You're over-dressed.

Yeah, so are you...

His voice echoed in her mind, thick with promise and desire. She was barely conscious of responding, vaguely aware of her lips moving and something intelligent coming out. His hand on her hip that held both her skirt and her skin pressed a fiery brand into her overly sensitive flesh. The only point of contact, the only place he would allow them to be one. It was maddening.

Before she had time to blink, his other hand snaked under her skirt causing it to pool over his wrist.

"Let's fix that, then."

Again his hands moved too quick for her to register, tearing the delicate blue lace panties from her with an echoing rip. Somewhere in her mind she pondered when her reflexes had dulled so much, it was unthinkable for him to surprise her. Shilo felt punch drunk; lightheaded and unsure. Her hands trembled on his shoulders, mouth opening to protest the speed, the violence of it all.

Graverobber pressed her hard into the wall, one hand grasping at her thigh, the other seeming to fumble with something. Her brow wrinkled in confusion again, overwhelmed by the situation as a ribbon of fear began to tease along her senses.

With a contented growl, both hands found her thighs and lifted her into the air. Guiding her legs around his waist, her eyes went wide, breath catching in her throat.

"Gr-aves... you need to... I..."

"I know, kid."

Shilo nodded and relaxed in his arms, head leaning against the wall and eyes falling shut.

It's okay. He's knows I've never done this before... I'm safe with him... I'm sa-...

The violence of his thrust inside her caused her to scream, tears springing to her eyes. All thought fled from her, as the burning pain pulsed up and through her core. Fire and fear flooded her veins, the vampiric blood in her system causing her to feel the cruel intrusion threefold. Her nails dug into his shoulders as bitter tears fell from her eyes. Though only moments had passed, the agony was timeless, a never ending loop of terror and loss.

I told you he would hurt you, Precious. Fucking you up against the wall like a Zaddict. Like he did with Amber. He doesn't love you. No, he'll only love you in your dreams. Poor thing, he's way too big for your little body. I'll find some ice for us later. I'll take care of us after he uses you up.

The sound of her asking him how he wanted her caused his head to spin. Her eyes warm and seductive, the subtle scent of strawberries and her naturally sweet skin sang through his mind. Graverobber deliberately took his time to tease along her thigh, giving her an opportunity to back out when he mentioned she was far too clothed for his liking.

And she agreed, gods below, she purred back! All he had wanted for months was to touch her, caress her. Be with her. Her words shattered the last of his defenses, as his hands crept under her skirt to tear that tease of lace from her. His left splayed across her milk white skin, his right quickly unbuckling his pants and freeing his length. So long they had tormented each other, so badly he needed his kid, his cadet, his hidden temptress.

"Gr-aves... I need you to... I..."

"I know, kid."

She didn't need to explain to him her desire; it was clear as day how much they both wanted this. Needed this. Warm hands cupped her thighs, lifting her into the air and against the wall, bracing her back. Feeling her satin folds brush the very tip of him, his eyes rolled back. He buried his face in her neck, before sinking his blunt teeth into the junction of her shoulder and neck. She was Perfect.

He thrust into her hard, white light exploding behind his eyes. The satin heat that wrapped around him tore a moan from his throat. She was slick for him and oh so tight. Impossibly tight, even. Her scream sent a shiver up his spine, needing more of her. Grabbing her by the hips, he tugged her closer to him, a small tear, like a whisper, and he was buried to the hilt inside of her.

Wait... what was...? Oh gods... No.

Graverobber came to a complete stop, eyes wide in trepidation. Immediately, he released his hold on her neck, realization dawning on him as his surroundings became clear. The growing pit in his stomach increased, it was now all to clear her scream was one of pain and not pleasure. Her words came back to him, as his blood ran cold. The wet caress of her tears fell against his face, damning him further.

'Gr-aves... I need you to...'

She wanted me to stop... oh gods, what have I done?!

"I'm sorry... I... shouldn't... I should have known..."

His hands began to shake as he withdrew from her, letting her feet touch the floor before pulling out and away from her as if her flesh burned. Stumbling back a few paces, he turned before sinking onto the floor, head in his hands. Unable to look at her.

