Food Fight!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Twilight characters because then my copy of Breaking Dawn wouldn't have a dent in the bind from when I threw it in a fit…then again if could be from my sister who threw it when she saw that and I quote, "Bella survived after being bit on the tit by the demon spawn that exploded from her stomach like Alien?! WHAT THE HELL?! *my name* .HELL! No, no, no. I refuse to believe that she survived." Storms out and turns back around. "WHY IS SHE ALIVE? SHE SHOULD BE DEAD! THIS IS BULL! BULL!" Leaves again to only turn back around with her nostrils flaring (yea, she's pissed). "Did, did Jacob imprint on the Alien?" I sigh heavily and turn my back. "THAT'S CRAP! THIS! THIS IS CRAP AND YOU DAMN WELL KNOW IT!"

Do you want to know what a rarity here is in La Push? It's me having the whole house to myself. Mom and Seth have gone to visit family in Minnesota for two whole weeks. Embry is spending some 'quality time' with his Mom and family up in Makah. Quil and Old Quil are out camping. Even the Cullens have gone to Alaska to visit 'family'. And so with more than half the pack gone that means that I don't have to see, hear or deal with my idiot Alpha, Jacob Black.

He's been so annoying lately. It started off with him changing the patrol schedules at the last minute. For some reason me and Embry can't patrol together anymore. Then he's started ordering me to come over to his house under the pretense of us discussing the 'pack's dynamics' (which I don't even think he has the foggiest idea what that word even means) to then leave me doing nothing more than either sitting in his garage watching him work on cars, bikes and the occasional clothes dryer. Or we just wind up sitting on the couch watching TV together. And, and for some reason he's been so hell bent on getting me to laugh. Although he has had some really good jokes – my fave are the dirty jokes like 'The Frog and the Blowjob'. Rachel didn't appreciate it but Emmett loved it.

Alright so maybe I don't mind hanging out with Jake so much. He can be charming when he wants to be and he does make me laugh. Plus, he's not too hard on the eyes. The guy has a freaking 8-pack and just this gorgeous smile that I've literally seen some girls just go completely nuts. No I'm serious. We once went to the movies and there was this group of girls that just started squealing and fanning their hands like they were drying their nail polish. But the point is that sometimes a girl just needs some alone time. And right now is the time. I've made a huge pot of spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread. I've even made some bourbon slush to nurse over the next couple of days. God bless the man who invented bourbon.

So here I sit at the kitchen table with my dinner and a good book. Before I can even turn the page my body stiffens and I growl in annoyance. A familiar scent has just been carried from the woods, through the open kitchen window and to my nose announcing the arrival of an unexpected guest. Right now I'd much rather put up with Paul because at least I can send him to Rachel's. No! You know what? I am not going to let my stupid Alpha ruin my 'quiet time'. I will just ignore him – not that it has ever worked before but who knows tonight I might just get lucky…wait, no! That didn't even sound right in my head. I sigh as my Alpha walks into the kitchen as if he owns the place.

"Spaghetti?" Jacob asks his eyes shining with excitement and huge grin on his face. I roll my eyes because once again he's shirtless and boxer-free. I mean would it kill him to wear a belt? His pants don't have to hang so low. "Meatballs too! You've really gone out for me, Lee." Jacob declares as he replaces the lid back on the pot and begins grabbing a plate and fork. I shake my head and turn my attention back to my book. "Man, this smells good." Jacob states as he sits down next to me with a huge plate of spaghetti and like 6 of my 8 meatballs. What the hell?

"That has better not be all of the meatballs." I growl out as Jacob stuffs an entire meatball into his mouth. Listen these meatballs are huge – they're like uber meatballs and this wanna-be-ass-fucker is eating all of my meatballs. I didn't cook this for him. I did all of this for me.

"Youz nawt gonsz," Jacob begins speaking with a mouth full of food but stops as I raise my hand.

"Manners, please." I demand my patience wearing thin. "Jesus, Jake. I know Billy raised you better than this." Jacob chuckles as he tries to swallow the meatball. God, I hope you choke.

"Geez, Lee, I didn't think you'd eat all of them yourself." Jacob states still digging into my spaghetti. Yea, because I cook all the time just to feed your endless gullet.

"But you should never take anyone's last." I snap angrily. So much for just ignoring him. Epic fail!

"Here." Jacob says and grabs three meatballs with his bare hands and puts them on my plate.

"Ew, did you even wash your hands?!" I ask knowing damn well that he didn't. My nose wrinkles as he sucks the marinara off his fingers. "You do know that Quil shits out in the woods, right?" Jacob only laughs.

