Warning: Slash.

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight or Harry Potter.

Pairing: Onesided Jasper/Harry(could be Alice/Jasper/Harry)

Notes: This is from before Jasper turned into a vampire. Harrison is Harry's past life. If someone wishes to make a full story out of this, feel free, just make sure to tell me so I can read it (and keep Harry male). ^-^

Word Count: 625 (only actual Drabble)


Harrison John Maes had been my best friend since I was in diapers, or so I was told. We went every where together, did everything together. We learned how to hunt, to shoot and to kill together, learned how to fish and act as a proper southern gentlemen should together.

There wasn't a moment in which we weren't together, side by side, laughing at something one of us had said or just grinning because we had the other.

If I was charismatic, he was something more. People automatically sought out his attention, especially women. And I could see why, he was so handsome, even vampire beautiful I could say. He definitely had the flawless pale skin and that air about him that made people pant after him like they do vampires. But his eyes, they were this amazing shade of emerald that I can't even describe because I have no words that come even close to expressing their perfection. They showed so perfectly how he was feeling. The only thing about him that was less then perfect was his hair, dark raven hair which was always messy.

But even then he managed to make imperfection look perfect.

I don't remember exactly when I had started to notice, but I do remember that it had scared me so bad I had avoided him for a week before I couldn't stand it anymore and went back to him. I was hurting him, and in turn it hurt me, not to mention being away from his side was like being stabbed.

But it had been so hard to be near him and not touch him like I wanted to, not kiss him like I wanted to. But I couldn't, we were moth men, both males, and back then it was wrong. Men liked women, not other men, but I still couldn't help loving him that way even if I knew I would go to hell because of it. What I wanted could never be, and I knew it, and it hurt so bad.

And then the war started. It was an excuse to be away from him without hurting him too much. I hadn't anticipated him following me, or him dying on me either. But before I could join him in death, I had been turned. Into a monster, a monster with no control over his lust for blood.

At the time I hadn't really cared if I killed or not. Harrison hadn't been there to scold me or hate me for it, and all I could do was sulk and grieve that I would never have him, no matter how much I wanted him.

And then, over a hundred years later--my wife on my arm, helping me to barely suppress the urge to kill because the scent of blood was so overwhelming--I saw it.

Or, rather, him.


I knew it was him. His emotions felt so similar to my Harrison, even if he was called 'Harry Potter' now instead of 'Harrison Maes'. And those eyes. No one could have such startling emerald eyes other then my Harrison.

Edward's eyes bore into my head at my thought's, but I couldn't pull my eyes away from him. Harrison. My best friend who used to shut game in the forest with me, and who had laughed when I used to blush and stutter around girls and who had always been better at catching fish then I was.

Harrison, my Harrison, was here.


And I could finally claim him.

My eyes slid to my wife, to Alice whom I love more than I can express in words and something in me deflates.

Could I claim him? I had to, needed to. But could I really?

I just don't know.