Author's Note: It's a little similar to my other two chapters Fury and Rising From the Ashes but it has some different elements and I needed to get this out of my system so enjoy and review! It takes place sometime after Katherine tells Damon she never loved him.

"Damon," Stefan tested the waters, stepping into the living room where Damon was slumped on the ground next to the roaring fire place. He didn't even have his trademark glass of alcohol in his hand. He looked...defeated. So broken and exhausted.

He didn't even look up to his little brother, he just sat there staring at the fire in wonder. Wondering what it would be like to be inside those flames. To finally die. To be free.

"Damon," Stefan's voice was louder now, more determined as he sunk down next to his brother. Damon turned his head, the small movement seemed to take away all his energy. He let Stefan stare at him, he left his eyes wide open and vulnerable. Not bothering to mask the deep pain that was flooding those icy blue depths.

"God, Damon," Stefan murmured, softer now as he reached out and brushed his finger down Damon's cheek softly in an act of comfort. Stefan reached out and scooped up Damon into his arms, carrying him bridal style up the stairs and into Damon's room.

He lay Damon down on his bed, pulling off his older brother's boots. "What happened Damon," Stefan asked after a minute, resting on the edge of the bed.

Damon was silent for a long while, trying to form the words in his mouth. "She never loved me, never," Damon practically whispered, not having the strength to raise his volume any higher, Stefan would hear it anyway.

Immediate sympathy took over Stefan's warm eyes and Damon cringed feeling...pathetic. So pathetic. Lying here broken and defeated because Katherine hadn't returned his love. Because Katherine had used him. Because Katherine had played him as a fool. He felt like a school boy, having his heart broken for the first time. Blowing everything out of proportion.

But it wasn't like that. Damon had given up his entire human existence for this woman, and in the end she had thrown him away like a used toy.

"I'm sorry Damon," Stefan told him softly, brushing a strand of black hair out of Damon's face.

"I sacrificed everything, Stefan, everything for her. Now I have nothing," Damon admitted brokenly, his voice rough and scratchy and he sounded on the verge of tears.

"You have me," Stefan murmured in a small voice, waiting for the inevitable laugh to fall from his brother's lips and the sarcastic comment to sting it's way into Stefan's mind like always. Something like 'oh yeah, lucky me.'

But it never came. Damon only looked up at him with a look of wonder and maybe a little confusion. Slowly Damon pulled himself up and leaned forward until their faces were inches apart, lips so very, very close.

Stefan knew what was happening but he was frozen in place. Damon pressed their mouths together, molding them together and once he got a taste he pushed farther attacking Stefan's mouth his hands coming to slide around Stefan's waist and pull him in closer.

"Damon-Damon, what...what are we doing?" Stefan asked, his voice muffled by Damon's insistent lips. Damon pulled back quickly, his hands shaking as they receded from Stefan's waist. He looked scared, terrified even.

"I-I don't know," Damon told him his voice tight and strained. "I just-" Damon trailed off, looking away nervously. Stefan almost laughed at this, Damon being nervous. Damon surged forward and connected their lips again pulling Stefan fully onto the bed. Damon climbed into Stefan's lap ignoring the rational part of his mind. "I just need you," Damon told him, proving the words with a desperate kiss.

Stefan opened his mouth to tell Damon to stop but Damon took the opportunity to shove his tongue into Stefan mouth. Damon wrapped his arms around Stefan's neck as he deepened the kiss, his tongue exploring every inch of Stefan's mouth. Taking in the taste and smell of Stefan. Reveling in everything that was Stefan.

"Damon, we're brothers-" Stefan tried to tell him, torn between wanting to continue this and to stop Damon before things got to messy. Damon was in a fragile state, rejected by the woman he had always loved. He was confused and lonely and if Stefan gave into this...things would end up badly for both of them.

Stefan loved Elena, he couldn't do this to Damon. He couldn't lead him on and be the next person to reject him.

"Please Stefan," Damon's voice came small and pleading, his eyes watering with unshed tears. His body quivering with need. His eyes desperate and searching. "Please, I need you." Damon told him nuzzling his face into the crook between Stefan's neck and shoulder. "Don't reject me too," Damon mumbled into Stefan's skin.

That one little sentence, that small little request broke Stefan down and in a hazy rush he had Damon pinned down beneath him.

"I won't Damon, I won't because I love you," Stefan promised him kissing him gently on the mouth. Something seemed to light up Damon's eyes, some long lost sense of joy returned to those icy blue portals.

