Captain Scarlet: Spectrum's Light

Spectrum Headquarters, late twenty-first century…

Late night shifts at Cloudbase were never easy. Captain Blue stood at Lieutenant Green's desk, on his third coffee. Colonel White had gone to bed. Captain Scarlet had been on his shift for a while, but was now asleep. The Angels might be awake; they all had to take their annual flight exams tomorrow. Captain Blue got up, and began walking towards the Angel's quarters. Then he stopped. Captain Scarlet had once gone in there; they did not like to be interrupted. Well, Symphony wouldn't mind. Captain Blue refilled his coffee cup, and sat back down. Maybe he could wake the colonel, listen to a few war stories. Perhaps he could spill his coffee on the desk, get the repair guy up for a bit. Maybe he could get Lieutenant Green to come in, explain how to work the console.

"I'd do anything to talk to someone…" Captain Blue muttered

Suddenly, the radar screamed, showing an object approaching Cloudbase. Captain Blue saw the monitor; there was a flaming green ship approaching Cloudbase. There was an odd shape on it, a circle in the middle of two lines. It could easily be a Mysteron attack.

"Computer, activate emergency program Delta-95!" Captain Blue demanded

He ran over to Colonel White's command console, and two tubes came out of the armrests. Blue wrapped his hands around them, and it recognized his fingerprints. Cloudbase ascended several feet, and dodged the incoming craft. The ship went flying over to the ground, crashing. There was a green flame surrounding it. The fire was in the same shape of the symbol on the ship.

Captain Blue burst into Captain Scarlet's room. To Blue's surprise, he was sitting on the ground, playing solitaire.

"Adam," Captain Scarlet got up.

"There's been a crash," Captain Blue said, "I need to investigate it, but someone has to monitor my post."

"OK…" Captain Scarlet adjusted his uniform, "I'll take over."

"Good. Stay on the radio."

Moments later, Captain Blue was heading towards the ground, using his power jetpack.

"Captain Blue to Captain Scarlet," he said, "Approaching danger zone."


Suddenly, one of the jetpack's coolant tanks ruptured, and burnt through Captain Blue's straps. He slid right out of the harness, and started falling to the ground. Then, all of a sudden, a new jetpack appeared on his back, completely green. He descended to the ground, and into the center of the fire. There was a large spaceship there, with the side door opened. Captain Blue walked inside, and gasped. On the ground was a man in a black and green suit. He was purple skinned and bald.

"Adam Svenson…" the man said

"You speak English!" Captain Blue gasped

"No…the ring translates it…you must…take it."

The alien's ring slid off his finger, and in hovered in front of Captain Blue's hand. When he slid it over his finger, the Spectrum uniform changed to a green and black suit, with the circle and two lines symbol on the chest.

"You are now a Green Lantern…one of the protectors of the universe…"

The alien died, and the ship and flames disappeared. Captain Blue stood there in the strange suit and the ring in his hand, and a strange lantern that had survived the crash.

One week later…

Captain Blue still hadn't told anyone about the ring. He had practiced with it at night, learning how to focus his willpower to create objects out of solid light. The costume could easily disappear and then reappear, which was convenient for him. Captain Blue was contemplating whether to tell Captain Scarlet as they were on a mission. The two of them were in a Spectrum Jet, flying towards Brazil. The latest Mysteron threat had revealed their intentions to destroy the Iguacu Falls Hydroelectric Dam.

"It never gets any easier with them," Captain Scarlet remarked, "I'm glad we've been able to stop them, but sometimes I worry what would happen if we failed. What would that do to us?"

"True, if only we could find what makes them tick; their one weakness."

The jet touched down, and the two of them made their way to the dam. Chief Engineer Sanchez greeted them.

"Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue," he said, shaking their hands, "It's good to meet you; I don't quite understand the threat."

"It's the Mysterons," Captain Scarlet said, "They are a supernatural force, dedicated to wiping out humanity, as an act of revenge."

"I see…can I show you around?"

Sanchez led them to a room filled with white pods.

"This is where the power is stored," he explained, "It has to be kept under constant surveillance, since any increase or decrease of power would be dangerous."

"This is probably the area the Mysterons will target," Captain Blue said, "Sanchez, I suggest you place a strong guard around here."

"I already have," Sanchez took out a packet of cigarettes, "Would you excuse me? I have to have a smoke."

"Go right ahead," Captain Scarlet replied

Sanchez stepped outside, onto the balcony overlooking the water. Leaning on the rail, he lit his cigarette, and smoked it. It was good to have that kind of relief; there was the stress on him from the budget crisis, and now this Mysteron business. He enjoyed his daily smoke breaks. In fact, he enjoyed them so much that he didn't notice a pair of green circles hovering on the concrete below him. But he did notice the concrete cracking and the railing he was leaning on falling down, taking him with it…