The Morning After

Disclaimer: I do not own the Twilight characters...and that's a shame because I'd sure as hell would've done so much more with the wolves. What a waste of perfectly beautiful abage.

You want to know what's rare for me? A great night's sleep that's what. Where I've actually slept the whole night through without Seth showing up outside my window asking me to come out and play. No Quil to complain about his old coot of a grandpa, Old Quil. Not having Embry begging me to change his schedule so that he won't worry about being grounded. And, and not waking up to Rachel and, ugh, Paul going at it in the next room. Last night I had the best dream – ever! It was about me and Leah going at it in her shower. I mean I've dreamed about Leah before – lots of times, but there's just something about last night's dream that just seemed so, so real. I can almost taste her on my tongue. It's as if my body can remember the curve of her hips and the softness of her skin under my fingertips. Thinking about the warmth of her pussy surrounding my dick only increases my morning wood. And the tightness as I thrust into her over and over again was just the best thing ever. I can't help but think that I've wasted a lot of time harping over Bella and even then after Bella there were all the other girls. They were all alright and definitely eager to please but all I really wanted was my beta. I knew it was wrong to lust after her that way – again considering how it is Leah Clearwater. I mean we're supposed to be like co-workers or something and it's not as if that thought helped curbed my desires because then there were those boss and secretaries fantasies where Leah really wants the position. And she's willing to do anything to get it. But I guess I can take care of this and then go see my beautiful beta – she might even be in a feisty mood. I chuckle to myself shifting slightly to roll over on my back when I suddenly feel another body shift next to me.

I immediately tense up as panic starts to run through me. Shit. I rack my brain trying to remember what I did last night. There was that party over at the Waller's place that I went to but…but didn't I leave? I silently curse myself because I'm going to be really pissed if I wake up next to some random girl – again. Okay, I can admit that since Bella had the kid I've been playing the field. But what was I supposed to do? Sit around and mope over her? I mean before Leah became a wolf she dated other guys on the Rez but the fact that she had to hang out with Sam and only us is the reason why she had become so angry and bitter. It was after talking to her about it did I realize that she had every right to be angry and bitter. I'd be pissed too if I had to share minds with Bella and Cullen. But it's not as if Leah hasn't dated a guy or two or five since her transformation. I can't help the growl that escapes my throat at the thought of those losers trying to impress Leah, holding her hand, then expecting a good night kiss or even more from her. The body shifts next to me again and I relax catching a familiar scent and feeling the warmth of her snuggling up close to me; her breath tickling my neck as she snuggles closer into me. Leah. I open my eyes to see Leah sleeping beside me, her hair splayed out everywhere on her pillow and my shoulder, her lips parted slightly and her face looking so calm, peaceful and satisfied – yea, I did that.

"Jacob." Leah breathes out as she moves her leg causing her foot to brush against my calf softly and her knee to gently rub my balls. Now if only her hand will just go ahead and pick up from there. I bring my left hand up to gently brush the hair from around her face – she's beautiful. I feel my smile broaden as Leah begins to awaken blinking at me.

"Hey." I greet her as she rolls onto her back stretching her neck.

"Hey, yourself." She greets me back with a huge yawn – her tongue curling. I continue watching Leah, my Leah, as she raises her arms above her head continuing to stretch. I groan and bite my bottom lip as her breasts are fully exposed before me, her nipples erect begging me to taste them, play with them, to claim them. She arches her back earning a crack that leaves her moaning in satisfaction. I'm going in. I quickly roll over pinning Leah underneath me as I attack one of her breasts sucking on her hardened nipple desperately. "Jake." Leah gasps out and I settle in between her legs. I can feel the warmth from her pussy against my stomach as my cock aches to be inside of her again. To satisfy this hunger we've both been dealing with for her over the last year – a hunger only she can fulfill because Lord knows none of the other girls have even come close.

Tasting Leah again is like heaven as the sweat on her breast is sweet and mixed in with her usual scent of wildflowers, pine and morning dew it's addicting. Leah moans heavily as she begins grinding against my stomach – her juices moistening me as I tug on her nipple between my teeth. My other hand snakes down from her other breast, along her firm, toned stomach and down to her warm, inviting wet pussy. Shifting my weight I lick the underside of her breast and kiss down to her stomach letting my fingers slide inside of her. "God Leah, I can get used to waking up like this every morning." I whisper to her as I roughly finger my Leah's pussy.

"Oh, Jacob." Leah moans as I move my fingers around increasing my speed – her wet lips and my fingers making a beautiful sliding noise.

"So wet…and all for me." I comment as I feel Leah's fingers grip my hair pulling me up to her lips. I kiss her desperately willing to do anything to please my baby never taking my fingers out of her.

