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Summary: When a baby with a strange scar was found on the streets of the shinobi village Konohagakure, he was immediately put into the nearest orphanage. Harry Potter, saviour of the Wizarding World, inexplicitly disappeared before he could be found by his relatives. In a village full of ninja, where the orphanage regularly cycles children showing aptitude for the shinobi arts into their Military Academy at young ages, what is a kid who hates the idea of being a ninja to do?


Chapter 1


The Great Hall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at the present moment was more comparable to something out of a horror movie than an assembly of the school.

Candles flickered wildly, futilely attempting to properly light the room and failing against the black ceiling that was occasionally seared with vivid lighting that sliced down to the earth from the clouds, and afterwards the rumbling thunder jarringly loud against the unnatural silence of the body of people that gathered in the semi-dark.

Faces of students all gazed as one towards the lone man who was standing powerfully in front of the Head table, each and every one riveted by the strength and tenacity threaded visibly throughout the Headmaster's bearing; the power that exuded from him almost tangible to even the youngest.

Another deafening roar of thunder shattered the tense atmosphere and the white-haired man adjusted his half-moon spectacles, his light-blue gaze filled with more intensity than many of those gathered at the school had ever seen.

At one of the tables a boy had his vivid green eyes fixed in a deceptively-insolent stare upon the old man, observing him in silence even as something that had provoked his hard-earned instincts was screaming at him that he should interfere and do something to stop the man from speaking. It was a feeling that told him that something was going to happen that would make his life far more complicated in the future.

The growling thunder finished and the hall was left in the dead silence that descends immediately after the removal of overwhelming noise.

The aged wizard opened his mouth and spoke in a voice that was soft and yet held an edge of some emotion that was only interpreted by the man himself; "We are entering into a dark time. As you have all just seen, the Dark Lord Voldemort has indeed arisen."

A shiver went through his spectators, emotions intense and varying washing over the students of the most prominent Light school of Europe. Gasps were muffled at the name that they had all been conditioned to fear; the name of one who was once a man that had come back to haunt Britain once again.

A flash of lighting split the clouds, leading to the brief harsh illumination of all in the room, making it easy to see the horrified expressions displayed by most of their number.

Dumbledore held up one hand, commanding an instant cessation of the hissing whispers and hysterical exclamations that had dispersed the deathly silence experienced before the blunt announcement.

Ice blue eyes surveyed the students, somehow managing to meet every pair of eyes. The old man continued on in a softer voice, forcing many students to strain their ears to pick up his next sentence, "The Dark Lord has risen again, yes. But there is still hope."

The crash of thunder and subsequent silence highlighted the unnatural stillness of those in the room, all of whom were not sure what the man was hinting at.

Dumbledore started talking, even as another vicious streak of lightning brought the room into sharp relief once again. "Yes, we still have hope for a victory against Lord Voldemort. We shall triumph because we still have the person who vanquished Voldemort all those years ago amongst us."

The Headmaster's eyes scanned the crowd and settled on those piercing green eyes that widened in sudden furious realisation.

It only took four words to break the enormous room full of people from their jarring unnatural silence.

"We have Harry Potter."


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