You hurt her. The girl you swore you would watch out for. The person who showed you kindness.

The woman you're falling in love with.

You're a Monster...

The pain seemed to dim when he stilled his movement, giving her time to draw breath and open her eyes. His head was bowed, shoulders tensed up, as if angry. When he began to apologize, she tilted her head in confusion. And then he tore away from her, dropping onto the ground and clutching his head as his back began to tremble.

The sound of whimpered breath drew her forward, her pale hand reaching out to gently brush his hair back from his face.

"Graves, what's wrong?"

He slowly lifted his head, turning towards her, flinching when he saw her thighs. Looking down, she tilted her head in confusion at the small smear of blood.

So you do bleed... I guess that would make sense. But why is he so upset?

Because, Precious, he just claimed your innocence against your living room wall. Guess he didn't know you were still a virgin.

Oh gods, Graves... He must think he hurt me!

Only you would worry about that at a time like this... You really do love this idiot, don't you?

Shilo whimpered, dropping to her knees in front of him and tipping his face up to look into his eyes. It took some coaxing, and she started at the color. Almost all grey, most of the color leeched from those beautiful orbs, now filled with remorse.

"Graves... oh Graves... I'm sorry, I thought you knew..."

"No kid..." his voice croaked, "...I didn't."

She pulled him close to her, wrapping her arms around his head and cuddling him to her chest. Her hands gently stroked his hair, chewing her lip in thought. Sitting back, she cupped his face in her hands again before nodding to herself. Reaching down, she interlocked their fingers before pulling him carefully onto his feet.

"C'mon. Follow me."

Up the stairs, not letting him pause or pull away, her thumb tracing soothing circles on the back of his hand. She led him to her room, pushing the door open. When he paused in the doorway, she turned towards him, tipping his chin up to look her in the eyes.

"It's okay. Come on."

Shilo led him to her bed, turning him to sit on the soft mattress. With a nod, she let go, face screwed up in resolve. His arm fell uselessly onto his lap, his eyes shut tight and face turned away. She hurried to her closet, then the door before turning to look over her shoulder.

"Stay here. I'll be right back. Okay?"

All he could do was nod.

He sat staring at his lap, wishing his heart would stop. He deserved whatever hell he was being sent to, it felt like a sacrilege to sit upon her bed now. He would leave, as soon as she fell asleep. He didn't deserve to be there with her after his carelessness. He hastily latched his pants, unable to shake the feeling of revulsion and shame.

After a few agonizing minutes, the door creaked open and he couldn't stop the involuntary flinch. The sound of her feet padding over to him was thunderous in his ears. Her soft hands cupping his face far too tenderly for his conscience to bear. He could feel her staring at him and he cautiously opened his eyes, brow wrinkled.

She was stunning as usual. She had removed the wig, her natural hair brushed to her jaw line and shining. A soft black nightgown clung to her gently, the thin straps leading to a graceful neckline. It brushed against her thighs, clean and pure white once more. Her cameo hung from her neck, the gold glinting in the soft light.

His angel.

Now fallen angel, thanks to him.

Graverobber tried to look away but her small hand held his jaw firm. Instead, he settled on glancing at the floor, not feeling worthy of looking upon her. Not now.

"Graverobber... Graves please don't look away."

Once more he slowly looked up at her, his eyes flooding with all the regret he felt inside. Hers were warm, without any of the pain or hatred he was expecting. No, there was something else he couldn't seem to place. Leaning down, she pressed a soft kiss to his lips. Starting back a bit, he blinked up at her, a mix of confusion and fear plain on his face.

"Graves, we started this all wrong. Can we... maybe try again? Do this right?"

Shock painted his features. Blinking in surprise, it took a few times before he found his voice.

"Wait... wait a sec, kid. You still want...? You. Want to try... Again?"

She nodded, face blushing cutely as her chin dipped about an inch. But he wasn't going to risk another assumption, not now. Not after what just happened.

"Kid, I need ta hear you say it, because I can't hurt you again. I need you ta tell me exactly what you want from me."

