blushed.

And her eyes started darting around the ground, from one patch of ice to another, and her cheeks puffed up, imitating Tsumugi's favorite kind of fish. And a purple hue took over her face as she tried to steady her trembling hands, but neither were a result of the temperature outside…

"…You okay, Ricchan? This must be one intense pecret…" Yui kept her attention on Ritsu's face, now inhaling a giant gulp of winter air.

With her exhale, Ritsu choked the words out, "Yui-I-love-you-more-than-any-stupid-boy-can-I've-just-been-really-good-at-hiding-it-and-I'm-so-happy-you-kissed-me-so-I-was-wondering-if-you-felt-the-same-way-too!"

As Ritsu's shoulders rose and fell at saying the sentence in one breath, Yui started laughing hysterically.

The drummer peered through her foggy breath to see Yui almost falling over in giggles, "What? What's so funny?!"

"That…" she had to pause to catch her breath, "That isn't a pecret at all! Or even a secret!"

"What do you mean?!" Ritsu was getting defensive now. Does Yui think I'm joking or something? Or that I'm just some desperate loser who's taking her kissing me way too seriously? Ugh, why did I even--

"It's a question!" Yui exclaimed. Mio, who had been avoiding looking at either girl the whole time, suddenly glanced over at hearing Yui understanding grammar.

"Aaaaand the answer… well, that's a secret. Which means I think Mio and Mugi have to leave."

"We're staying," Mio ordered in monotone. "No secrets in the band."

"Okay…" Yui turned to Ritsu and brought a hand to her chin as she thought, "Hm.. Aha! Ricchan, c'mere."

Ritsu scooted closer to the other girl.

"No, no, closer," Yui made broken 'come hither' motions.

Ritsu scooted even closer.

"I'm gonna say it really quietly, so you have to bring your head in really close."

Ritsu obliged.

And got a certain guitarist's light and fluffy lips smooshed against hers again.

Tsumugi and Mio shared the sight for an awkward moment, but both turned away quickly. Mio looked at the ground and Tsumugi looked at Mio.

When the blonde's eyes boring through Mio's skull felt like too much, Mio turned around to face her.

Tsumugi's expression was cheerful as always. She shrugged at Mio before giving her opinion…

"I guess that means 'yes'!"