"Don't stop, Jake. Don't stop." Leah begs as her breathing becomes deep, heavy pants.

"Shit." I growl out as her other hand quickly wraps around my already aching cock and begins to stroke the Marshall.

"Two can play that game." Leah smirks at me licking her lips as her normally warm, hazel colored eyes darken.

"Hell yea!" I say quickly pulling out my fingers leaving Leah surprised and confused. I quickly grab hold of Leah's waist and can't help but to lick my lips at the prospect of what is going to happen next. Picking Leah up I fall back on her bed holding her up above me. I could stare into those eyes for the rest of my life – she's all I want and need, I'm serious.

"Jake?" Leah questions as I quickly turn her so that her wet pussy is above me. "Oh." Leah breathes out and I can feel the Marshall twitch with excitement – Leah sucking on him. Leah's full lips surrounding my cock as he slides in and out of her wet mouth. "Mmmm, so good." Leah moans out after she licks Marshall from his base to the very top of his head with a slow, strong and deliberate lick.

"Lower baby." I breathe out wrapping my arms around Leah's waist pulling her pussy lips down closer. I give Leah the same kind of treatment she's giving me slowly licking her pussy trying not to bust too soon in her mouth. I gently coax her clit out and suck on it letting the tiny bud roll across my tongue as Leah moans heavily against Marshall. I fight back a growl as Leah's hand strokes Marshall, gently runs her teeth across his head and massages my balls with her other hand. My tongue slides into Leah's wet pussy running along the inside of her walls. I try to concentrate on just enjoying and savoring her taste but all coherent thought continues to escape me as Leah's mouth continues to slide up and down the Marshall. Leah lets out a low growl when I nip at her swollen lips that vibrate all around the Marshall practically sending me over the deep end. "Shit, Lee." I hiss out before jamming two of my fingers inside her wet pussy and desperately sucking on her clit. I let Leah's heavy moans and sudden movements guide me to her sweet spot allowing my fingers to curl inside of her.

A sense of pride swells up inside of me as I hit a particularly sensitive spot causing Leah to cry out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Her back arching beautifully forcing me to tighten my hold on her ass to keep her in place and her fingernails digging into the flesh on my thighs – I'm making her lose control. "Right there, Jake. Please, Jake, yes, YES!" Leah screams out throwing her head back. I massage her tiny asshole with my thumb telling her how much I want her to cum for me, how badly I want to taste her sweet juices, how beautiful she looks and that she's mine. Speaking of 'mine' seems to snaps Leah out of her little revelry as she takes the Marshall back in her hands and quickly begins jerking him off. Both of us coaxing the other to cum verbally and physically until I start to see stars and I feel Leah's walls tighten around my fingers. I shove my tongue into her wet pussy and I feel Leah's mouth surrounding the Marshall as we both cum shooting our juices into each other's waiting mouths. Leah tastes so sweet and I lap at her desperately wanting my whole tongue coated with her honey. All I see is white as Leah gently finishes sucking the rest of my nut and I rub her ass softly wondering if she spilled any, if she got any of it on her – the thought of a pearl necklace slowly and painfully get the Marshall's attention.

Leah finishes cleaning me up and because she's such a show-off, apparently, proceeds to stretch – her pussy teasing me just inches above my head. I chuckle quietly letting my hand reach up and run across her swollen lips earning a soft gasp from Leah. I squeeze her swollen hood in between my ring and middle finger smiling smugly as she shivers under my touch. I frown slightly as Leah crawls out of my weak hold but it quickly turns back into a smile as she turns around and settles down right next to me. "That was amazing." Leah breathes out with a content sigh and the smile to match.

"You're amazing." I tell her leaning over and capturing her lips in mine. I know what she smells like, taste like and I know what we smell like – now it's time to find out what we taste like too. Our kiss is deep, sweet and passionate. Our tongues caress and the taste of us on the other's tongue is just incredible. I pull Leah as close to my body as physically possible not wanting there to be any space between us; Leah's arms lock around my neck pulling my head closer.

I'm sure I've mentioned this before but Leah's skin is so soft and smooth. I love the way her thigh feels when she brushes it along my leg and up to my waist. Our kiss breaks leaving us both gasping for air and I continue my attention by planting open mouth kisses on Leah's shoulder. Reaching her collarbone I bite down on the bone before letting my tongue leave a wet trail to her throat. Our bodies entwined so that I'm not even sure where I begin and she ends. I cup Leah's ass cheek in one hand giving it a good squeeze as I bite her shoulder letting out a deep growl. My growl is answered back by another low deep rumble. Pulling back I look down at Leah to see her biting her bottom lip and there is another rumble as my stomach growls back at hers. "I think it's time for breakfast." Leah says and we both start laughing.

