Author's Note: Okay, so here's another Danny Phantom adventure. Looks like Sam will get tortured here, though she has no idea what real torture lies ahead.

FULL SUMMARY: I'm Sam Manson. Me and seven other people went on a school cruise. But on the first day on the ship, we ot caught in a big thunderstorm. And the ship crashed into a stone wall, then on an island with no location on a map, and no history. It also has an affect on Danny's powers, making him unable to turn into Phantom. Oh, and have I mentioned there are dinasours on this island?

Disclaimer: Danny Phantom belongs to Butch Hartman, not me. Too bad...

Chapter one

Getting ready for torture

Manson Mansion, Amity Park, Indiana

Sam's POV

"Sammy!" my mother, Pamela, yelled from downstairs. "Come on, honey, you're gonna be late!"

I let out a sigh. Great; just what I needed. My parents are making me go to that stupid school trip on a cruise. It's not like I don't want to go, it's just that that means more boring time, and less ghost fights. (My life must be exciting just because of the ghost fights.) But the good thing is that Danny and Tucker will be coming too, thank God for that.

Anyway, I got out of my room, and went downstairs. I hadn't packed all that much, just one suitcase. My butler was waiting with the bag by the door.

"We'll miss you honey," mom said as she pulled me to give me a hug. I rolled my eyes. Yeah right, like she's ever gonna miss me.

"Yeah, mom," I said, faking a smile. "I'll miss you guys too."

I went into the car, and my chauffer – James – drove off. We chatted the whole trip – we got used to each other and became friends – about whatever it is we could talk about.

"We're here," he said, pulling over. Sam sighed, untied her seatbelt, and got out of the car. James just watched me as I got the bag out of the car. That's what I like about him, he leaves me do whatever I want. Unlike those people in movies, open the door for you, get out your bags, be your personal slave, blah blah blah…

"See ya, James," I told him, waving my hand. He smiled, and watched me walk away.

I noticed Danny and Tucker departing the ship, and I walked over to them.

"Hey guys," I said, walking up to them. "Ready for the boring torture?"

"Boring?" Tucker said, just as she expected. "They have a video room, a library full of computers" – he grinned evilly – "And have I mentioned Valerie's coming?"

"You and your stupid crush on Valerie," I muttered under my breath, shaking my head. "You're still trying to get her attention?"

"Hmm, let me see," he said. "We are on a cruise; we'll be staying on the ship for almost over a month. Beautiful sunsets, scenes like they're from Titanic. Yeah, this is so gonna work."

"Well, good luck with that," Danny chuckled. We finally got on the ship, and went to the front desk.

When the guy at the front desk checked our names, we settled in our rooms. And how shocked was I when I saw who my roommates are…

"Hey, Goth," Paulina said when I entered the room. "Your bed's over there. And if you even bother touching my stuff, you'll be sorry."

I snorted. Yeah, like she would be a threat. Shaking my head, I went over to my new bed. This was going to be a really long trip…

"Ugh, why me?" I complained to Tucker in annoyance. "That shallow witch had to be my roommate?"

"Come on, it can't be that bad," Tucker said with a laugh. I glared at him, and then rolled my eyes.

"Hmm," Danny said thoughtfully. "You think you can get her to talk to me?"

My mouth dropped open. Great, he was using me now.

"No," I said. "Because I think I'll be doing my best to avoid her."

"That might be kinda hard," Tucker said. "Considering she's your roommate and all."

"Wait," I grinned evilly. "Who are your roommates, anyway?"

"Still don't know," Danny shrugged. "Who else from our school is on this trip?"

Right then, Dash and Kwan came out of a room right next to Danny's and Tucker's room. They came over to us, and Dash said, "Looks like we're living next door, Fenton. When you wake up next morning, expect your boxers to be gone."

As they walked away, I covered my hand over my mouth to prevent myself from laughing. Danny groaned and slammed his head on the table, while Tucker stared after them in horror.

"But I like my boxers," Tucker said after a second. I couldn't help it then, so I just let out a little giggle.

"And I thought I had it bad," I bit my lip, trying to hold my laughter.

"And I thought this was gonna be fun," Tucker murmured. "I'd have my chances with Valerie; I'd have fun in the game room. But no, I had to get stuck with Dash and Kwan. Life isn't fair."

"Welcome to my world," Danny and I said at the exact same time. But then Valerie passed by our table, and went to sit with Paulina and Star.

Tucker shrugged. "Maybe things might get better," he drooled over Valerie. "And she's the reason things will be much, much better."

"Uh-oh," Danny said, knowing what was coming next. I knew too, so I joined in with him, "Here comes the goo-goo eyes."