Shilo smiled and nodded, her hand tracing over his features softly. Her voice was quiet but even. Sure of her words, though her cheeks were flushed a bright red.

"I want to try again Graves. I want you to make love to me here, in my bed. To finish what we tried to do downstairs."

"Are you sure you wanna do this? Are you sure you want me ta... be the one? After what happened?"

"I'm sure. I want you Graverobber, nobody else. Please?"

He nodded slowly, staring down at his hands still uneasy. After a few moments, her tiny ones crept atop his, weaving their fingers and giving them a soft squeeze.

"Don't get me wrong... that hurt. Can you make it feel good again?"

Glancing up at her face, eyes a touch wide at the deliberately sultry tone the last half of that statement held. She had her lower lip caught between her teeth, her big dark eyes 'innocently' glancing out from under her lashes. Making up his mind, he rose to his feet, letting her hands go after offering his own reassuring squeeze.

"Yeah, baby. I can make it feel good again."

His voice was a powerful thing to her, it held the power to melt her knees like nothing else in the world. The satin nightgown was a cool whisper against her skin; Shilo had bought it with her first official paycheck. Intent on having something nice that was all hers, that she bought herself.

Shilo looked up at Graverobber, happy to see a little bit of his confidence coming back around the edges. She tried so hard to get him to understand that she was okay. Yes, it hurt like hell. Yes, it was not the way she expected it to happen. And yes, it reminded her too much that she was not the first woman he slept with. But it was him. The man she dreamed giving herself to. It was alright because of who it was. And they had all night to make up for those first few stumbling steps.

He turned towards her and lifted her into his arms like a bride, a soft squeak escaping her throat as her arms flew around his neck. Shilo felt her heart soar at the look in his eyes, so caring and open. It stripped away all pretense and left her own just as shining. Carefully he walked those last few steps to the head of the bed, laying her down amidst the soft covers. Carefully, he began to crawl up her body, the movement so much like her dream it took her breath away.

His hair puddled around them as his lips trailed feather soft kisses from her knee all the way up to her lips, brushing against every inch of exposed skin. He hovered over her, his weight on both his hands and one knee, the other leg stretched out beside her. Not an ounce of weight placed upon her, the body heat from his bare chest and stomach searing her overly sensitive skin.

When he looked into her eyes, Shilo felt her heart skip a beat, so much emotion buried in those cobalt depths. Leaning down, he placed a chaste kiss upon her lips, the feeling behind it sending her to the moon. His hand began to skim up her side, tracing over the satin nightgown and up over her shoulder to gently caress her face.

"I've never had the chance to be gentle; never wanted to, ta be honest. It's a first for me."

Shilo nodded and shivered at his words, a bit of unease leaking from her lower back as that sinful voice rumbled above her. He leaned down once more to rain light kisses across the bridge of her nose and her eyelids. Letting himself be vulnerable and honest for once. Her hands ran up his spine, fingers kneading the tense muscles of his back before grabbing onto his shoulders. Tossing his hair to one side, he began to kiss and nuzzle along her jaw and neck, his free hand running along her stomach and down the outside of her leg.

"Graves... please...."

"Shhh, baby. Let me love you, okay? Just relax for me."

Every time he called her baby, her eyes fluttered, head falling backwards. A soft whimper passed her lips as his warm hands began easing the soft gown up her waist. When his hand brushed nothing but her bare skin from her thigh to her ribs, a quiet moan vibrated against her neck. He lifted her arms, pulling her free of her gown and leaving her bare to his eyes.

She was exquisite, and he couldn't help but gasp at the sight of her laid out before him. Ghost white skin, ample curves and long limbs. Her face was flushed a faint pink, eyes closed and head ducking in embarrassment.

"You're Beautiful..."

He couldn't help but echo what he said to her all those months ago, and she gazed up at him in pure adoration. Her small hands went from futilely covering herself to shyly trailing up across his chest, fingertips tracing over scars from both blade and bullet. Fragile and tiny, yet they had such a power over him. Graverobber let his lips dip along her collarbone, the tip of his tongue trailing up along the hollow of her throat all the way to her chin. A teasing kiss before leaning down to slowly lick and nuzzle his way across her chest.