"That sounds good." I agree lessening my hold on Leah. Usually I'd knock over Bella to get at some food but right now I'd really much prefer to stay here with Leah a bit longer. But Leah takes the opportunity and climbs out of bed taking her warmth and intoxicating aroused scent with her. Following her I get out of bed stretching my muscles and fighting back a yawn. My eyes widen as Leah begins to stretch, or rather, what seems to be more like some morning routine as she begins to do like some warm-up relax moves. I watch silently as she stretches leaning over to the left, coming back up and then moving over to the right. Marshall and I are both standing straight and stiff watching Leah work out the muscles in her shoulder blades before she finally reaches for the ceiling. Standing on her tiptoes she stretches and I hiss low as I watch her toes spread, her muscles tighten in her calves, back of her thighs, her perfectly round ass – she's killing me! I walk up behind Leah as she starts to lean back and quickly capture her breasts in my hands giving them an appreciative squeeze before massaging them.

"You're lucky I'm in a good mood." Leah moans as I lightly graze her harden nipples with the palms of my hands. "I don't normally like it when people interrupt my morning stretches." Leah explains answering my confused expression.

"Well I guess it'll be my job to make sure you always wake up in a good mood then, huh?" I shoot back pinching her nipples and tugging on them lightly earning a low and seductive growl from Leah. Laughing she removes my hands from her breasts and I frown as she shakes her head.

"I thought you were hungry." Leah states as she heads over to her dresser and begins rummaging around. Before I have a chance to come back about what type of 'hunger' I really have my stomach beats me to the punch. "I thought so." Leah says slipping on a tank top and a pair of shorts.

"Why you putting those on?" I ask frowning at the clothes that are covering my beta's beautiful body. It's not as if she needs them. We've got the whole house to ourselves; meaning I can and should be able to watch Leah walk around naked, stretch naked, lay around naked, just be naked.

"Pervert." Leah says fighting back a smile as she walks out the room. Guess my face must've given away my thoughts. "You wear these." Leah orders tossing me a pair of cut offs – most likely Seth's…then again they could be mine. Our clothes are so interchangeable now – that and Sue's the only mom who still washes her son's clothes. I quickly slip the pants on convinced that they are mine now and head out into the hallway.

I follow Leah's scent downstairs and to the kitchen where once I walk in I stand amazed. Oh shit! Good thing Sue isn't here. Otherwise my ass'd be grass. Leah's eyes are wide as she gasps at the state of the kitchen. Guess she had completely forgotten about the state of the kitchen last night after we ate dinner but before the awesome shower sex. Down Marshall. Now is not the time. "Guess we need to get this cleaned up before we even think about eating, huh?" I ask as a low, deep and frustrated growl escape Leah's throat – yea, I recognize that growl.

"Yea." Leah sighs out scratching her head before heading off to the laundry room. As with any job that involves cleaning (tools and mechanical parts not included) I tackle the real heavy stuff – I take the glasses and plates off the table and put them in the sink. "Don't think that since you've done that you're done." Leah says coming back with a mop, bucket, water smelling of bleach and some old towels. Damnit, Rachel's told her. With a frown we both get started working on cleaning up the battlefield – looking at the mess makes me wish I had a camera to take a picture of this. This is something we'll obviously never confess to but it'd be great to have a picture to remember the moment. Thinking of getting a camera and taking pictures of one of my most victorious moment leads to thoughts of just taking pictures of Leah – naked pictures of Leah. Leah in all sorts of hot, naked and definitely naughty positions.

Looking over my shoulder I see Leah busy cleaning up the kitchen table and find myself licking my lips as she's bent over wiping the table down. I didn't notice that she had put on such tiny shorts – and the urge to bend Leah over and take her from behind is so tempting that I walk over towards her. Images of hitting Leah from behind, one hand holding her hip in place and the other either pulling on her hair as she screams out in pleasure or gripping her shoulder pushing her ass into my groin burying Marshall deep in her. I growl aggressively as Marshall is now ready to get back to work and Leah looks back over her shoulder at me. I don't giver her a chance to protest as I press Marshall hard into her ass letting her feel his girth and how hard he is. "Jake." Leah moans out as I grind against her my hands gripping her hips tightly.

"I thought I warned you about bending over." I chuckle letting my hand slip down her shorts and into her already sopping wet pussy. "Wet for me already?" I growl into her ear and slide down her shorts freeing the smell of her arousal. Pulling out my fingers I quickly pull down my cut offs and grip Marshall steadying Leah with my other hand.