"Yea, but unlike you I'm a bit more careful." Jacob says smugly and continues eating. I frown recalling how one day some months back while playing tag with Embry – and yes, yes I do play. I'm not a bitter harpy all the time and besides playing tag is kind of like training but its – its just fun. But anyway while chasing after Embry I ran right into a huge pile of shit. Embry and I both immediately knew it was Quil because he's the only one dumb enough to phase right after eating pink icing cupcakes. The sick fuck. Doesn't he know that too much sugar doesn't agree with our wolf forms? He needs to learn to either shit off the trail or at home like everyone else.

"Whatever. Look I just don't want you manhandling,"

"I thought you loved it when I 'manhandle' you." Jacob says interrupting me smiling smugly and winking at me.

"Don't cut me off."

"Your foods getting cold." He states looking down at my plate. I narrow my eyes and shake my head. Why do I bother? My shoulders slump and turn my focus to my book. "So…you don't want those meatballs?" Jacob asks and I look over to notice that he's cleaned his plate.

"Just eat the spaghetti." I growl out waving him off dismissively. I continue reading occasionally taking a bite of my spaghetti as I get wrapped up in my book not knocking Jacob's sudden silence.

"I'm bored." Jacob huffs with a deep sigh.

"Then go finish your patrol." I state matter-of-factly.

"What's the point? There aren't any leeches around for miles. Let's do something, Lee." Jacob says and I sigh heavily feeling his eyes boring into the side of my head. I ignore his request and continue reading. "Lee." Jacob whines. I swear to God if he doesn't shut up I will shut him up myself. "Lee. Hey, Lee." Jacob calls and I roll my eyes because right now his tone doesn't sound good. He sounds mischievous and that's never means anything good for me. "Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee. Le~ah!"

"WHAT?! WHAT JAKE?" I yell slamming my book shut and whipping around to only catch a face full of spaghetti. I take a few deep calming breathes as Jacob sits back laughing his ass off at me.

"Oh gawd, Lee. You, you should see-see your face." Jacob says trying to catch his breath. Okay, if he wants to play games. Fine, then. I'll play. I get up from my chair causing him to tense and I bite my tongue to keep from laughing. Yea, you should be scared. I walk pass Jacob as he pretends to act as if he's not nervous but then I whirl around and slap him in the face smearing the marinara all over his face.

"Ha! Gotcha, Jake." I declare proudly while laughing finally succeeding in wiping that smug grin from off his face.

"Well, this game isn't over yet." Jacob declares as he reaches over to my plate grabbing a handful of spaghetti. I panic and turn trying to grab my own ammo but by the time I reach the stove I feel the spaghetti hit me in the back of the head. My hand touches the mess in my hair and I turn around to face him with a dark grin on my face.

"FOOD FIGHT!" We both yell and a food fight erupts in the kitchen. We go back and forth throwing whatever food we can at each other and I will have to admit that it's been a while since I've had this much fun at home. Eventually the game is over and we're both standing breathing heavily covered in pasta, marinara, remnants of meatballs, and even cake – I had forgotten I had baked one for my dessert.

"Looks like a draw." Jacob declares shrugging his shoulders and I can only nod my head in agreement.

"Looks that way." Honestly, we're both covered in so much food that it's ridiculous. I turn around turning on the faucet to at least rinse some of the food out of my hair before it dries. When I'm about done it is then I realize that I've bent over at the sink wearing nothing but an old basketball jersey of Seth's. It's long enough for pajamas but I bent over and just like everything else I've owned it's probably hiked up. I quickly stand up and turn around to only find Jacob standing right in front of me. My breathe catches as I look up into his dark brown eyes – the same eyes that just moments ago were playful and teasing but have now darkened over with…lust? Oh fuck. I feel my body begin to warm and I know that it's from the close proximity of his body. He leans down slightly and I realize that he has blocked me in with his arms acting as a cage. I notice his right hand comes up and lightly brushes the side of my face and I sigh into his touch. His hand continues to the back of my head and grabs a fistful of my hair wringing it out for me. It's such a simple act that could be innocent but right now I want it to be anything but. Oh fuck me, please!

"Leah." Jacob breathes out and I find myself melting as his left hand fingers gently tickle my thigh. I lick my lips and bite them looking at his lips wanting to taste them desperately. A growl forces me to look back up at him and I notice his eyes are on my lips. Running my hands up his abs to his chest I close my eyes whispering his name and lean in. Jacob wastes no time and quickly captures my lips in a searing and arousing kiss. My eyes open wide at his aggressive assault and open my mouth wanting to deepen the kiss. Kissing Jacob Black is unlike anything I've ever experienced before. Kissing him makes my make out sessions with Sam seem like nothing more than child's play. I feel my body awaken as his tongue lightly caresses my tongue and I can't help but moan.

