Tosh looked up from her work as the proximity alarms sounded, announcing there was someone on their way down. There was only one person that it could be and they all knew it. Gwen came out of the kitchen where she was fixing her lunch and leant over the rail so she could see the door. Owen came up the steps of the autopsy bay pulling off his gloves and dropping them into the bin beside his desk as he casually perched against the side to wait. Lastly Jack bounded out of his office where he'd been trying to catch up on his paper work and stopped at the stairs leading from the main floor to the hub door.

The door rolled back to reveal one Ianto Jones, dressed impeccably in one of his suits. Even though they'd all seen him just yesterday it was as if he'd been gone for months. Watching him step back into the hub, finally back to the man their friend had been before the Cyberwoman had gotten loose. He had a bit more confidence and an air of peace around him but it was like he had finally come home to them.

"Bout time you got back. Gwen's coffee is absolute shit!" Owen grouched.

"Hey!" Gwen protested and Jack threw him an annoyed look at getting the first words out.

"Apparently you still can't clean up after yourself either," Ianto snorted looking around the hub in amusement. It wasn't that bad, they had all made an effort to keep the place at least a little tidy in his absence.

He scanned the hub looking at them all in turn until his eyes finally landed on Jack who was the closest and a smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. Jack smiled back at him though neither man knew quite what to say to each other, do they continue on the way they had spent the time of Ianto's recovery and training? Do they get to keep that closeness that had developed or would they have to go back to being employer and employee?

Tosh seeing the awkwardness between the two men decided to help them out a little, "So, Ianto how are you feeling? What's it feel like to be back?"

"Good, the hub's going to take a few days to get used to... everything's so.... overwhelming," Ianto replied screwing up his nose a little.

"It's something you'll get used to in time," Jack smiled moving down to Ianto and after a brief pause he pulled the younger man into his embrace.

"Time is certainly something I have enough of now," Ianto replied quietly to Jack.
"And I'll be here to help you every step of the way," Jack replied pressing his lips to Ianto's, not caring about the others as kissed him.

The End