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Kowalski smiled. "Hello Athena." He greeted, but his daughter seemed too busy to hear him. She seemed to be focusing on Marshal. "Athena? Hello?" he called out to her, but she still wouldn't look up.

"Buttons!" Rico grunted out, but Buttons wasn't listening either. He was looking over at Nellie, and when Rico looked at Lilly, Lilly was looking at HIM! "Uh… hi," Rico grunted out to the little duckling.

Lilly smiled and ran up to Rico. "H-h-hi!" she stammered, but she was smiling at him. Did she just wink at him? Rico shrugged and waddled off to watch T.V., failing to notice love potion 37, because it landed near the table. He sat down, but when he reached for the remote, he felt something soft, fuzzy, and warm. He turned his head and saw Lilly. "Ah!"

"Hello, Mr. Rico!" Lilly said all shy and giggly.

"Uh… hi," He spoke out, confused.

Lilly squealed loudly, making Rico cover his ears. "He spoke with that…that angelic voice. And to ME!" the fashion loving duckling exclaimed. She got closer to Rico. "So what cha watching?" she asked, wanting to hear his voice more. Oh my gosh, he is SO cute!! She screamed in her head.

Marshal smiled at Athena flirtatiously and waddled up to her. "I like smart girls." He said, making Athena smirk at him. He smiled back.

Athena blushed. "And I don't mind a dumb boy."

Strangely, Marshal laughed at that. "Then I'm an idiot!"

Nellie looked up and got love struck eyes at Buttons. "H-hi Buttons." She stammered shyly. She blushed as she went over to him. Buttons noticed this, and looked around quickly, smiling and picking up a large weight that his dad and uncles use to train with. The little duckling smiled at him shyly and saw him lifting the weight. "Oh, you're so strong." She flirted, making Buttons smiled widely.

Elli giggled next to Eggy, and Eggy liked the attention. Skipper noticed that everyone seemed to be flirting with one another. He faced Kowalski. "Uh, is there something that should've been in my morning briefly today?"

Kowalski shrugged. "I have no idea." Just then, they heard a crowd of humans forming above the H.Q. Kowalski looked up. "I guess it's time to do the routine again." He said, before he, Skipper, Private, and Rico climbed up the ladder.

Private, who was at the bottom of the penguin's line, faced the kids. "Elli, do you want to come and entertain the humans?" he asked, but Elli was just focusing on Eggy at the moment. He shrugged and continued his way up. "I guess she and Eggy became friends." He said.

At the top of the H.Q. the crowd of people awed at the penguins. "Mommy, mommy," One girl with curly blonde hair and light green eyes said, tugging at her mom's sleeve. "Why does that penguin have a little duckling next to him?" she asked, pointing over to Rico.

"Huh?" Rico said, he looked back down, and of course, Lilly was standing next to him with a love struck smile again.

"Hi Rico!" she said with a giggle. She looked at all the people. "Wow, this is what you do for the humans." She sniffed and hugged Rico. "You give so much!"

Rico started to feel sick from love gush sensitivity. "Oh boy," He mumbled out, rolling his eyes. He backed away from her, but Lilly quickly ran back up to him, and smothered him again. The crowd awed at the sight, and Rico felt embarrassed.

"Uh…Lilly, I don't think that you're supposed to be here." Private said.

"I don't care." Lilly said lovingly, hugging her crush a little harder. Now, Rico REALLY felt like he had to throw up, and in a bad way.

Meanwhile, Elli went to the duck's home. She giggled as she said, "Hi, Eggy..." Eggy smiled back. "So, Eggy, what are you into?"

Eggy flirtatiously replied, "Well, first of all, I'm into you." Eggy giggled at his remark.

"Aww..." Elli said as she kissed his cheek. Eggy blushed deep red, Elli noticed Lilly was around. "Where's Lily?"

Eggy shrugged. "I think she's flirting with..." Eggy tried to stifle his laugh, "...Rico!"

"...Rico? That's... that's really weird. I... I don't think that's natural." Elli questioned with a confused face. She was beginning to question herself how she got a crush on Eggy in the first place.

"Well, don't they have a lot of history? Wait... they don't..." Eggy said, impatiently. Who cares, Elli? Let's talk about us not them! He thought.