He breaks our kiss to plant sensual kisses on my neck that include a mixture of kissing and sucking. The thought of Jacob cleaning me up with his mouth only makes my thighs feel suddenly wet. "God, Lee." Jacob whispers his voice sounding so deep and husky as his left hand hikes my thigh up higher pressing it against his hip. I gasp as I feel him bite into my shoulder causing me to arch my back thereby pressing my breasts into his chest. "You taste so good." Jacob breathes as he slowly starts to lick and suck the remaining food away from around my neck. I begin to grind my hips into him wanting more as he meticulously pays attention to every inch of my neck. "You shouldn't have bent over like that." Jacob growls as he bites the other side of my neck finally releasing his grip on my hair. I smirk up at him realizing that I've let him control everything thus far.

"Well you shouldn't have started it." I whisper and I lean in paying back the favor by licking and cleaning his chest. I hear Jacob's steady breathing quickly becomes short pants as my tongue and lips assault his chest, abs and shoulders while my hands roam up and down his muscular back.

"Shit, Lee." He growls and I moan feeling him buck his hips into me. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull myself up capturing his lips in a deep kiss. "Your room. Now." Jacob orders as he quickly picks me up and carries me bridal style to my room. I growl playfully as I nip and kiss his neck earning a shiver from him and before I know it I feel my feet planted back on the floor. Jacob runs a hand through his hair and groans realizing he still has food in hair.

"You need a bath." I state giggling and grabbing Jacob's hand leads him to the bathroom.

"Well I think you've done a very good job of cleaning me up." Jacob states chuckling as I move to turn the shower water on. I gasp and moan as I feel Jacob's hand begin to rub and massage my ass while the other raises my shirt. Damn boy shorts. "Damn, boy shorts." Jacob hisses and I look back in surprise to see him staring at my ass with the black shorts on. "Those are really sexy." Jacob growls out as he places his hands on either side of my hip and gently begins bumping into me. I can feel his erection through his jeans as I go weak in the knees. "Very nice position but the shirt and shorts have got to go." Jacob states as his finger runs along the waistband before slowly pulling them down. I turn around holding onto the edge of the bathtub biting my bottom lip as I feel my shorts slowly fall down pass my ass, down my thighs and then my knees. "Someone's wet." Jacob comments and I know that he's just looking at my soaked shorts. I bite back a moan as the shorts continue their journey to the floor and feel one of Jacob's hands travel up the inside of my leg to lightly graze my wet pussy.

"Jake." I moan out as his finger runs along my wet slit.

"Fuck, you're so wet." Jacob growls out and my knees knock together as his hand runs back down. "Open them legs." Jacob orders and I swallow hard turning back to find him kneeling behind me. The look in his eyes makes it impossible for me to process anything else except for doing exactly what he asks of me. Where the hell did that look come from? I love it! I open my legs and trying to prepare myself for the next assault. My eyes shut tight as I feel one of Jacob's fingers quickly slide in deep inside of me.

"Oh shit!" I hiss as Jacob's finger slides out and slides back in again.

"You're so hot and wet, Lee." Jacob breathes out and I can feel his hot breath on my ass as he continues his assault slowly building up my pleasure. "You smell so good too." Jacob adds and kisses one of my ass cheeks quickening his pace. He adds another finger increasing the pressure and the oh-so wonderful friction. I feel my orgasm building and tightening waiting, just waiting for the right moment to snap and release.

"Jake, I, I," I breath out and suddenly he pulls his fingers out and I turn my head to see him carefully inspecting his fingers. I whimper as he slowly licks his fingers and moans.

"You taste really good too, Lee." Jacob says smiling back at me with his usual cocky smirk. The same smirk that would usually annoy me either because it makes him look smug or just down right adorable. Right now he just looks so fucking hot! I watch him stand up and I raise my ass trying to encourage him to come back. To my surprise and disappointment he takes a step back leaning against the bathroom sink. "Come here." Jacob calls me with his fingers and it's not just with any fingers but the ones covered in my juices. I slowly stand up surprised that I have the strength to do so and I lean into him wanting to feel his body pressed up against mine. "Clean my fingers first and then we'll get in the shower." Jacob orders and I quickly comply taking his fingers in my mouth. Shower? Oh, that's right! That's why we're in here. Duh. My eyes lock with Jacob's as I continue sucking and licking his fingers clean, moaning at the combined taste of spaghetti, cake and my juices on his fingers. I slowly unbutton Jacob's jean and he growls as I press his jeans into him as I unzip them. Jacob snatches his fingers out of my mouth and quickly drops his pants freeing his erection. I gasp at the sight of him and lick my lips thinking about having that in my lips. "Lose the shirt." Jacob growls and I comply pulling the material over my head exposing my body to my Alpha. My hot, sexy, horny Alpha.