Soft wet kisses traced along the swell of her breast, and she began to squirm underneath him. He captured one rosy peak between his lips, letting his tongue tease along her skin. His fingertips echoing his movements along the other side, ever so gently pinching and rolling the sensitive tip.

Shilo's back bent like a reed lost to a stream, a series of contented moans and gasps painting the room with her desire. She tossed her head side to side slowly, hands reaching out to weave into his hair, holding him close to her. Her legs wrapped around his waist once more, ankles rubbing along his lower back, kneading into the flesh before locking tight about his waist.

Graverobber switched his attentions, his classic roguish smirk in place. He would be damned thrice over if he didn't let his beauty drown in her pleasure, and he knew he had it in him to send her to the stars and back at least once. After a few more teasing moments, his left hand released her supple breast to coast down along her stomach and thigh. Reaching behind him, he managed to coax her legs apart, letting them splay out to the side. Giving him access to her core.

It was the sight of the three fine red marks high on her inner thigh that caused him a moment's pause; though she was far too gone to notice. He leaned down, ghosting a tender caress to each line, from the just barely healed to the fading scar. He knew the telltale cut of a scalpel, though why they marred his beauty escaped him. Though it did appear from the angle, they were self-inflicted.

Kid, I swear ta the gods, I won't ever let you hurt like that again. I'll keep ya safe. Promise.

A long finger traced up her inner thigh before ever so gently brushing against her delicate folds. The moan of sheer want that tore from her sent shivers down his spine. Parting her with care, he slowly traced up the moist petals to lightly encircle the seed of her desire. Shilo bowed into him, eyes slamming shut and mouth falling open in a near desperate moan. Again he teased her clitoris, rolling it between his fingers with barely a hint of pressure. His own eyes shut as she ground against his hand, half formed pleas tumbling past her lips.

Shilo couldn't see, couldn't speak. Nothing existed but the pleasure of his touch and the intensity of her bliss. Colors she couldn't name flashed behind her closed lids, a heady warmth growing in her belly. Every nerve ending was aflame, heels digging uselessly into her mattress as her hands tore at his back. Dimly she was aware of her nails scouring his flesh, but then the current of ecstasy would wash over her again and all she could do was plead for more.

The feel of him inching down her body sent her eyes flying open. Warm kisses pressed against her sternum and stomach, his tongue reaching out to swirl around her navel. She squirmed under his attentions and she was rewarded with his strong hands holding her hips to the bed. His thumbs eased her legs open more, pressing lightly at the juncture of her hips and thighs. Before she knew what to think, she felt a breath of air flutter across her center.

Graves looked up at his kid from between her thighs, smirk now permanently etched across his face. A light sheen of sweat made her glisten, skin shining like mother of pearl. Her hands were woven into her own hair, back arched off the bed and hips dancing in primal desire. She was lost to the sensations he created within her and a rush of pride shot through him. With a soft moan, he leaned forward, just barely letting his lips touch her.

"I've wanted ya since the day we met. All I could think of for days, was how you'd taste... "

Shilo cried out, calves tensing up and feet digging uselessly into the covers. All she knew was need, all she wanted was the man who was teasing her into insanity. Finally able to articulate her thoughts, her mantra grew in volume as her hands left her own hair for his.

"Please, please, please... Graves... please... need you... please... now... please..."

"Please what, kid? This..?"

The feel of his lips pressing a kiss to her soft sex sent flames through her veins, hands tightening their hold on his hair as her toes curled up in bliss.

"Or this...?"

As his tongue slowly licked up her core, a ragged scream torn from her throat. Trailing off into a needy whimper that vaguely resembled words. He swirled the tip of his tongue against her once, twice, before pulling back with a smirk.

"Well kid, which one? I wanna hear you say it. C'mon... tell me what you want, baby. Tell me what you need from me..."

Somewhere between the first 'this' and 'baby', Shilo had forgotten how to breathe.