"Jake, please," Leah pleads biting back a moan as I run Marshall's head against her wet and swollen pussy lips. "We have to clean," Leah starts but I silence her with another growl and ram the Marshall deep inside of her.

"Later. I promise." I groan out to Leah as I begin sliding in and out of her. I start off slow wanting to enjoy the view before me when suddenly the phone rings – oh HELL no! I snarl angrily at the caller but turn my attention back to the moaning, gasping and panting Leah Clearwater who's who too damn busy to come to the phone right now.

"Shit!" Leah cries out as I shift and find another spot that's sensitive. "Jake…I, I have to," Oh, I hope she don't think I'm going to stop now? Leah breathes out turning her head to face the phone. I growl again and only shake my head as I ram into her harder letting that be my message to her. "OH GOD! Jake – Jake it might be important." Leah bargains and I try to fight the rational human thought that says 'her family is out of town. What if they're hurt?'

"Damnit." I groan going against the blood flow and roughly pulling out of Leah. "Hurry up and answer the damn phone." I snap stepping away from Leah not trusting myself to be too close. Leah looks back at me still panting, her shorts down to her ankles and her hips bruised from my grasp – she looks so fucking…fuckable. "Answer the phone." I alpha command her and she quickly jumps up snatching the phone. I sigh deeply looking down at Marshall wishing it was that easy to keep him in check. Looking at him I notice he's completely slicked with Leah's juices and a cool breeze from the still opened kitchen window is enough to remind us both of Leah's warmth – we need to get back there. NOW!

"No, everything's fine, Mom." Leah says cradling the phone between her shoulder and cheek as she pulls up her shorts. Well…so much for fucking her while she was on the phone. That thought still very tempting. I watch as Leah walks out the kitchen taking my temptation away. Pulling up my shorts back up and carefully tucking my hard on away I get back to work cleaning the kitchen. Hoping that the further along I get the sooner I'll get back to mounting – Focus! On the task at hand and NOT what we want in our hands. I hear Leah's laughter ringing throughout the house as my ears pick up another laugh; this one deep, low and immediately grates me – Paul.

I turn my attention to the kitchen door still cleaning as in waltzes in Paul and Jared. What the fuck are they doing here? "Mornin' Jake." Jared greets following in behind Paul but both stop talking as they see the state of the kitchen.

"Holy shit, what the hell happened in here?" Paul asks looking around with a stupid smirk on his face.

"When you and Leah fight you two really fight dirty, huh?" Jared adds stepping forward and inspecting the damage. There's food on the ceiling, the walls, fridge, cabinets, floor, windows – you name it's covered with something…except for the now cleaned table.

"So remind me again; who's the alpha of this little pack of yours?" Paul asks with a smug grin on his face.

"We're cleaning up together alright. We had some fun last night that got a little out of hand." I can't help the smug grin that crosses my lips at the word 'fun' as last night, this morning and a few minutes ago invade my thoughts.

"Fun, huh?" Jared asks stopping a few feet from me and narrowing his eyes. I narrow mine right back at him as he motions Paul to join him. The two idiots stand looking at me and they both have these huge shit-eating grins on.

"So…who won, Jake?" Paul asks and I frown at him wanting to drown the bastard in the mop water.

"It was a draw." I state going back to work – Marshall's starting to lose steam with the presence of these two.

"Draw, huh?" Jared asks and they both chuckle.

"What do you two want? Since when do you guys just show up at Leah's house?" I ask feeling my patience start to wane.

"Oh…well, with Sue and Seth out of town we've come to check up on Lee-Lee." Paul says and I feel my body tense.

"Leah's older than you two, jackasses." I snap knocking some spaghetti from the ceiling.

"And what's your point?" Jared asks opting to help clean up. Whoa, something is definitely up.

"Leah doesn't need either of you checking up on her." I throw out.

"Well I seem to do a pretty damn good job with Rachel. I think I could definitely take care of Leah." Paul says and with the sexual innuendo against not only my sister but my girlfriend I turn on Paul snarling viciously.

"Easy there, Jake." My head whips around to see Sam calmly walking into the kitchen. Where the hell does this wanna-be-Leah-fucking prick get off coming here and then telling me to calm down?

"What the fuck you doing here, Sam?" I snarl turning my aggression towards him.

"Just checking up on Lee-Lee." Sam answers matter-of-factly with a smile that soon falls as he stands staring at me.

"What's going on here?" Leah demands walking back into the kitchen obviously having ended her conversation with Sue and Seth.

"This'll be good." Paul mutters as he and Jared both take a huge step back leaving me confused. Hearing a deep, low and angry snarl I whip around to see Sam lunging at me.

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