"C'mon, Jake." I say grabbing his hand and dragging him into the shower. The water has been running for who knows how long but I really want to touch his wet body. Jacob steps in and before I know it my back is pressed up against the cold tile wall in the shower. The sudden sensation elicits a gasp and Jacob kisses me while his hands roam all over my body. The way his hands grope and squeeze every part of my body is just maddening and only makes me want more and more of him. His calloused hands feel so good against my skin especially when he grazes them over my tender nipples. Jacob lifts me up and licks his lips before attaching them to my nipple as he massages the other. I moan loudly as his lips, tongue and teeth tease, suck, nip and tug at it sending me close to the edge and back. He switches to the other to pay the same homage but right now my body so desperately needs to feel him deep inside of me. "Jake, please." I whisper heavily my hands tugging at his hair roughly.

"Please what?" Jacob breathes out his lips only centimeters away from mine.

"Jake." I whine and he smiles at me.

"What?" Jacob mocks whine back at me. "What do you want, Lee?" I bite my bottom lip and begin grinding my pussy against his abs trying to find my release. "Ask not, want not." Jacob teases grabbing hold of my hips thus preventing them from moving.

"I want; I need you inside of me, Jacob." I growl out in desperation.

"What do you want?" Jacob breathes out lowering my body so that I can feel his erection sitting right at my entrance.

"Fuck me, Jake." I plead my body shivering in anticipation at our coming union.

"No." Jacob breathes out and I freeze my eyes growing wide. No? He's just being fucking teasing me? For what purpose? Why is he doing this to me? "This isn't just going to be some little fuck." Jacob states his eyes looking into mine deeply. "We're not just going to fuck and that's that." I moan as I feel the head of Jacob's erection slide up and down my pussy teasingly, gently, carefully and almost lovingly.

"Okay, Jake, whatever." I breathe out trying to fight his iron tight grip on my hips. "This just won't be a one time fuck. Hell, you can fuck me whenever, wherever and however you want." I bargain smiling at the thought of experiencing this kind of pleasure and pain with Jacob on an almost regular basis.

"You'll be my girlfriend." Jacob states rather than questions. It should be a question, right? Why am I questioning this? I'm butt ass naked, in the shower with Jacob Black who wants to be my boyfriend. There's supposed to be a logical reason for no. I try to find a reason for why this is a bad idea but everything inside of me tells me to agree. Agree and we'll have what must be the greatest night of sex, ever! "Understand." Jacob growls and I nod my head dumbly. Hell, I'd agree to forever love bloodsuckers and forgive Sam and Emily if he asked me to. Well…that's a stretch. "Say 'yes'." Jacob orders and I as soon as the word passes through my lips I'm hit with the most powerful sensation ever. "Good girl." Jacob breathes out as my cry catches in my throat at his sudden and powerful entrance. I feel Jacob's hot breath against my neck as he waits for me to adjust to his size. I slowly come down and Jacob begins his strong and steady pace as he pulls out to just the tip and slides back in. Jacob's lips capture mine in a deep bruising kiss as he continues pounding deep within me slowly picking up his speed. We cry out each other's name as our climax continues building until the building coil in the pit of my stomach breaks. I feel my walls clench tightly around Jacob as I cry out his name. "Oh Leah." Jacob growls out and moments later I feel the muscles in his neck tighten as he finds his release. I feel him slowly lower us to the tub floor and we both try and capture our breaths. The hot water now feels cold against our over-heated bodies and I can't help but smile as Jacob leans in and gently, softly kisses my lips. This kiss is so much more tender than our previous kisses and any other kiss I've ever received before. I hug him tightly nestling my head into the crook of his neck enjoying his warmth, scent and presence. I fight back a yawn as Jacob chuckles and plant a kiss on my shoulder. I'm vaguely aware of the shower being turned off and being gently lifted. I plant soft kisses on the side of Jacob's neck as I feel his hand rub my back.

"Jacob." I whisper as I feel him lay me down in my bed.

"Leah?" He whispers back as I reach out wrapping my arm around his neck in an attempt to pull him down beside me. I don't want him leaving now.

"Stay." He laughs at my request and I frown for a second until I feel his body against mine.

"Don't worry, Lee." Jacob says as I shift to lay my head on his chest. "You're not getting rid of me that easily." I drape one of my legs against his as he tucks us underneath a sheet.

"I'm glad." I yawn out before sleep finally overcomes me.

"When will Seth and Sue be back?" He whispers gently stroking my hair.

"Two weeks." I answer and even though I can't see it – I know he's smiling. "What about Quil?"

"Well I'm certain that for every one day he's away from Claire. He'll probably spend three days just to make it up to her."


"I doubt he'll really mind." Jacob says with a huge yawn. "In fact, he'll probably be ecstatic when I get around to telling him about us." Us. I really like the sound of that.

Do you want to know what a rarity here is in La Push? It's me having the whole house to myself and sharing it with Jacob Black.

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