"Wait a second, Eggy. What was the last thing we were doing?" Elli asked. "We were making the love potion right? And it spilt, right? So... doesn't that mean that everything is messed up?"

Eggy looked in confusion, "I... don't know what you're talking about. We weren't making any love potions... that's a little weird! Elli, why don't we go for a walk or something?" He said with a smirk.

Elli shook her head. "No."

"What? Why not?"

"I don't think I really like you Eggy. I think it was the love potion. I..." She felt memories flooding back into her. "I like Marshal! I totally remember this now!" Elli said with excitement, but she noticed Eggy was a bit upset. "Oh... I'm so sorry, Eggy. I... I'm so confused too. But... it all makes some sense." Elli said, walking away.

Elli ran over to where Marshal and Athena were. "Guys! This is just a misunderstanding! We're all confused!" She shouted while she ran, but she stopped in her tracks when she saw Marshal and Athena kissing.

"..Mar... Marshal?" She asked, tears forming in her eyes.

"Elli? What are you doing here?" He said, feeling a bit awkward.

"...Marshal... you... I thought you... loved me." Elli said, now visibly crying. A small breeze carried her tear away from her face and onto the floor.

"...Elli, I... don't remember ever, you know, 'loving' you." Marshal said, very confused.

The breeze picked up a bit, and Elli felt the wind against her feathers. "If... if you really loved me, you wouldn't forget!" She shouted, running away, and crying. It now began to softly rain, and Elli sat alone, as the rain mixed with her tears.

At the H.Q., Kowalski was all worked up over where his love potion had gone.

"I swear! I was working on it just a few hours ago, and now, it's missing!" Kowalski was searching the H.Q. all around. Under tables, behind chairs, and even in the fridge. "Oh, this is horrible!" he knew that if that potion got in the wrong hands, it could be used for evil.

Skipper sighed and felt through the green blankets on their bunks. "Are you sure that you didn't work on it somewhere else?"

"No, I always work on things in my lab!" Kowalski said.

"Well, maybe the kids got into it?" Private suggested as he looked under the table.

Skipper paused. "You know, they did look…"

Rico groaned and pointed over to Lilly, who was following him and making a love sick smile at the penguin.

"Lilly, what were you doing before we got back from recon?" Skipper asked in a demanding tone as he waddled over to the little duckling. He put his flippers at his side. "And I want the truth, little lady!"

Lilly giggled. "I don't remember. All that fills my head is Rico!"

Rico groaned again.

"Were any of the other kids all happy and love struck?" Kowalski asked.

Elli slammed open the door. She was soaked in the rain and her face was a little wet from tears. "I HATE BOYS! I WISH THEM GONE!" She marched over to the incubation chamber and wrapped herself in the pillows and started crying.

"That doesn't sound like a happy, love struck, girl." Skipper said.

Private waddled over to her. "Sweetie, what's wrong?"

Elli sniffed. "Athena and Marshal… were… were… kissing!" she finally choked out before crying again.

"ATHENA WAS WHAT!?" Kowalski screamed from across the room.

"Why does that make you wish all boys were gone, Elli?" Private asked.

Elli sniffed again. "Because I thought Marshal liked me! He kissed me too!" she felt a little joy fill her remembering when Marshal kissed her once, but as soon as the image of Athena and Marshal kissing filled her mind, the joy was gone. Anger filled her again.

Skipper was confused about why Marshal would kiss the girl he picks on daily, disappointed that Marshal was acting the way he was, and he felt a little angry himself. "This has to be love potion number 37's work! I mean, I didn't raise a…" he didn't know what to say, "heart breaker or a womanizer."

Private pointed over to Elli. "He broke my little girl's heart!"

"And he's making out with my little girl!" Kowalski said. His eyes widened and he ran out the H.Q. "ATHENA! ATHENA!" He shouted as he ran outside.

"Okay, look, I know you two are upset, but let's not go protective daddy right now." Skipper said. "We'll get a cure for this, and then this will all be over."

Private sighed and looked down. "I guess so, Skippa."

"If there is a cure," Skipper said.

Private and Rico screamed.

"You mean this could last forever!?" Private shouted.

Lilly waved at Rico.

"FOREVER!?" Rico squawked.

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