She tried to form words, a few tiny squeaks spilling out of her turning into quiet moans. She licked her lips, eyes fluttering shut as she caught her lower lip between her teeth, nuzzling back into her pillows. And yet he didn't move, content to softly breathe against her, the warm air adding to the intensity of her need.

"Th-the.. the second one. P-lease...."

It took a good minute for her to be able to form four words, her stomach tensing up and legs quaking in pleasure. Her hands sought out the blankets; once more wrapping up in the sheets, shoulders arching back into the bed.

Hearing her plead with him stirred awake a part of him that Graverobber didn't even know existed. The predatory growl echoed in his chest as his lips once more connected with her sweet skin. The sights, the sounds, the taste of her driving him nearly as wild as she was; and yet he continued to painstakingly lap at her. Just enough pressure to feel amazing but not nearly enough to send her to completion. He drew out the act, luxuriating in his senses and worshipping at her body's altar.

More minutes passed like hours, until he finally traced up with his tongue to encircle her clitoris, drawing it in with gentle suction as his long finger slowly slid into her depths. Her scream of pleasure lay in harmony next to his desperate moan. It was as if her desire fueled his own, and taking her beyond anything she had ever known. She had never caused such an intense ache alone, even imagining her touch was his paled in comparison. Fantasy was a paltry imitation to her newfound lover, and she felt the weight of her coming climax weigh heavy and hot. Tiny wings fluttering out to tease down along her hips and legs.

The pressure of her hands tugging on his hair caused a stifled moan to rumble against her, and Shilo arched completely off the bed. Her limbs were beginning to cool, all of her heat being sent to where he was focused. The sheen of sweat along her skin seemed to make her glow, and he couldn't help but watch her writhe. Splayed out for the taking, debauched and utterly perfect. She was nearing her peak, her moans echoing down the hall and legs beginning to tremble. He pulled back for a moment twisting the long digit inside of her, the whimpered cry at the loss of his lips nearly broke his heart.

"Scream for me, baby. Please?"

As his lips and tongue once more found her slick skin, he couldn't help but smirk. It was the word 'Please' that drew the most beautiful sound he had ever heard from his sweet little Shilo. A long, loud cry to the heavens that pulsed along his body and mind. Her whole body tensed, and still he playfully lapped at her core as she rode the waves of sheer bliss. Nothing compared to the sight and sounds of her. He knew in his heart that no one would ever be as perfectly made for him as the girl, no... woman in his arms.

A few remaining trembles coursed through her legs as her body went slack. Her hair was a mess, some strands sticking across her face as she caught her lips once more in her teeth. Finally her hands released their purchase on his hair and with one last languid stroke of his tongue, he began to crawl and kiss his way back up her body.

Graverobber couldn't help the knowing grin from breaking out across his face, lips shining slightly with her essence. The sheer pride coursed through him; it was his touch that made her scream and beg. No one else would ever touch her or make her feel like that, or he'd really be damned. Gently, he brushed her hair off her face, laying next to her and softly cooing in her ear.

"Was that okay, baby? Did I make it feel good again?"

A half hearted mumble was his reply.

Chuckling, he rested his hand across her stomach, gently rubbing soothing circles into her now warm skin. His eyes drank their fill, as she slowly uncurled her toes and stretched her legs, luxuriating against her covers as opposed to trying to hide her naked flesh. After a few moments, she blinked up at him all cute sweetness.

"That was... wow... I... huh..."

Shilo had barely enough sense to form those words, blinking the last of the stars from her eyes. Looking up at her Graves, his loose hair draping across his muscled shoulder and brushing against her chest. The dark lust was still at the back of his eyes, though it was drenched with a happy sort of pride. Slowly she reached out, trying hard to get her lead like limbs to obey, to caress his cheek and neck. His eyes shut as her hand then brushed over his collarbone and chest. When his breath caught in his throat she realized that he was still very much as needy as she was only moments before.

Leaning up onto her elbow, Shilo continued to slowly draw along his warm skin with the pads of her fingers. Coasting along his stomach before lightly pushing him onto his back. She leaned up, throwing her leg over his hips to straddle his thighs and peered down at the handsome man beneath her.