"Hey, Valerie," he got up, and went to join them. I shook my head, and looked back at Danny. He looked at me, and said, "If she slaps him, you're gonna be the shoulder for him to cry on."

"Hey, I was his shoulder last time," I complained. He let out a chuckle. "Besides, I don't think she'll slap him. I mean, it's the first day on the ship, no one probably even unpacked. Speaking of which, I think I gotta go unpack before Paulina makes any comments on my clothes."

"Okay," he said as I got up. "See ya later."

I walked over to my cabin, and went over to my bed. As I said before, I didn't bring many clothes. So it only took me almost half and hour to unpack. When I was almost done, Paulina came in the room.

"Hey Goth," she greeted. I took a deep breath.

"Okay, Paulina," I said calmly. "Now that we're gonna be sharing the same room, I have some rules. Number 1, stop calling me Goth, I have a name, and it's Sam. Number 2, no commenting on my clothes, okay? Number 3, stay to your business, and you stay to yours. Number 4 –"

"This is a very long list," she interrupted rudely, lying on her bed and pulling out a magazine. "I prefer one rule, you stay on your side, and I stay on mine."

"Okay, I can live with that," I agreed, giving it a thought.

After I was fully done unpacking, I sat on my bed, and started writing in my journal. I was going through what was happening, until I found Paulina standing behind me, staring at what I was writing.

"Paulina," I sighed, closing my journal. "You stay on your side, remember?"

She didn't go back on her bed as I expected. She just stood there, snickering.

"Looks like little miss Goth here has a diary," she snickered. "You're not as tough as you want people to think, Goth."

I sighed. I got up from bed, put my journal in my bag, and headed to the door.

"I don't care what people think," I informed her as I got out of the cabin. I went over to a table, sat down on one of the chairs, and got out my camera. I took a few photos of the beautiful views of the ocean and the sky. The sun was just a few inches over the water, and I was waiting for the sunset. I was about to shoot the view when Danny and Tucker sat down beside me.

"Hey guys," I said, putting down the camera.

"Taking a few shots there, Sammy?" Danny teased, grinning. I rolled my eyes, took advantage of the look on his face, and snapped a picture.

"Yep," I said, putting down the camera to see the picture. I stared dreamily at the screen at his messy, dark hair, sky blue eyes, breathtaking smile –

"Yo, Sam, snap out of it," Tucker said, snapping his fingers in front of my face. "Watcha staring at?"

I blinked, but quickly switched the picture to a picture of the ocean, and Tucker went over my shoulder to see it.

"Just the ocean, see?" I told him, showing him the picture. Right then, Valerie walked by.

"I've got something else I'm staring at," he informed us, and quickly got up to follow her. All Danny and I could do was sigh. When I looked over to the ocean, it was sunset. I quickly snatched my camera, got up, and went over to the edge of the ship. I aimed my camera at the sunset, and snapped a picture.

"Never saw a sunset like that before," Danny said, coming to stand beside me. I took a few other photos of the sunset. The sun had fully sunk beneath the waves then.

"Yeah," I agreed, turning to look at him. Our eyes made contact, and we locked gazes. We only turned away when Danny's phone rang, and we blushed.

"It's Jazz," he sighed. He walked away to get a more privet place, while I took some pictures of the twilight.

I walked back into my cabin, only to find Paulina, Star and Valerie gossiping together. I ignored them, went over to my bed, and got out my journal. I glued the photos I shot today to my journal.

"Who's on your mind?" I heard Valerie ask Star.

"Well, Kwan is kinda cute," she gushed. I knew then that they were talking about boys.

"I think you should totally consider him," Paulina encouraged her. "As for me, I think Dash is okay. He asked me out once, and he's more than just a jock. What about you, Val?"

Valerie thought about it, and then she sighed. "I really don't know. Nobody caught my attention."

"What about Tucker?" I found myself blurting out.

"Tucker?" she asked, surprised that I was even talking. "As in, Tucker-the-techno-geek-Foley?"

"Yeah," I said, pushing my journal aside. "He likes you, and you know it. The least you can do is give him a chance to show you how sweet he is."

She was thoughtful for a moment. "Hmm, maybe. I don't know…"

I shrugged. "Your loss."

I put my journal away, got out my pajamas – a black t-shirt with purple skulls at the side and some purple pants – and went into the bathroom. I changed into my pjs, got out, and threw my clothes into my closet. Then I lied down on my bed, staring at the ceiling, deep in thought.

I don't know how long I lied there, but when I turned back to look at Paulina, she was closing the cabin door. She went into the bathroom, and got out five minutes later wearing a long, pink, silk dress. She turned off the lights, and got into her bed.

"'Night," I couldn't help saying.

"'Night," she sighed. Just as I was about to doze off, I heard thunder.

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