Stefan pulled of Damon's shirt, tugging it over his brother's head as he simultaneously kicked off his own boots. Stefan watched as Damon trailed his hands up Stefan's body, removing his shirt slowly. Damon needed this, needed some physical contact besides one night stands with random sorority girls that at the end of the night were either dead or compelled to forget. He needed to feel something real.

Stefan trailed a path of wet kisses down Damon's stomach, smiling when his older brother squirmed beneath him. Stefan skillfully unbuttoned Damon's jeans and tugged them off, his own soon following.

Damon snaked an arm around Stefan's waist and pulled the other closer, their bodies molding together perfectly. Everything aligning perfectly.

Stefan rocked down on Damon's hips, feeling the slight bulge in his brother's boxers, smirking when Damon's breath hitched. Damon arched up into Stefan's body, grinding their hips together eagerly.

"Stefan," Damon moaned at his name catching Stefan's eyes, giving him a very lustful look. Suddenly Damon rolled them over, coming out on top of Stefan.

"Need you, all of you," Damon told him kissing Stefan's jaw line and dragging his lips to Stefan's neck, licking at the jugular. Damon ghosted his fangs across the sensitive skin sending a shiver down Stefan's body, making his whole body shake.

"Don't tease," Stefan chided him lightly and Damon smiled into Stefan's neck before plunging his fangs in. Stefan gasped loudly, the sound turning into a low moan as he felt Damon's fangs plunge deep within him, sucking and drinking him deeply. Stefan always like to be bitten. Most say vampire bites hurt but Stefan found if you were prepared for them they could be very pleasurable.

Stefan trailed his hands down Damon's backside, squeezing his brother's ass firmly earning a strangled sound from the back of Damon's throat and a thrust of his hips. Stefan massaged Damon's ass, resting his chin on his brother's head as Damon fed from him.

Stefan pulled off Damon's boxers quickly, hands still admiring the perfect globes of Damon's ass. Stefan took one of his fingers in his mouth and sucked on it for a minute, his hand trailing back to Damon's ass and he quickly plunged the finger in, Damon thrusting down into Stefan at the feeling. Stefan let Damon adjust to the finger before adding in another and he started to stretch Damon. Damon groaned lowly the sound vibrating on Stefan's skin. Stefan put in another finger, traveling deeper, Damon's ass arching up into the touch desperately.

When Stefan started feeling dizzy from the blood loss he pulled out his fingers and smacked his brother's perfect ass, waking the other vampire from the blood lust induced haze.

Stefan rolled them over quickly, trapping his brother beneath him again. Stefan stayed there for a moment, eyes taking in everything as if he were trying to memorize this moment exactly so he would never forget.

Damon stared up at him, a smile on his face, his eyes hooded with lust. He looked so willingly, so pliant under Stefan. So trusting. He spread his legs wide for Stefan.

"Fuck me Stefan," Damon begged him.

"Lube?" Stefan asked looking around Damon's room wondering if they could find some sort of replacement so it wouldn't hurt Damon too much. Damon leaned over and picked out a small bottle from the nightstand nearby and handed it to Stefan with a sheepish look.

Stefan raised an eyebrow at the bottle as he wondered how many times Damon had done this, been with a guy.

"Shut up," Damon murmured as he snaked his arms around Stefan, squeezing his ass, nails biting into the flesh. Stefan smirked, and applied the lube to his eager dick and he looked down at Damon one last time making sure this was still alright.

"Love you Stefan," Damon muttered, his voice soft and deep as he stared up Stefan. Stefan grinned and leaned down capturing Damon's mouth as he plunged in. Damon gasped at the intrusion, his teeth biting into Stefan's bottom lip.

Stefan chuckled as Damon's nails bit deeper into his ass. When Damon was adjusted enough Stefan started to move slowly, building up. He reached between them and grabbed onto Damon's erect cock and he started pumping it making Damon moan.

A keening sound came from Damon and Stefan knew he had found Damon's sweet spot. He started picking up the pace, thrusting in deeper and faster hitting that spot each time making Damon writhe beneath him.

"Stefan, Stefan," Damon cried out, making sounds Stefan never knew Damon could make! It was intoxicating seeing Damon so over the edge. Damon came, hot liquid spraying over Stefan's hand and stomach and Damon instinctively bit into Stefan's shoulder causing Stefan to come too. The two rode out their orgasms together, clinging to each other for all their worth.

They collapsed in a tangle of naked, sweaty limbs. Damon found some energy to pull Stefan close to him, cuddling into his brother's side. Though he would surely deny it afterward.

"Thank you," Damon mumbled into Stefan's cheek, pressing their faces and bodies together. Maybe things wouldn't be so bad, Stefan thought. Maybe this could work.