Naturally pale, his chest was all muscled planes and defined lines. The scars of his past added to his beauty, for there was no other way to describe him. Something extra to tease and touch, a different texture that caused him to shiver with every caress. Swirling her hands over his skin, smoothing down his sides and across his belly to the shadowed dents of his hips. When he bucked up underneath her, she grinned before caressing his hipbones again.

That's... neat...

Graverobber moaned softly, and the smirk that flooded her features caused him to shut his eyes. Shilo began to playfully dip under the waistband of his pants, the sounds coming from her lover urging her forward. When her hands found the buttoned fly, he couldn't stop his back from arching off the bed, hands violently grabbing at the tousled bedding.

Ever so slowly, she undid the fastenings, eyes focused on his face and the emotions that flitted across it. He was so open, no longer hiding behind any masks of confidence or arrogance. He was simply hers and it caused her pulse to quicken once more. With tender care she dragged his pants down over his hips and legs. Climbing down, she began to rid him of those heavy boots before the last of his clothing lay in a heap on her floor. With a deep breath, she looked up from her lashes, gazing along his bare form.

Her eyes began to widen at the sight of her lover, completely revealed to her innocent eyes. His legs were sculpted muscle, yet she found herself still favoring his arms and shoulders. His hips were perfection, her tiny hands fitting so well along the crest of bone. The length of him was both enticing and terrifying, and she couldn't help but remember how it felt inside of her. Slowly her hands crept up his thighs before gently reaching out to run her hand against him. So small she looked compared to his body, and she let out a tiny little cry of pleasure; though his own moan filled her ears. Her hand continued to barely coast over his skin, curiously running along the velvet of his flesh.

"Please... kid. That... I need you to stop doin' that for a sec... Need ta catch... my.. breath."

She let go, sitting up on his legs and offering him a nervous smile.

"Okay Graves. Just tell me what you want me to do."

The long groan danced across her skin, and he nodded toward the center of the bed.

"Lay down for me, baby."

She clamored off him carefully before spreading across the center of her bed, happily cuddling into the nest of blankets that held his scent. Her face turned to the side to bury into his pillow, a happy grin spreading across her face.

My bed smells like him!

He slowly leaned up onto his elbows before climbing over her once more, her legs wrapping around his waist by instinct alone. Her calves stretched and rubbed along his back, hands happily gripping onto his shoulders and dragging down his biceps. Another toss of his head sent his hair to the side, as he leaned down to place a gentle kiss to her lips.

"Are you sure about this?"

"Yes Graves. I'm sure."

His left hand rose to cup her face before slowly tracing down her arm. He tugged on her wrist gently, before grasping onto her hand. He brought their clasped hands up to his lips to press a tender kiss to the back of her knuckles, never once breaking eye contact. Bringing their hands to the bed, he carefully brushed against her body before ever so slowly sinking into her. He fought to hold her gaze, only letting the moan free.


It was the first time he had ever said her name.

Shilo could do nothing but moan at the slow easy pressure of him filling her. It was so different than before, all the pain was now a warm sense of completion. The intensity of his stare causing her to whimper. The sound of her name falling from his lips as they were finally one was better than anything she had ever imagined.


When he was finally fully buried within her, Shilo took a deep breath. It was as if he was made for her, fitting together so seamlessly. Her body shivered and the hand still free snaked up into his hair to play with the strands. His body was tense and strong, not moving save the trembling puffs of his breath. His eyes finally closed in concentration as if waiting for something.

Shilo bit her lip before gently rotating her hips, letting her head fall back with a small cry. His own fanning out across her forehead, as his head tipped back in pleasure.

"Shilo... are you okay?"

"Yes... gods yes..."

"I'm gonna move now baby, alright?"


Her voice so full of need, as his hips withdrew, almost pulling out of her completely. The tip of him just barely inside her warmth before slowly sliding into her once more. One simple stroke, and it was all he could do to not black out. With a squeeze, he let go of her hand to weave into her hair, the other digging into the mattress. Slow and easy he surged within her, taking his time as she purred and cooed beneath him. He forced his eyes to remain open, looking down upon his girl with everything he felt for her in his eyes.

Her mouth was parted in pleasure, her eyelashes fluttering and offering glimpses of her sweet coffee eyes. Every stroke deep inside her caused her head to tip backwards with a gasp, as he withdrew she let out a needy cry. Her little pink tongue darted out to wet her lips as her hands stroked through his hair. A chorus of 'yes', 'oh gods' and 'Graves' was her whimpered prayer.

"Shilo... oh gods Shilo... Kid, I... don't know how long I can keep being slow..."

"Harder? Please... I need more..."

His eyes rolled back as a predatory growl surged through him. At her command he was barely inside her and without warning he slammed his hips forward. She let out a scream that caused him a moment's panic. Her nails in his shoulder blades, her face buried in his neck.

"Gods yes, Graves... Please don't stop..."

Tossing his hair across her face, he turned into her neck and sank his teeth into her skin, sucking on the flesh intent to leave a mark for the world to see.

My Girl.

His hand fell from her hair to grab onto her hips, as his began to crash against her, hard and deep. Without warning, he lifted her up from the bed, sitting back on his heels with her facing him. Chest to chest, he captured her lips as his hands grabbed tightly to her thighs. Leaving bruises and unable to stop, the sounds of her pleasure urging him onward. Their kiss was passionate but still maintained a caring undercurrent.

His hands trailed up from her hips to run along her spine as she writhed against him. He lay back, unfolding his legs and leaving her astride his hips, breaking their kiss with an amused smirk on his face. Her hands instantly dropping to his chest, her own eyes confused, mouth still parted in bliss.

"Ride me, Shilo. I'm all yours."

Cautiously she began to move her hips, unsure in her movements. His head fell back against the bed, eyes closing for a brief moment before looking back at her, encouragement clear on his face. Those warm hands traveled up her rounded hip to brush teasingly under the swell of her breasts, playfully running along her stomach. Closing her eyes in concentration, she began to slowly rise up on her knees, withdrawing him almost completely before letting gravity bring her back down.

Her spine shot straight, their screams blending together in harmony.

She ground her hips against his pelvic bone, the pressure against her clitoris sparking along as she rose and fell with her heartbeat. Slow but deep she rode him until her limbs went cool once more, another half-choked moan escaping her.

"Graves, please... I can't.... I need..."

With a growl, he grabbed her hips, flipping her back onto her spine before she had time to blink. As his hips crested against hers, his hands splayed out, one over her thigh the other in her hair once more. Each thrust growing in need, in strength as her legs wrapped tight along his back, hips angled up against him. The heavy warmth began to glow inside her once more, tickling along her senses as he whimpered against her neck. The hard rhythm of his hips contrasting beautifully with the soft caress of his lips upon her ear. Still gentle, still tender.

His hand slid between them to once more roll her clitoris in his fingers. He had begun to lose the smooth pace from before, as he panted against her skin. The hand in her hair turned her to face him, as he pressed a hard kiss to her lips. Pulling back to look her in the eyes as his back arched and tensed like a bowstring. His eyes were a bright Zydrate blue, almost glowing from within.

"Shilo... Gods, kid... I love you."

A white light exploded behind her eyes, body shaking with the intensity of her climax. A startling warmth filled her in pulses, his body quaking in time with the new, strange heat.

"Graves... oh gods Graverobber..."

The world shrank; only the two of them existed, moaning and shivering in each other's arms. He rained soft kisses along her jaw line and cheek, nuzzling against her as his body continued to spasm. Her hands running up and down his back kneading his muscles as the white began to recede from her field of vision.

Coming down from their combined passion, the weight of what he had said finally hit her. Just like in her dream, she couldn't help but tremble, hearing those exact words actually spoken to her was too good to be true. Feeling rather than seeing the tension in his body, and she knew without looking he was worried about her reaction to such a confession. Leaning up, she let her lips softly brush against the curve of his ear, her hand reaching out for his once more. An easy smile tugging at her lips.

"I love you too, Graves."